Tips and Steps to Teach Children How to Crochet


Want to pass your craft to your kids? Take it fun and slow. Crocheting has a lot of rewards in store and getting your child into it at a young age is a lovely idea to think of. They don’t just learn how to control the yarn and hooks but they get a lot of perks from it too! They can sharpen out their problem solving skills, boost their self-esteem, and get creative and more! Are you already getting thrilled to teach your kids?  Here are some tips that will help you train a young crocheter.


Try to spot the child’s interest

Is your child attracted to crochet? Wait for your child to get ready. Pushing something out that doesn’t interest them will not give them the delight to do the craft at all. Each child is unique and there’s no special age when they can launch their skill to stitch. If your child isn’t fascinated with crocheting yet, they might fall in love later on. Just take a pause and enjoy the stage of waiting.

Pick the perfect tools

Yes to smooth yarn and large hooks! Make sure that they get to choose their own yarn. Fat and light-colored yarn is the best to work with at the moment. You may give them a lot of choices to pick from. And for the crochet hooks? Take those with an easy grip handle for a more comfortable experience.  Let them get used with their yarn story and hooks first. For younger kids, you may teach them to make the knots with their fingers as a good option to begin with.

Take the learning steps slow but sure

Don’t rush to make things happen in a snap. It’s okay if things aren’t perfect yet. Teach them how to hold the hook and how to control the yarn. Hold the yarn first. Be the model. Show them how to crochet a chain, make a slip knot and make a few stitches. Then, let them do it themselves while you guide all the way.  You can move on with single crochet and more complex ones once they get better. Start with small projects too. Bracelets, necklaces and garlands sound cool!


Use easy-to-understand vocabs

Our children are new to our world. They might get out of touch once we say crochet jargons that sound so foreign. Welcome them with simple words that can make them understand our language. Though we want to teach them the whole crochet dictionary at once, kid-friendly terms are still the best option to pick out. Make things simple for them. Simplicity is a good key to learn.


Stir up their confidence

Let them work at their own pace. Be patient and say something positive about their work. They’re not going to make perfect stitches right away but make sure to notice any drop of their progress. Make learning fun by giving them lots of praise no matter how simple their work looks. Have a cheerful attitude in each step. Always remember that it’s okay if you keep repeating things over and over again. Be the sunshine that will light their way!


Tips and Steps to Teach Children How to Crochet


Steps on how to teach the basic stitches to kids


1. Teach the slip knot

Use a large hook and a bulky yarn to start off. Sit with them and make a slip knot. Show them how your hands work and let them see how you glide your crochet hook with the yarn. Teach them how to hold the crochet hook and how to hold the yarn. Let them practice how to control the tension with their index finger. Speak slowly and take a pause. Allow your kids to repeat the action until they get it. Give them the yarn and hook and teach them step by step. And don’t forget to stay on their pace.


2.Teach the chain stitch

Show them how to make a chain stitch. Tell your kids that they have to keep the chain loose. You may use a crochet hook that is two sizes larger to create this chain. Create long crocheted chains and let your kids practice the chain stitch over and over again. You can let them make necklaces or bracelets out from the chains until they get the hang of it. They may give it to their friends or your loved ones to make it more exciting.


3. Teach the single crochet stitch

Let them see how a single crochet stitch looks like. Show them how to create a single crochet stitch. Then let your kids stitch a chain and teach them how to make a foundation row of a single crochet. Show them how to insert their crochet hooks through the first chain and so on. After that, teach them how to yarn over and grab the yarn. Next, show them how to draw up the loop, yarn over again and draw the yarn through both loops. You can make simple projects soon like simple dishcloths, scarves and more!


4. Move on to more basic stitches

Once the kids get better in doing the single crochet stitch, you can move forward to teaching them double crochet, half-double crochet and triple crochet. Always remember to stay on their pace. Teach a new stitch when you want to make a more advanced project. Only introduce a new stitch once they get better and once they are ready.


Tips and Steps to Teach Children How to Crochet


Crochet Project Ideas for Kids


  1. Bow tie
  2. Hair ties
  3. Mug cozy
  4. Coasters
  6. Baby turban
  7. Pencil Pouch
  8. Crocheted flower
  9. Crochet necklace
  10. Knotted headband
  11. Small baby blanket
  12. Friendship bracelets
  13. Bright-colored scarves
  14. Potholders or washcloths

Are you excited to pass your yarn and hooks? Teaching our kids how to crochet is one of the most beautiful part of our yarn stories. 

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