I bought this for my wife for christmas and she loved it!

Such a wow!

The hooks made it all easy

I gave them a try. It's worth it!

My wife won't stop talking about these hooks

No lies! Beautiful as advertised!

Special lamps no more!

Beyond expectations..

This light up hooks set is such a perfect find!


I love this bowl my yarn is in one place

Amazing. Buy it!

Beautiful quality, love it.

It was a gift for someone that crochets a lot and they are very happy with it


See what people are saying!

This bowl is beautiful! Great price! The bowl is very smooth throughout and a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. This would be an awesome piece to give as a gift.

—Miss Mary, Yarn Story Customer

Beautifully crafted yarn bowl. Smooth with no rough edges for the yarn to snag on. Good value for the price. It was also packaged very well. And shipped on time.

—Deborah, Yarn Story Customer

Beautiful set! I would have paid double just to have these in my collection. They work so well and the light-up feature saves the day in so many situations.

—Michelley, Yarn Story Customer

I was amazed at how well they work. The design is well-made so my hands didn't hurt. I was able to crochet for longer periods without my fingers hurting. Love them!

—Claudia, Yarn Story Customer