How to Pick the Perfect Yarn Bowl


Are you getting tired of chasing your yarn balls from rolling off the ground? And when they do, they just can’t keep themselves away from pet furs and dust. Not to mention how much time you lose just from untangling the knots. Well, it will never be this frustrating at all when a yarn bowl is in the house. All you have to do, is rest your yarn balls on it and you’ll be enjoying your crochet time with no interruptions from falling yarn balls or from the playful pets around. It can keep your yarn clean and straight while saving a bunch of hours from untangling all the knots. Isn’t that awesome?

Here are some tips that you can check out so you can pick that perfect yarn bowl to make your crochet hours a lot more fun!

1. Choose the perfect size for your yarn balls

Consider your yarn weight. What yarn weights do you usually work with the most? Are you into chunky or DK yarn weights? Then you better go for extra-large bowls. Or a large bowl may do but don’t go smaller than 8″x4″. We recommend this Premium Rosewood Yarn Bowl Set 8”x4” with 2 Crochet Hooks not just with its gorgeous design but with its functionality as well.


This crochet yarn bowl will help you from all the twisting and the mess. Not just that, this large Rosewood Yarn Bowl measures 8 inches by 4 inches to fit multiple yarn balls!

This craft is perfectly designed for crochet lovers. It’s handcrafted from PREMIUM-QUALITY SHEESHAM WOOD with SMOOTH cut out on the side of the bowl with no rough edges for the yarn to snag on! The sheesham wood is heavy enough to ensure your bowl doesn’t move around.

But what if you just mostly use fingering yarn weight? Well, any sized yarn bowl will do. Click here for our recommendations.



2. Pick your preference

Do you want to go for wood or ceramic? Both of these yarn bowls are wonderful and great. They both look stylish and classy but if you’re afraid that your bowls might fall and break, then a wooden yarn bowl will be totally fantastic. Besides, we can’t always keep our eyes stuck on our playful pets or kids. Or we would want any broken pieces that might hurt us at all. With a wooden yarn bowl to keep our yarn balls in place, we can always keep our eyes and minds off from frisky children and pets.



You may want to check out this Rosewood Yarn Bowl Holder 7”x4” and 4mm Wooden Crochet Hook Bundle. This wooden yarn bowl can hold your yarn and save them from rolling away! Plus, you can go on crafting your project without the knots and tangles!

It measures 7” diameter x 4 in height and will comfortably fit a ball of bulky yarn. Now you can get creative with your yarn balls organized and tidy.

Our yarn holder also comes with a beautifully handcrafted 4mm wooden crochet hook to make your crocheting journey more fun and enjoyable!



3. Think if you want to bring your yarn bowl anywhere

Do you want to go on your dream vacation or just want to relax on a park? Or maybe you’re just waiting for a friend in a coffee shop or just want to stitch out while on a ride?  Who can’t keep ourselves away from crocheting? Of course, we’d always love to bring our craft anywhere. So when we pack our things, we always make sure our yarn and hooks are also there. But wait, how about our yarn holder? Would it be quite a little heavy? Or worse, might break. No worries! Check out this Rosewood Yarn Bowl Holder 6”X3” and 4mm Wooden Crochet Hook Bundle.




This rosewood yarn ball holder is heavy enough to keep it from tipping over when you pull on the yarn, yet incredibly lightweight so you can pack it away in your storage bag or tote when traveling. And if you’re worried about your bowl being knocked over and break, this Rosewood yarn bowls are the best choice as they are strong, sturdy and unbreakable!



4. Get the one that will not tip over easily

Of course, a yarn bowl mustn’t knock over that easy. We don’t want to get upset, are we? A bowl that always moves around will definitely disrupt on our crochet hype at the moment. Pick a bowl that’s sturdy and heavy enough to keep it from tipping over when you pull on the yarn. A holder that has a wider base could help. Take a look at this Special European Walnut Wood Yarn Bowl 7"X3".



No need for anti-slip mats! This creation is made from Sheesham wood that is heavy enough to ensure your bowl doesn’t move around. Stitch with confidence while playful kids and cats run around. This product is not your ordinary bowl that breaks! The yarn bowl has a smooth cut-out on the side of the bowl for easy feeding. It keeps your yarn clean and straight.

This bowl is large enough to accommodate multiple yarn balls as it measures 7" diameter x 3" height.



5. Go for the very smooth ones

Our yarn is everything. A little damage can cause a lot of distress. So pick a yarn bowl that has a smooth cut-out or those that have very smooth surfaces. A bit of roughness from the yarn holder can totally fray yarn.  We don’t want our yarn to snag, don’t we?



Yarn Story’s yarn holders are expertly smoothened with a high gloss finish including the swirls and holes to prevent yarn from catching. Our bowls have a smooth cut-out on the side of the bowl for easy feeding and with no rough edges for the yarn to snag on. Besides, these yarn bowls will keep your yarn clean and straight!

Other than that, these yarn holders can be a great house-warming gift. Use your yarn bowl to store keys or other items from family life while it elegantly decorates your house. The perfect present for any knitting or crochet enthusiast! Arrives inside a gift ready box!


Yarn bowls can really make a crocheter’s life more comfortable than ever. They keep our yarn balls from rolling off the ground and from getting those dirty dust and pet furs. Besides, they also keep our yarn from all the knots and mess. Not just that, they also look gorgeous and stylish as well. So if we want to keep our yarn balls clean and straight, a yarn bowl can totally help!




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