Quick and Easy Crochet Patterns for Last-Minute Gifts


Are you’re running out of time in making that perfect handmade gift? Just hold on! You can get your crochet creations hit it on time for that special day! There are quite a lot of crochet ideas that you can make for just an hour or so. So get on with your yarn and crochet hooks lights and get yourself started in creating that extraordinary present of yours.

It’s really incredible that there are so many quick and easy crochet projects out there that you can make in less than a day. Creating handmade gifts isn’t just special and inexpensive, it’s also one of the most satisfying thing one can accomplish. Here are some easy to make and quick crochet patterns you can use for that last minute gift!  



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Image and pattern by Crochet Dreamz

1. 3 Hour Afghan

Create something fantastic in just a few hours! This free crochet blanket pattern can only take 3 hours of your time including the time of how you weave the ends then presto! Everything you need is just 2 skeins of Bernat Blanket yarn and you can instantly make that special gift you ever want in just a short period of time.




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Image and pattern by Jamie Sanders, Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

2. Quick and Easy Crochet Cowl Scarf with Fringe

Want to give something that’s fashionable and trendy? This pattern is definitely a perfect fit! Just get on with your creative fingers in just 4 hours then, voila! Your crochet cowl scarf with fringe is ready to make its owner cheery. You may pick a color of her choice to make it look a lot more attractive and gorgeous!




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Image and pattern by The Jessica Life Domestic Bliss Squared

3. 10-Minute Beginner Crochet Coffee Cozy Sleeve

Got a friend who loves to take a sip of coffee all the time? How about giving this cute crochet coffee cozy sleeve to make that person smile? It literally takes just ten minutes of your time to create this charming creation! So if you’re in a rush to create something quick yet special, then grab this pattern and make one.




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Image by Mollie Johanson via The Spruce Crafts, Pattern by The Spruce Crafts

4. Crochet Headband

Who doesn’t look cute with this crocheted headband? Aside from that, this creation is also useful and practical especially when you give it to someone who loves to stay outdoor in a cool weather or make this one as a substitute for a winter hat. With how fast you can make this project, this crochet headband is one of the easiest last minute gift you can make for someone.




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Image and pattern by Swirls and Sprinkles

5. Soap Saver

Have you been thinking of an exquisite crochet idea you can give someone as a gift? This crochet pattern is a perfect choice you can pick once you’ve already given all the famous crochet creations for the past few months and years. It doesn’t just keep the soap from slipping away but can also scrub off one’s body dirt. Simple yet useful.




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Image and pattern by Moogly

6. Timeless Crochet Earrings

Make someone look chic and stylish with these fancy-looking earrings! It will only take 30 minutes of your time for this pair of creations to get done and with its elegant and classy vibe, one can definitely add flavor to their style. So if you want to give something presentable and exceptional in just a short span of time, these earrings can surely help you out.




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Image and pattern by Make & Do Crew

7. 1 Hour Easy Child's Crochet Hat

Gift that cute little one with this adorable crochet hat! With how quick and easy this creation can be made, a crochet beginner would not definitely hesitate. All you need to have is your yarn and hooks plus that simple skill of yours to make this nice and charming crochet project you can give as a wonderful present! Take this pattern if you want to create something wonderful with the less time you’ve got.




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Image and pattern by Easy Crochet

8. Hair Scrunchie

This hair scrunchie is one of the most unique and exquisite present you could ever give. Created by just using the simple double crochet, this creation is very beginner friendly! This crochet project may just be simple to look at but is actually useful and extraordinary. So if you’re thinking of something simple yet unexpected, this stylish hair tie sounds perfect.




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Image and pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts

9. 30-Minute Trivet - Hot Pad Crochet Pattern

Got someone in mind who loves to work in the kitchen? Looks like a hot pad can make that person happy! Aside from its easy pattern to make, this trivet-hot pad also looks modish and trendy. It doesn’t look dull and simple but has that style that so creative and stylish. Perfect to give as a gift with its eye-catching look and artistic design.




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Image and pattern  by Dabbles & Babbles

10. Crochet IPhone Case

Been thinking of something that’s so easy to make and is quite useful? Creating this crochet IPhone case won’t give you a hard time in making that simple yet very practical gift to anyone you can think of. This crochet pattern is easy to create even if you’re a crochet beginner or a slow crocheter. So don’t worry if you’re running out of time in getting someone that special gift of yours, this pattern will definitely save you.


These are just quite a few ideas you can create if you want to kill the time to hit that perfect hour to give someone that special handmade present of yours. Creating something out of your hands and imagination will always have that special touch only a handmade gift can show. And if you want to go on crocheting at night, use crochet hooks that light up so you can see your stitches even in the dark.






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