How to Make Money from Crocheting


Your favorite pastime has the potential to earn good money. Take it out of the box and share it with the outside world. You’ll never know how interested people could get unless you try. Crocheting isn’t just an enjoyable hobby.

Believe it or not, you can make money from it too! Does that sound good? Here are some tips to help you make money with your hobby!


3 Things to Think About Before Turning Your Craft into Cash


1. Set Your Core Values

What is this all about? How could stuff like this turn my yarn into dollars? Yes, you hit that button right!

You have to know what you stand for before taking some cash from your craft.

The real point is, you have to start with WHY? Why does your business exist? What’s the identity of your brand? What do you want yourself to give to the world out there? The real point is, you can never give a perfect service unless you know the reason WHY. Core values reflect the beliefs that you stand for.  They are the mark that you leave to your clients and make you stand out among your competition.

Your core values are your sense of direction and give you that sense of responsibility.

To finally define what your core values are, you have to ask yourself, what are the things that center to who you are? Find out what really matters to you!

So you can picture things out, let’s take what Yarn Story is all about.  The heartbeat of our core value is connection.

To us, we take delight in making people reconnect with their favorite hobby and bond with their loved ones with the art of crocheting. They feel the pleasure of crocheting once again with the relief and comfort of our ergonomic and lighted crochet hooks.

They can now bond with their loved ones with the solution Yarn Story has offered. And that is the connection right there. 

So, what’s your core value then?


2. Spot Your Perfect Client

If you wish to sell your crochet creations, it’s a sure thing that you have to figure out who you are making them for.

Having a clear picture of who your customers are can give you a perfect direction in making your business bloom. 

When you spot your target audience, you can easily make items that suit their taste and needs. How to do that? Your core values are the keys! Start off by thinking who you want to serve.

Reach out to those who will benefit much from the values you set. Stick out to those things that fit your audience’s needs. Set boundaries up. Don’t offer something that does not answer the problem of your audience.

The key to convert your skills to sales is to spot the right audience. Cater the specific needs of your potential clients. You’ll surely stand out if you do so.

But hang in there, the next point will discuss more.


3. Niche Down

Trying to be the jack of all trades in your business? Wait. You can’t be everything to everyone! Narrowing your niche will make you hit the right needs of your audience.

Stop trying to offer all things up because not everyone in this world is your client. If you want to get sales, be specific to a specific audience.

Do you think that narrowing your niche will limit the numbers of your customers? Not really! You can actually earn a lot if you hit your right audience. You can save time and resources and you can focus on what you can really do best for your customers.

When you do so, your clients will know what you exactly offer. Set your mind to what you are best at and give that a shot.

Pay attention to what makes you better than your competitors. Your aim is to be the best for your ideal client by hitting their specific needs. 

If you want to do a crochet blog, find out your niche! Are you going to feature about patterns or are you going to talk about crocheting tips?

Do you want to design crochet patterns? Get specific! Decide whether you want to make patterns for crochet toys, crochet accessories or crochet home décor.

How about wanting to sell crocheted stuff? Do you want to sell crochet tops? Scarves? Or blankets?

Or maybe you're thinking about selling crochet items. Are you going to sell ergonomic hooks? Crochet light up hooks? Or do you want to sell a beginner crochet kit for adults or a crochet kit for kids?

You choose what you’re very good at! Decide what you want to be known for. Focus on certain items that can bring you an edge above your competition.


How to go narrow?

  • Spot the perfect clients who your core values want to serve.
  • Think what you enjoy working with the most. 
  • Be specific with your customers’ demographics: Age, gender, place, occupation, biggest pain, etc.

Once you’ve narrowed down your niche, you’ll surely spot the right thing and the right audience to chase.




Here are some ways that you can earn bucks through crocheting!


 1. Take orders and Sell!




Your personality doesn’t need to be like that of a superstar to get a sale. Just offer products and services that are helpful to your possible clients and interesting enough to incite their senses. Make a crochet scarf for winter or sell a colorful crochet bikini for summer.

Promote your products to your loved ones and friends, and when they share your thing to others, the domino effect will go a long way.

The good thing is, the access you can have to get clients is not just limited to the people you know in the neighborhood or to that friend who’s fascinated with your work.

In this digital age, your craft can get all around the globe with just one click away!


Here’s a list of sites and shops online where you can take your work and set off a profit!



Etsy is a popular marketplace for handmade items. You can make your account for free!  You just need to pay up for small listing fees and a percentage of each sale from your item.



Looking for a good destination to sell genuine handcrafted goods? In this marketplace, you can create your shop and list your products for free! Amazon handmade just gets a 15% referral fee when you make a sale.



This marketplace sells almost everything under the sun. With eBay, you can get up to 50 zero insertion fee listings every month! Beyond that, the fee for listing in most categories is just $0.35.



If you’re a pattern designer, then this place is perfect for you! You can sell your patterns on this site and get everything free.



Ravelry is a hub for crochet pattern hunters. So if you want to sell your design, list your pattern on this site for free! When you’re quite making a good sale, Ravelry will charge a small fee.



This site is only for handmade items. You can sell your works in this marketplace with no commission from Icraft. There is just a small, one-time registration fee and a low fee that you have to pay every month.



Artfire is an online marketplace that gives a home for your handmade goods. They have an active community of buyers and sellers too! You may create your account for free or pay an account that has more for you to explore.



