Free Simple and Quick Crochet Patterns


Want something to keep your yarn and hooks busy without getting much from your crochet supplies? Keep our craft alive and kickin’ with these fascinating projects that are quick and easy to make. Besides, if you want to kill some time, these patterns are going to make your hours more productive and a lot more fun. Other than that, any crochet rookie will definitely find these projects enticing and delightful to try. Take a look at these charming creations that could stir anyone’s creativity more cheery and alive!


Image and pattern by Marian Parsons of Miss Mustard Seed

1. Farmhouse Style Glass Cozy

Let your glass look classy! With this project’s vintage design and elegant style, anyone who’s going to lay his eyes on this creation must surely get captivated and enticed. Just grab the perfect yarn that has the most suitable color, finish and size and everything’s going to be smooth and so right. Other than that, this pattern just uses the variations of the double crochet stitch, making this project as something awesome for any beginner to pick.



Image and pattern by Rose Obom of Yarn Craftee

2. Puff Stitch Crochet Flap Bag

Look chic and never get out of style! Splash some stylish vibes with this gorgeous flap bag that look so creative and has that alluring aesthetic design. This pretty bag just uses three stitches which are the half double crochet in the most part, the puff stitch for the lower half of the front flap and the single crochet for the edging and handle. Using the puff stitch that matches all the casual style, this bag is best to use to keep your essentials when you go out for a walk or somewhere that you might like.



Image and pattern by Burgundy and Blush

3. Flower Face Scrubbies

Be more eco-friendly! Let go of your face wipes and makeup removal pads. These charming flower face scrubbies are good alternatives instead of buying one. If you have some cotton yarn that’s left over from your stash, then making this project is something that you might want to start. With their aesthetic looks and lovely appearance, these crochet creations can surely catch one’s eyes in just a glance.



Image and pattern by Krista Cagle of Easy Crochet

4. Crochet Ear Warmer

Crochet an ear warmer for every lady in the house! Stitching out this awesome creation is one of the easiest projects one can make with easy stitches in use together with some bulky yarn. Besides, this project doesn’t only look terrific and superb, these ear warmers are also cozy, soft and pleasant to wear. Also, this pattern’s designer has provided seven different headband sizes so you can crochet this project for everyone you know.



Image and pattern by Wink on envatotuts+

5. Crochet Tutti Frutti Potholders

Splash some life in your kitchen area! While some potholders could look simple and plain, your yarn and hooks can make one that’s cheery and full of zest! With this project’s animated style and perky design, anyone in the kitchen will surely get excited and feel alive. On top of that, these potholders could be a perfect present if you are running out of time to make something for your friends and loved ones.



Image and pattern by Lulu Loves

6. Chunky Bobble Bows

Add some shade of aesthetics to something ordinary and plain! These chunky bobble bows can spruce up anything that needs life and some splash of cheer so it can look beyond simple and bare. With their pretty appearance and charming looks, any plain scarves, coats or cushions will surely look a lot more appealing and lovely. Above and beyond, this project is also easy to make so you can stitch more to decorate anything.



Image and pattern by 5 Little Monsters

7. Business Card Holder

Keep your business cards in place! House your cards in this eye-catching and creative card holder that is fast and easy to make. These simple and small buttoned pouches look so aesthetic their appearance can surely gratify one’s eyes and taste. Apart from that, these wonderful creations can also be your little card wallet you can just keep in your bag or purse. If you want to give someone a gift card, this holder will definitely make a hit!



Image and pattern by Crochet Dreamz

8. 1.5 Hour Beanie

Running out of time in making that perfect gift for someone so special? Grab this easy pattern that won’t take you all the hours to stitch out. With this project’s exquisitely beautiful design, anyone who’s going to receive this present can surely beam a smile. Also, this hat pattern was created using a stitch that looks like the star stitch but is very easy to work up even a crochet rookie will surely pick.



Image and pattern by Rebecca Langford of Yarn+Chai

 9. Mobile Device Cover

Wrap up your electronic devices with something classy and fancy! This pattern was written after the designer’s Wildflower Shoulder Bag pattern took a hit. In addition, this pattern was designed for a standard iPad but adjusting its size to your very own device is fun and simple. Besides, you can also alter it to be a cover for your phone. So dress up your devices and grab your yarn and hooks!



Image and pattern by knitpurlhook

10. Pretty Polly Mandala

Stitch out something versatile and pretty! Crocheting this Pretty Polly Mandala can surely be a treat for your eyes. With its charming colors, anything that you make out of this lovely pattern can surely steal the show and be the star of the night. Whether you want to make this as a coaster, a wall hanging or anything that comes to your mind, the finish product is surely going to be something alluring and beyond awesome.


Stitching out patterns that are quick and simple could be something that can save you for that last-minute gift you’ve been wanting to give. And if you’re a crochet rookie, crocheting something fast and easy can help you improve and make yourself better the next days. Whatever your reason is, may it be just wanting to wipe out your stash or something else, crocheting these patterns can make your dull hours a lot more alive and cheery.

Use a light-up hook so you can see your stitches clearly and grab a yarn holder to keep your yarn balls clean and tangle-free. Using some awesome crochet tools can surely make a difference to your crochet hours. Enjoy stitching!







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