Why Every Crocheter Must Have A Yarn Bowl


Have you ever tried getting frustrated chasing your yarn balls around? There are times when they roll under the table, get stuck under the sofa and being played by our cutie doggo or cat. When these troubles happen over and over again, maybe these are the signs that it’s now time to tame our yarn! We don’t want to wound our skein, are we? Or lose hours just to unravel the knots? So here’s a tool that can make all these inconveniences stop!

What is a Yarn Bowl?

A yarn bowl is basically a yarn holder. It’s a stylish tool that can keep your yarn balls from rolling around somewhere and get them organized as well. It has a swirled part on one side where you can feed your yarn. Just rest your yarn on this bowl and you can work smoothly. This tool is designed to keep your yarns clean and has many different types where you can pick from.



Reasons Why You Should Use a Yarn Bowl


1. Saves you time from untangling the knots

Alright! Who loves to keep themselves busy untangling the knots from that yarn ball that has rolled around the floor or under the sofa? Unraveling tangled yarn is a great task to do especially when the tangles seem to take forever. Crocheting is all fun, but I guess spending a bunch of hours getting our yarn ball straight may take all the pleasure away. And in this troubling moment, a yarn bowl will always make a way! You just have to put your yarn balls on it and voila! Working on your project will all be smooth and trouble-free.



2. Keeps your yarn clean

What do you do when you found out your yarn balls have collected a mass of dust or a pack of pet fur? You’ll definitely wish they should have stayed somewhere you place them or wish them freeze so they can’t roll around anywhere. There is no fun in this moment when we see our yarn getting all the dirt and mess. Why not grab a yarn bowl that can save you from all the hassle? This tool can cage your naughty yarn from always running away. You don’t have to chase them minute by minute every time they roll around somewhere. Make your crochet life easy.



3. Protects your yarn from pets

Oh my goodness! Here they go again! Our pets might look cute whenever they play around the house. But there are just times when their charm never works. Especially when we see them having a good time rolling our yarns around. Well, the fun you feel when you glide your yarn and hooks must not end this way. Of course, we can’t use a wand to make our pets behave. But using a yarn bowl to keep your yarns away from these cuties will kick off the problem. This crochet tool can keep your yarn in place while letting your pets have all the fun they want to get.



4. Can hold multiple balls of yarn

Who says we can get ourselves enough with yarn? Yarns are like a spell that makes us forget we don’t have a room for one. But who cares? For the sake of yarn-love, we can always find a way. But when we’re trying to finish a project, it’ll surely be best to keep our yarn in one place. Why not let them nest in a yarn bowl so you can easily grab all yarns for one project? Yarn bowls are available in many sizes and there are those that can hold multiple yarn balls to make your crochet sessions a lot better and easier.



5. Makes a good decoration around your house

We all love to keep our house prettified and fancy. So we put home decors that look fabulous and decorative. Naturally, our craft supplies are stuck somewhere hidden. Of course, we can’t beautify our living area with lots and lots of yarn no matter how colorful and enticing they might be. Even if we want to get back on our project once we get the time, we can’t live our crochet tools lying around our living area or somewhere. But a yarn bowl can make magic. With its stylish and classy designs, nobody would think it’s a crochet tool anyway.


Why Wooden Yarn Bowl?

There’s actually a lot of yarn bowls we can take a pick from. Besides, they have a variety of designs and style that can easily catch our eyes and eventually steal our heart. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with all of this stuff, yarn bowls are really chic and nice-looking. There’s no doubt in that. But we have to stick to which can give us better peace and comfort every time we sit with our craft. And wooden yarn bowls are so good in that.

  • You don’t have to worry as to whether they would break when they accidentally fall or get smacked by our playful kids or cats.
  • Likewise, there’s no need for any anti-slip mats. The wood is heavy enough to ensure your bowl doesn’t move around.
  • At that, they are also incredibly lightweight so you can just pack it away in your tote or storage bag.


There’s a good deal of crochet tools that can make our crochet journey more memorable. A lighted hook to say, can make our stitches more visible so we can hit that perfect stitch when working in a dim lit space or even when using a darker yarn. A stitch marker can help us keep track of our rows or a row counter can lend us a hand to monitor our stitch count and save time.  And yarn bowls can do the same. They do a lot of magic in taming our naughty yarns.  





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