Rosewood Yarn Bowl Holder 6”X3” and 4mm Wooden Crochet Hook Bundle

“I am so happy with my purchase of this yarn bowl. It was beautifully packaged with a 4mm wooden crochet hook and was delivered promptly. The bowl is smooth, feels wonderful and looks like a beautiful piece of art."—Laurene, Yarn Story customer


Want to get your yarn balls untangled as you do your craft? This yarn holder can keep your yarn clean and tangle-free! It holds them perfectly so they won’t roll off the ground and you can just enjoy crocheting all the way!

Besides, it measures 6" diameter x 3" height that can comfortably fit a 3.5oz/100-gram ball of bulky yarn! Just keep them in this yarn bowl and indulge yourself with your hooks and yarn!

Our yarn holder also comes with a beautifully handcrafted  4mm wooden crochet hook to make your crocheting journey more enjoyable!

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