Free Patterns for Last Minute Crochet Halloween Ideas


Running out of time in making this Halloween more festive and creepy? Well, you don’t have to panic and worry! Stitching out spooky creations does not have to take that long and complex. You can still give this holiday that eerie feels with these simple and hair-raising crochet patterns that will definitely make your Halloween celebration a lot more fun and exciting. Give off that enticing spell through your yarn and hooks and let these last minute crochet Halloween ideas make your Halloween more magical and haunting.  



Image and pattern by The Crocheting on Love Crafts

1. Halloween Cat Ear Headband

Want to look cute and charming this Halloween? How about wearing an endearing headband that can spread that hair-raising spell this holiday? Check out this adorable pattern that can truly enticed your little ones and can definitely make them enjoy their sweet treats better than ever. Enjoy the spooky vibe of Halloween and let this charming creation throw a cutie eerie air this Halloween!



Image and pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

2. Halloween Crocheted Cup Cozy

Let your cup of coffee feel the chills! Don’t keep the energy of Halloween alone! Dress up your cups with these cutie cozies and spark up the Halloween vibe in every sip. Besides, you can be more creative in stitching out this fabulous pattern and add more embellishments of your own. Have petrified coffee cups and let these simple creations turn the spooky holiday mood on!



Image and pattern by Divine Debris

3. Sally Skulls Earrings

Get a fabulous look this Halloween! Include these Sally Skull Earrings in your holiday outfit and you will surely look fab and mystifying. With their gorgeous style and spooky design, your holiday celebration will surely be filled with so much thrill. Add up some sense of chill and style to make yourself look jazzy and spooky at the same time. Stitch out this simple pattern to make your holiday celebration merry and fun.



Image and pattern by I Like Crochet Network

4. Halloween Wine Tote

Wrap up your wine and place it on your table with a bit of spice! This exquisite pattern can throw an air of chill and can make your wine look classy and spooky at once. Besides, a shade of something freakish on your table can add up a lot of eerie vibes. Sounds fun, isn’t it? More, this crochet work has Halloween colors and fantastic design that can truly entice and catch one’s eyes. So stitch this pattern out and have a holiday that’s spine-chilling and grand!  



Image and pattern by Emma Escott on Ravelry

5. Halloween Web Collar

Spruce up your Halloween outfit with this simple yet exceptional design! Can’t get enough of cobwebs? With their uncomplicated looks, their power to create a shade of spookiness is undeniably bold. All you need to have is a 4mm hook, DK weight cotton yarn and some sparkle thread to hold them up. So, if you don’t have the luxury of time to stitch out something fun for your Halloween costume, this pattern will definitely help you out.



Image and pattern by Lion Brand on Love Crafts

6. Frankenstein Bag in Lion Brand Vanna's Choice

Are you scared of Frankenstein? Well, with the charm of this wonderful pattern, all the fears you have in your bones will surely be driven out. Just try to look at their adorable design and that spell-binding style! All you’ll feel are giggles and fun. Their heart-melting cuteness will surely tug the heart of any other children and your little ones. Put in your sweets and other treats in this lovable Frankenstein bag.



Image and pattern by Cristina Mershon on Ravelry

7. Halloween Tree of Spookiness

Add up some thrill and chill on your spookiness tree! These adorable creations don’t just look spooky and eerie, their sweet and enchanting cuteness can easily captivate anyone’s eyes. With their winsome appearance, your Halloween celebration, doesn’t have to be all frightening and fearsome. Just hang these cuties on your spookiness tree and they will surely spread out that wonderful Halloween vibes.



Image and pattern by Little Things Blogged

8. Halloween Jack Skellington Keychain

Who doesn’t find Jack Skellington cute? He may look a little bit scary but his adorable charm will never scare anyone. So, if you’re thinking of gifting someone this holiday, stitching out this endearing creation is truly awesome. Besides, you may also want to add him up in your treat bag. All the children will definitely cheer and have fun. This mini Halloween project will give your Halloween celebration so much enthusiasm.



Image and pattern by Jamy Lyn Art on Ravelry

9. Cute Ghost Coaster

Do Halloween celebrations have to be spine-tingling and fearsome? I think not! How about checking out this cute ghost coaster? Its cuteness will surely pacify all the fear and chills one might not want to feel about. With its captivating smile, one will surely find it enticing and full of charm. Get your yarn and hooks and let this cutie, bring the Halloween spirit in your home.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

10. Red Heart Ghost-A- Glow

Give your house spaces a different kind of glow! This fantastic pattern is a sure attraction one can never get his eyes out into. With their delightful looks and figures, your Halloween celebration will be a lot more awesome and memorable. So bring an eerie beam of thrill in your homes with these adorable creations and let your Smart Candles give life to these fascinating ghosts.


We all want to have fun this Halloween. No matter how scary this holiday’s night could get, the thrill and chill will always be memorable and amazing. Besides all the treats and tricks, joining the fun with spooky house decorations and outfits always bring a different kind of feels. And if you don’t have any Halloween décor or costume yet, these few patterns will surely help. More, a light up crochet hook can definitely hasten all the work. Not to tell how a yarn holder can give a hand with all the yarn tangles. There’s still time and it’s not yet too late to stitch out that perfect pattern for this night of the dead!

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