Small Projects for Leftover Yarn Free Patterns


Got lots of yarn scraps stuck in your crochet area? Get them out and turn these colorful left over into something magical! You don’t have to throw them away and let them get jammed forever. Besides, we can use our stash to have that quick and easy last minute gift idea. We don’t have to spend another dollar for another crochet project that can stir our creativity up. Stitching something out of our yarn scraps is a good chance to hit that perfect creation from our crafty fingers and artistic mind. Check out these small crochet projects that can bust your stash away!



Image and pattern by Mollie Johanson on The Spruce Crafts

1. Coin Purse

Create something cute and handy! With this charming creation, your coins can surely be kept safe. Just sew a metal frame into it and voila! You can now bring this pretty coin pouch wherever you go. This may not take much of your stash but you can have some useful stuff anyway. Not to mention how endearing this is! This pattern’s designer used both rounds and rows in stitching out this lovely creation.



Image and pattern by Phoebe Burt on Gathered

2. Crochet Jar Covers

Want to put some adorable characters in your kitchen? Your area can never be boring and bland with these lovable creations! Just get your jars out and dress them up with these covers and animate your kitchen space with their enchanting looks. You may draw any faces of your choice and fill your jars with anything you want and they will surely look good. Use 100% cotton yarn for this project to maintain their shape and color.



Image and pattern by 5 Little Monsters

3. Simple Crocheted Card Holder

Keep your cards in place! Are you that person who keeps on missing things out and want to keep your things organized? Then check out this crocheted card holder and never miss a single card again. This little pouch will not take much of your time and is easy to make. So if you want to gift someone and you’re losing time, then you know which pattern to pick.



Image and pattern by Ned & Mimi

4. Crochet Lavender Bags

Gift someone with a little something! Have you been looking for a perfect last minute gift idea? Then take this crochet project and let these creations do the wonders! You can just pick some yarn from your stash and finish this wonderful project in no time. And since they smell wonderfully great, your recipient will definitely fall in love with their looks and scent! Besides, you can have many options what to put into it like your most loved essential oil or whatsoever. 



Image and pattern by My Poppet Makes

5. Harlequin Crochet Slippers

Do your feet feel cold? Check out this fantastic pattern that’s so creative and fabulous. These creations need no sewing at all. The pattern’s designer used a cheery multi-colour diamond design which make them look eye-catching and gorgeous. These booties were assembled from eight crocheted squares so it is not really as complicated as they look. Besides, the designer of this pattern also made a ‘cheat sheet’ to make this project even more simple.



Image and pattern by Abigail Gonzalez on Ravelry

6. Spin Balls

Grab these spin balls for a wonderful home décor! Just learn how to crochet in spiral and you’ll surely enjoy stitching out these crochet creations. You can use any colors that you want and just make sure that your yarn colors don’t tangle around. On top of that, there are lots of ways that these spin balls can prettify your spaces. Put them on the table of the living area or dangle them somewhere around the house.



Image and pattern by Micah Makes

7.  Hand Sanitizer Cozy

Don’t just kick the germs out! Dress up your hand sanitizers and let these charming little cozies spread some sunshine. With their adorable design, you’ll definitely get enticed! If you want your sanitizers to take off their uninteresting looks, stitch this pattern out and give them an appealing style. You may design them with flowers, cute monsters, adorable animals or whatever you want!



Image and pattern by Delia Creates

8. Textured Bow Tie

Make your first crochet project! This textured bow tie is pretty easy to make. Any crochet beginners can really appreciate this pattern. With its cute and stylish design, this crochet creation can really bring out a charming look to whoever will wear this. You can pick a color that you want. Just get a hue that fits the outfit and stitch it out in no time. Best to make for your little ones.



Image and pattern by I Heart Gantsilyo

9. Star Stitch Cup Coaster Cozy

A cup coaster cozy can never get out of date! This pattern can be the perfect gift for any occasion and one of the most wonderful stash busting project! This pattern’s designer used a star stitch in creating this lovely item. You may use any worsted weight cotton yarn in stitching out this project. Just get the hang of the stitch and you’ll surely find this pattern easy to make.



Image and pattern by Supergurumi

10. Circular Crochet Coaster

Crochet coasters will never get old! Who doesn’t love coasters, anyway? This circular crochet coaster is a classic coaster that’s perfect to take your stash away. It is created with a simple technique called surface slip stitches and with this pattern’s spiral design, it can easily catch one’s eyes. This creation has a radius of 9 cm and stitched out with “Schachenmayr Catania” yarn.


Busting our stash away with these wonderful crochet projects can definitely be fun. Besides, we will always get enticed with yarn and we will always get a lot of stash as much as we can. A skein or ball of yarn will always lure our crochet hearts away. Soon enough, we’ll get to have a pile of left over yarn. But they shouldn’t go to waste, the small crochet projects listed above are just some of the many crochet ideas we can make out of our left over yarn. And when we want to hit that perfect stitch when crocheting with dark yarn or when stitching out in dim light, a lighted crochet hook can always give a hand!




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