Lovely Crochet Scrap Yarn Projects You Can Try Doing Today


Wanna make something fab with your yarn scraps? Use all the pieces and let nothing go to waste!

All crochet lovers will totally agree that yarn can be so enchanting and alluring. In just a little while, you set your eyes on them and appreciate their beauty. And in a minute, with the blink of an eye, they’re in your cart already! That’s how bewitching yarn could be! But what if they’ve piled up project after project? How can we wipe them off without having them wasted? Well, there will always be a bunch of left over yarn projects that can turn these scraps into real beauties!

Take a look at the list below for eye-catching projects that can make your stash totally useful!




Image and pattern by My Poppet Makes

1. Scrappy Corner-to-Corner Crochet Blanket

If you’ve been thinking of using up your scraps for an easy project, then grab this lovely pattern that you can just stitch while watching TV. This blanket’s random color adds a lot of charm and eye-catching vibes with its delightful style and spellbinding design. The designer of this pattern used a corner-to-corner crochet technique to display the pretty random stripes that the magic yarn ball creates.





Image and pattern by Sweet Bee Crochet 

2. Mini Whimsy Rainbow

Looking for a fun and simple project? Catch this beauty and surprise a friend with this Mini Whimsy Rainbow project that can catch one’s eyes in just a minute. Aside from being easy and quick to make, they can spruce up any space with their colourful accent and wonderful shades. Place this ornament wherever you want it and let their beauty spread some happiness and cheer.  





Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

3.  Bernat Bold Angles Pillow Version 1

Prettify your home with something bold and perky! Bring that joyful air to your bland spaces with this Bernat Bold Angles Pillow that has the perfect shades to take away the dullness away from your favorite place. With its aesthetic and eye-catching graphic design, any lonely area can definitely look cheerful and bright.  Besides, with its striking colors, it will only be in split seconds it can catch anyone’s eyes.





Image and pattern by Helen Ardley on Top Crochet Patterns

4. Granny Square Clutch

Use up your stash for something gorgeous and chic! If you’re a crochet rookie who wants to use your left over yarn for something that’s easy to make, you’ll totally fall in love with this beautiful project. Made in delightful granny squares sewn into an envelope sachet, this pattern’s designer used 36 patches in pretty and different shades. Other than that, this creation would totally make as a wonderful present if you want to gift someone so dear.





Image and pattern by by Winding Road Crochet

5. Boho Crochet Coaster

 Are you fond of Bohemian style décor? Well, you’ll surely get enchanted with this boho crochet coaster that look so aesthetic and stylish! Crochet coasters don’t just come in lovely designs and fascinating styles, they also protect our furniture from unwanted rings and decorate our spaces with their gorgeous vibes. Just pick the perfect shades that match your home décor and you’ll surely love the result.





Image and pattern by by Irene Strange on Top Crochet Patterns

6. Crochet Baby Wipes Cosy

Make a home for your baby wipes packets! Aside from being a unique and an exquisite crochet project, this creation is a totally useful pattern. And if you love making granny squares, this pattern will be something that’s easy to make. So go on with your creative minds and grab your hooks and yarn to make this lovely project that will surely be worth your time and worth your skills.





Image and pattern by Hooked on Homemade Happiness

7. So Easy Crochet Make-up Bag

Want to keep your make-up essentials into something chic? Check out this easy crochet make-up bag that looks so gorgeous and aesthetic! You don’t have to put your girly stuffs inside a plain bag or some undecorated clutch or something. By stitching out this lovely project, you’ll get to have a fabulous make-up purse that you can bring anywhere you want and be proud about it!





Image and pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs

8. Dainty Daisy Bookmark

Are you a solid bibliophile or an unstoppable bookworm? This crochet project will surely entice your creative senses! Stop getting lost in the pages that you read. Start getting your yarn and hooks and stitch out this dainty daisy bookmark that will definitely give a hand in marking your reading journey. Aside from being useful, this crochet creation looks also pretty and impressive. Get in style with this crochet project that is really stylish and pleasing to the eyes!





Image and pattern by I Can Crochet That

9. Quick and Easy Crochet Dish Towel

Need some help in the kitchen? Kitchen towels never get old. They do a lot while we do our chores and aside from being that helpful, their beautiful design and delightful style adds a lot of accent to prettify our homes. Speaking of that, this easy crochet dish towel is definitely something that you’ll totally love. With its ribbed look, their appearance has that classy air and fabulous style!





Image and pattern by Crafting Each Day

10. Crochet Oval Placemat

Get something new to animate your meal times! Take a look at this crochet oval placemat that you can make with just about 130 yards of yarn. With a good deal of stash that you have, make a set of different shades or you can change colors at the beginning of the rounds if you want to have a colourful placemat. Besides, if you’re an advanced beginner, this project is something that you’re gonna love to start.



Bust your stash and get something creative and useful from your left over yarn! With the patterns listed above, all your yarn stash will not get stuck somewhere anymore. Turn them into something gorgeous and beautiful with the magic of your yarn and hooks. Grab some crochet tools that can make your crochet hours a lot more fun and comfortable.

Try using a light-up crochet hook to see your stitches clearly especially when using dark yarn. And if you’re having trouble in keeping your yarn balls clean and straight, a yarn holder can totally help. Keep on stitching!

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