Free Patterns for Fun and Cute Crochet Appliques


Give your creation that dazzling look! A simple project can turn into something more eye-catching when matched with a gorgeous applique. With their intricate design, you’ll definitely learn more about tension and stitch heights. Besides, these crochet patterns are perfect to use up your stash since you don’t need that much yarn. Customize your crochet projects and embellish your creations with these cute and pretty appliques that will surely turn your work into something more magical.  



Image and pattern by Moara Crochet 

1. Crochet Rose Pattern

Want to grab a gorgeous brooch or a lovely headband? Decorate your work with this crochet rose pattern that looks so enticing and spectacular. Get your hat that pretty aura or make your bag a lot more fab! With its aesthetic design, this pattern will definitely prettify whatever things you want to spruce up. Just get any yarn you have in your stash and stitch this pattern out.



Image and pattern by Natalina Craft

2. Crochet Turtle Appliques

Embellish your little one’s clothes with this adorable applique! This charming turtle family holds a captivating appeal that can surely tug one’s heart. With their very sweet looks, your young one’s blanket or even their simple clothes can truly turn into something splendid and full of charm. So if you’re thinking of levelling up your crochet project’s design, this crochet turtle applique can definitely give you a hand.



Image and pattern by Michelle Alvarez on Ravelry

3. Heart Applique

Stitch out something cute and sweet! This crochet creation will never get too much of your crochet hours. Besides, this pattern’s designer just took about ten minutes of her time to crochet one. These heart appliques can beautify any crochet project that you want to groom up. With their variety of sweet colors and dazzling design, you’ll surely want to have them prettify your gift box or paste them up on a bookmark.



Image and pattern by Annie Design Crochet 

4. Easy Crochet Flowers

Bust your stash away with these lovely flowers! Someone who’s crazy about anything floral will totally fall in love with this crochet pattern. You may want to pick any color you want and stitch out these ravishing creations to spruce up your projects into something fab. Take a look at your stash and grab your yarn and hooks. It’s time to make something enchanting and magical.



Image and pattern by Vendula Maderska on Ravelry

5. Sweet Strawberry

Who wouldn’t get captivated with this sweet strawberry appliques? From the delightful visuals they have, one will surely get fascinated with these creations. Their sweet looks can easily catch one’s eyes and can definitely embellish and level up any crochet projects you want to put them into. All you need to have are some basic crochet skills because this crochet pattern is all fun and easy to stitch out.  



Image and pattern by Petals to Picots

6. Crochet Balloons Applique

Create an adorable applique for that simple birthday card! If we want our friends and loved ones to feel special and significant, creating something personal on their special day is definitely a plus. Besides, these wonderful creations can beautify a headband, a hat or whatever project you want to spruce up. With their cute and pretty looks, your little one will surely get enticed with these ones.



Image and pattern by knitpurlhook

7. Little Crochet Houses Pattern

Aren’t you captivated with these sweet little houses? You might want to add them up in your children’s spaces or make a marvelous bunting to decorate an event. You may use them as appliques to prettify a bag, a shirt or whatever crochet project you like to groom up. With their sweet and nice design, your kids will surely love to always see them around. How about you place them in their play rooms or to wherever places they like? They’ll surely melt your heart with a big smile.  



Image and pattern by Raffamusa Designs

8. Ice Cream Cone Applique

Get another scoop of ice cream and brighten your day up! Whether the sun is down or the sun is up, these crochet appliques can still keep their charm and can still freshen you up. Who says ice cream are only for the kids around? Even adults get captivated with their enticing look most of the time. You may want to decorate these appliques on your little one’s shirt or even on your tote bag. So turn something simple into something delightful for the eyes with this luscious applique that you’ll surely love!



Image and pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

9. Crochet Sloth Applique

Who doesn’t find sloths so cute? Don’t they look adorable and charming? How about making this crochet sloth applique and see for yourself. If you want to take your crochet blanket into something striking, this adorable applique will surely do the work. Though this flat crochet piece look intricate, the finished project will definitely look great. This cute applique is about 6×7 inches.



Image and pattern by Charlotte Perution on Ravelry

10. The Rainbow

Remind yourself with something beautiful! Rainbows always remind us of our wonderful memories and get mesmerized with its eye-catching colors like a child drooling over a tasty candy. This rainbow applique doesn’t just look nice and dazzling, you may put them on whatever crochet project you like and add up on them that sense of cheer. Spread that merry vibe with this wonderful crochet applique!


We always want our crochet projects to always look their best, don’t we? So we choose the perfect yarn, get the perfect hook and stitch them out with our top skills. As people who are passionate with our craft, making our work bland and dull aren’t just in our vocabulary. All thanks to these pretty appliques that can surely spruce up our works. With their charm, our finished projects can surely look their best.

Stitch them out with crochet hooks that light up. You’ll never have to stop or slow down again because of bad light or dark yarn. The LED light at the end of the hook brightens the area and brings details into sharp focus. So give your project that perfect look by using these awesome hooks! Tame your yarn as well, a wooden yarn bowl can surely help.

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