Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Crochet Books


Want to reach that next crochet level? Practice surely helps! But taking your crafty fingers to a different expertise doesn’t just end there.  You can hit that next crochet skill by just simply flipping through the pages of those crochet books out there. They don’t just help in turning our simple yarn story into something fashionable and chic, crochet books can definitely give us so many perks!

Since the start, creating crochet works and the basics of crochet could have been a spiky work and may have been a total pain because of its complex themes if not for crochet books.

A lot of books have charmed us in so many ways. There are those that spark our imagination out, tell the beauty of our history, lift one’s life and so the list goes.

And there are some books that were meant to teach and to give a headway to someone’s knowledge about something. One good pick is the book of crochet.

Creating something that’s close to your heart is one of the biggest plus of making your own top, shawl, blanket, socks, coasters and anything that’s made with your artistic hands. But it’s not just that, what actually fascinates a person to the craft of crocheting is the bonus to learn the crochet basics without having to enroll in some expensive classes or hire an expert to teach the craft.

With crochet books created out there, learning crochet is such a breeze. Crochet books have detailed instructions making your first crochet pattern so easy peasy!

But, wait! Not all crochet books are the same. There are good books where you can get so much of something and there are some books that don’t just seem fit. That’s why crochet fans must know how to pick the crochet books that suit them best. Here are some tips that you can take:



Buying Crochet Books


1. Pick crochet books especially made for newbies

For someone who has never tried to make crochet creations before, getting the hang of the crochet basics would be easy-breezy if you’ll have a beginner’s guidebook that best fits for you.  This is because there are times when some crochet rookies buy book by mistake. Instead of picking out a book for those who are just starting out crochet, they’ve bought those that are designed for advanced levels.

With that, they cannot get what the topic is all about. Another thing is that they have used their money for something that they cannot use at the moment even with the fact that the book was good.



Buying Crochet Books


2. Buy crochet books that fit your interest

If you want to focus on a particular type of crochet, it would seem best to buy books that would suit your subject of interest. Let’s say, if you are in love with Afghans and you just totally adore how it looks on your bed, why not find a crochet book that gives detailed lessons on how to make different forms of this kind of crochet. More, if want to see your crochet stitches clearly, you may want to use crochet light hooks to help you out.


Buying Crochet Books


3. Choose crochet books that are designed to give specific patterns

Even with the scary effect of “going metric”, life has never been easier for most home crochet designers. This was the time when producers of different patterns worked to a specific set of average measurements. But these mostly differed a lot that to get a sensible fit, even when the right pattern size had been picked, was mostly a matter of make – or of luck!

But then today, luckily for those promising home crochet makers, the manufacturers of well-known crochet books now work to a more valuable material on crochet patterns. Through crochet books, patterns are now available in a clearer instructions and in a more understandable information that perfectly fit any measurement. More, if these crochet patterns use dark yarn, use a light up crochet hook set so you can see your stitches better and clear!


Buying Crochet Books


4. Compare prices

Lastly, it would be best if you shop around and compare prices before you pick out a particular crochet book.  Nothing beats good savings as well as getting the best book that fits you well than getting something that’s too pricey yet seem incomplete.  

In marketing, some books doesn’t seem to fit their price with their quality. There are books that are priced too high than their value and buying this kind of book is not that quite a help.


Every crochet designer has a unique crochet story and it is a good thing to take note of these points before taking a crochet book in your crochet journey. Besides, it would be lovely to save time, effort and money when you picked out the best crochet book that fits you well.  

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