Want to find the best place to sell online? Bonanza says they are! Bonanza was voted by 50, 000 sellers as “Best Overall Marketplace” online.

Just list your handmade item and for a fee, your product will also be featured in Google Shopping and more. You may check out their site to get the whole read of their pricing.


There you go! But that doesn't end there! You can sell your crochet work in local art or handcrafted shops for consignment, craft fairs, fiber expos or even at art galleries!

But the next question is, what to sell then? No problem! There's a bunch of items that sell best!


List of crochet items that you can sell


A. Scarves & Gloves

Feeling cold during the winter season? These fashionable items will surely make a hit!


B. Cardigan & Sweaters

Stitch out these winter clothes and put them out on the table. Let people bring out their chic side with these tops while comforting themselves from the cold.


C. Crochet Bikini & Women’s clothes

When the heat of summer starts, everyone would like to get hip at the beach. Tempt them with your crocheted bikini. Women always love to dress up and a handmade top or skirt will always be one of the best options they can pick out.


D. Bath towels, Bath Mat & Washcloths

Who wouldn't love to have these basic essentials? A crocheted one looks unique and special.


E. Tablecloths & Blankets

Nothing beats the beauty of a crocheted blanket. Aside from its nice feel when one wraps it over his body, the design and pattern it has are rare and out of the ordinary. Crocheted tablecloths look elegant and classy too!


F. Souvenirs

Keychains, bags, baskets, hats, hot pads, water bottle cozy, pencil holder, bookmark, hook case, slippers, and mug cozy are just a few from which you can choose from.


G. Handmade toys & Baby Stuffs

Do not underestimate the shopping skills of a mother. Handmade toys and baby stuff are very enchanting!


Of course, not all items sell the same. You’ve got to find out what sells best in your area and the competitions you have before you finally pick out your niche.

And take note that the rise of things may not happen overnight but your hard work and skill will surely take you there. So sell your products because the world deserves to see the beauty you make.


 2. Be a Tutor




Yes! You can pass the magic of your craft and help lots of creative folks out there to master your hobby. Promote your crochet class tutorial and find people who love to learn about the yarn and hooks. Schedule paid lessons for a week, a month or whatever you want so. You don't have to start with a bunch of students right away. It's alright to start with just one learner. Later on, you'll just see them coming if you work hard and pour all your effort. All big things in life started small.

Now, you might be asking where you could possibly take your crochet lessons. So here’s a list you could give a thought to:



Absolutely! You can just teach at the comfort of your own home. Just make sure that you have a comfy space and everything is free from distractions.



Takelessons, Udemy and Skillshare are just some of the companies where you can apply as a crochet instructor online.



It is not just an ideal spot to teach crochet, you can also build your influence in the community when you open your class to the public.



These shops are awesome spaces where you can share your crochet expertise. Most of these stores often promote your class without you asking it.



Of course! Nothing’s more relaxing than smelling the scent of nature while learning. Just make everyone feel cozy and comfortable.



You heard it right. Just get your crochet credentials ready and they’ll get you onboard once you show you’re a certified crochet savvy.

Don’t have any certifications yet? You may want to try the Craft Yarn Council Certified Instructors Program or just pick a Masters Course in the Crochet Guild of America.



Just take a glance on these quick tips before you light up that crochet master in you.

  • Think of your class fee
  • Give a thought to your class size
  • Consider their age range
  • Let your students master the basics first
  • Give handouts and diagrams
  • Give tons of compliments
  • Let them choose their own colorful yarn, ergonomic crochet hooks, crochet hooks that light up, and whatever stuff that makes them excited.
  • Roll them up to their first project.

Setting things up might take a long way. But, you’ll surely get there.


3. Vlog and Blog




Vlogging and blogging? Absolutely! Almost everything now goes digital, and the online world is taking much space in the lives of each human being. Why not get this chance to plug the products and services you have from your hobby? There is a bigger audience online who can spot you and your work in just a click away.

You can make a vlog channel of your own and create a community later on. Creating “how to” videos is a nice choice. People are craving for stuff that hit the answer button to their questions.

Making a vlog doesn’t cost you a penny. Just take your smartphone and other equipment with you and you’re very good to go. Besides, people are so in love with watching videos! And search engines love it too!


Take these quick tips before you start off vlogging

  • Make up your mind on what you want to vlog
  • Set strategies and goals
  • Vlog regularly
  • Use a tripod for a better video
  • Pick a video editing tool and a platform
  • Engage with your audience
  • Promote your vlog

Now, you have it! How about blogging then?

A blog or a website is also a pretty way to earn. Take a look at some sharp tactics on how you can launch your site and make up your mind if you are into it. You can share crochet patterns, tips, stories, give a charge for an exclusive download and even sell your projects! Once everything is set, you may want to take Google's Ad sense to sell advertising and catch more money.


How to start your blog?

  • Choose your niche
  • Select your hosting provider and pick a hosting plan
  • Pick a name for your blog
  • Use Wordpress and select your theme
  • Customize your page
  • Think of your blog topics
  • Write your first blog

Aren't these things exciting? Just take it one step at a time. Take things to heart and never be afraid to face setbacks at first. There is always beauty in trying and testing things out. Once you’ve gone through the process and hit things right, you’ll surely be up to something big and grand. Be patient and have the guts. Your craft can surely pay you back. Make your yarn story a lot more exciting and memorable

If you are looking for quality and affordable light up crochet hook and, visit our website, Crochet Story and buy light up crochet hooks set today!

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