Rosewood Yarn Bowl Holder 7”x4” and 4mm Wooden Crochet Hook Bundle

“Beautifully crafted yarn bowl. Smooth with no rough edges for the yarn to snag on. Good value for the price and it comes with a bonus 4mm wooden crochet hook!”—Deborah, Yarn Story customer


Can’t keep your yarn balls from falling off the ground? This wooden yarn bowl can hold your yarn and save them from rolling away! Plus, you can go on crafting your project without the knots and tangles!

It measures 7” diameter x 4 in height and will comfortably fit a ball of bulky yarn. Now you can get creative with your yarn balls organized and tidy!

Our yarn holder also comes with a beautifully handcrafted 4mm wooden crochet hook to make your crocheting journey more enjoyable!

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