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Our lighted hooks use G3-A batteries with 1.5V LR41(192/RW87/V3GA). Each crochet hook already comes with three G3-A batteries installed. You can also buy extra batteries in Target, Walmart, Home Depot or anywhere you buy watch button cell batteries. 

 The good news is that this crochet hook set already comes with extra 9 batteries to ensure you will never run out of batteries. You can check out our listing using this link

Definitely! Our light up crochet hooks can help anyone whose eyesight makes it tough to do their craft. This item is designed to help crochet lovers to get back with the yarn and hooks when their vision fails and give them trouble.

You don't have to let go of your favorite hobby just because you can't see through a dark yarn or just because your eyes are in a blur. A lighted crochet hook can give you a hand on that! Its light feature will not strain your eyes in sewing the right knit and sewing the perfect pattern.

Just put your corrective lens on and grab our light up crochet hooks to do your craft with ease

Don’t feel trapped when your wrist begins to hurt. You don't have to stop being creative just because your hands are twinging. An ergonomic needle will give you a way out! 

Our hooks are designed with ultra-comfortable silicone grips that are easy on your hands for long crocheting sessions and give you precise control allowing you to create super detailed designs. This item is perfect for those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel.

We recommend this creation as a perfect purchase for anyone who needs a comfort grip and easy handle!

Yarn Story is not sold in any retail stores. We are an e-commerce business and just a click away! 

We have an incredible refund policy: we stand by our products 100%! If you are not completely satisfied with your order, we will give you a full refund minus shipping.

Just drop any questions you have and reach us out through email or on-site chat. We will be glad to hear you out and fix all the puzzles you have in mind.

We answer YES to that! Our social media pages have so much in store to amuse you of your favorite crochet hobby and bunch of post displays where you can get the best ideas from! 

You can hang out with us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts by just dropping the word Yarn Story in the search button and then voila!

If you want to share your thoughts about your craft feel free to drop us your message. We will be more than happy to hear a word from you!

Well, that’s a nice tag. Unlike any other crochet hooks item, our products don’t just look nice and handy. They are unique with their light-up effects and soft-grip handle. The hooks are wrapped in distinct colors so one can easily pick the right hook for her craft. Not just that, they arrive in a beautiful travel case and are gift-box ready!

Our products are best for those who are having trouble crocheting in the dark and for those who have arthritic hands. Now that’s how Yarn Story deals with a shade of ease.

Afraid for hooks to break? No worries! Our light up crochet hooks are made of durable plastic that is built to last. You just have to glide them on the yarn and all you need to do is to enjoy your crochet hour!

Be at peace and let your creativity flow! Our hooks are tough, so just go on!

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Well, the add-ons say it all! Our craft sets have exclusive bonuses that mark all the combos. Each package is made special and unique with a lot of choices you can pick on!

They go distinct with the sizes of hooks, bonus seam ripper, extra-batteries, clutch case and other crochet items you’ll surely be fond of!

Our light-up crochet hooks sets are NOT DESIGNED for kids. However, we get a lot of feedback that kids find the colorful hooks so much more enticing than the old school metal ones!

Our customers say their kids can easily glide the hooks since they are light and have that easy-to-hold design. Added to that, they say their little ones get so fascinated with our hooks that light up! However, our product is NOT A TOY and needs to be used under the supervision of an adult.

Our light up hooks come in distinct colors so you can easily pick out the right hook to run on your craft. Every hook is color-coded and printed with both letters and numbers so you can just choose the right crochet needle handily.

Indeed, colors can do a lot!

Unfortunately, we currently do not ship outside the U.S.

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I absolutely love them! They're extremely comfortable to hold, especially since I have severe arthritis and the light helps when using darker yarns even during the day. I use them lights on and off. They are my new favorite!

—Tina, Yarn Story Customer

I love these hooks! The light makes it so much easier to see your stitches, especially when using a dark color yarn. I especially love the comfort of the handles. I would not hesitate to recommend these or to buy more of them for myself.

—Marilyn, Yarn Story Customer

Beautiful bowl- absolutely love it. And so pretty, I leave out on shelves as a decorative piece when not using. Fantastic find! Highly recommended. Much better than the ceramic yarn bowls that are heavy and risk breaking.

—Nevab, Yarn Story Customer

This is such a beautiful bowl. I got the yarn bowl for my mother as a gift. She said it looks like a piece of art. The bowl is exceptionally made.

—Donna, Yarn Story Customer