Free Random Crochet Pattern Ideas


Looking for some random patterns to make your crochet hours a lot more enjoyable and amusing? Take another project on your list! Make new creations that can prettify your bland spaces or stitch something that you can use while working around your home or crochet something that you can bring around wherever you go. With the many available patterns you can grab online, we made a list that can help you decide the perfect project that can make your hooks cheerful and bright!




Image and pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts

1. Crochet Even Berry Stitch Blanket

Who will ever get tired of stitching crochet blankets? Their beauty and functionality will always stay up-to-date even when the times change. Like this eye-catching blanket that looks so gorgeous and charming! Created using the even berry stitch, this creation will not just warm your frosty nights but can surely make your space look stunning and striking!



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

2. Bernat Sunshine Crochet Pillow

Want to put a splash of sunshine in your homes? Take a look at this endearing pattern that can definitely make your corners a lot more bright and cheery! This project is best to place in your nursery with its happy vibes and merry effects. Any kiddo can certainly have fun with this delightful pattern just around the house. Bring some rays of happiness in your home with this gleeful project that can make your spots look merry and cheerful!



Image and pattern by Christine Naugle on Sweet Potato 3

3. Customized Crochet Woven Basket/Pot holder Pattern  

Prettify and groom up your plants! Let them have the most gorgeous look by stitching out this pot holder pattern that looks so delightful and fabulous! With this lovely pattern’s wonderful texture, any bland corners will surely have the most magical look! Aside from that, this crochet project can also be made as an organizer for some stuffs to keep yourself away from the clutter at home.



Image and pattern by by Anabelia Craft Design

4. Summer Crochet Shoulder Bag

Doesn’t want to carry some huge bags for a walk? Make yourself look stylish and fabulous! Take this summer crochet shoulder bag that can carry your essentials and can let you look chic and cool. With the beauty of a simple crochet solid square, this creation can surely catch some eyes and make anyone admire its fabulous style and lovely design. Stitch this charming project and make yourself look beauteous and incredible.



Image and pattern by Life is Cozy

5. Sun City Bag

Look way beyond gorgeous! A simple bag can add a lot of style and flavour when matched even with the simplest outfit you have in your wardrobe! This Sun City bag will not just house your essentials but is big enough to carry some stuffs that you might need when going out the house. Besides, this creation has that fabulous vibes and aesthetic design that can make you look dazzling and fashionable!




Image and pattern by Nana's Crafty Home

6. Bulky Puff Stitch Crochet Blanket

Stitch something exceptional and remarkable! Gift someone special with this Bulky Puff Stitch Crochet Blanket that looks so distinct and gorgeous. Anyone can surely treasure and cherish this eye-catching present that features the lovely large puff stitches which bears its endearing vibes and aesthetic looks. With its marvelous texture and adorable tasselled edge, any crochet lover will surely fall in love with this awesome creation. 



Image and pattern by The Turtle Trunk

7. Picot Beverage Holder 

Got a lot of stash at home? Make them all useful by stitching out this extraordinary project that is quick and easy to make! All you’ve got to have are less than 1.5 oz of yarn and your favorite crochet hook and you’re good to go. Besides, the designer of this pattern has included instructions for four different size holders which you can easily pick from whichever size that suits you. With the beauty of Picot Single Crochet, you can create its eye-catching bumpy texture.



Image and pattern  by Jo To The World Creations

8. Crochet Glasses Case

Give your eye glasses that fantastic home! If you ever want to make an incredible holder for your spectacles or eye-wears, you better check out this gorgeous project that you will surely adore! The designer of this pattern has given instructions that can fit large glasses or even small. Besides, this creation works up so quickly and can be that perfect last minute gift that you ever want to give.


Our crochet hours are the moments we can’t easily exchange anything for. When one project is over, another project will always be there knocking our way. Above are just a few of the many crochet patterns you can try stitching out anytime.  

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