Free Patterns for Easy Crochet Gift Ideas Any Crocheter Can Try



Don’t you have the luxury of time in stitching out that sweet and charming present? A fantastic gift does not need to be too complicated! An easy and simple pattern can turn into a masterpiece with not much time you have to take for it. All you need is the basic skill and you’ll surely finish that special present for your loved ones and friends. So keep calm and get your yarn and hooks and stop worrying! Crocheting that perfect gift does not need to take a lot of hours for you to finish. Check out these lovely patterns that are easy to make.



Image and pattern by Crochet Life

1. Beautiful Crochet Mitten Pattern Gathered Buds

Keep someone warm when cold seasons hit! These crochet creations will definitely give your loved ones that cozy feeling and comfy feels whenever the air seem to freeze. Aside from the different sizes for adult and teens, this pattern’s designer also has patterns for your little ones and kids. So pick that perfect palette and let someone feel the warmth when the cold breeze visits! 



Image and pattern by Croby Patterns

2. Boho Baby Granny Square Blanket

Got that little cutie you want to give a gift with? Any parent will surely get enticed with this sweet granny square blanket you might want to give to their babies! Besides, you’ll have nothing to worry about when you’re just a crochet rookie, this pattern is perfect for any crochet beginner out there. With its charming design, yet with simple stitches and techniques, any crochet lover will totally enjoy stitching out this lovely work!



Image and pattern by The Knotted Nest

3. Easy Crochet Kitchen Towel

Got someone you know who always love to stay in the kitchen? Well, this crochet creation might just be something that you’d want to gift them out. This pattern’s bewitching design can surely captivate anyone’s eyes and its fantastic style will definitely beautify any space that looks monotonous and dull.  Its colourful stripes add so much accent to its gorgeous looks and your color combo will surely be a hit whatever palette you choose.



Image and pattern by Who's Homemade

4. Crochet Farm House Pot Holder

Looking for a crochet pattern you can stitch out in speed? You’ve totally arrived on the right page! Any crochet beginner will totally love this pattern as it can be worked up in less than 15 minutes. This pattern uses the Even Moss Stitch that adds so much beauty for this crochet work. You may pick a color of your choice of medium weight cotton yarn and voila! You can now have that eye-catching gifts for your loved ones and friends!



Image and pattern by Jo to the World Creations

5. Paw Print Pillow Cover

Help someone spruce up their dull spaces! This removable 18″ x 18″ cushion cover can prettify any bland areas with its awesome looks and style.  Any pet lover will surely love this crochet creation that looks totally eye-catching and cute.  This crochet gift idea is fun and easy to work up which any crochet beginner can check out. So if you want to give a present to someone who loves to decorate their areas, this pattern is worth the try.



Image and pattern by Bodhi Life Crochet

6. Coquina Beach Bag (Small, Medium & Large)

Stitch out something that’s both practical and chic! These creations’ aesthetic style and fantabulous design can surely tug one’s heart and lure one’s eyes. Besides, all sizes from small to large are available in this pattern so you can just go for whatever options you like. Help someone find a home for all their essentials through this gorgeous Coquina Beach Bag. Get your yarn and hooks and start stitching this pattern out!



Image and pattern by Sunflower Cottage Crochet

7. The Aurora Make-up Bag

Got that friend who’s totally girlish? Maybe this Aurora Make-up Bag is a nice pattern to pick! This creation was originally designed for Mother’s Day and this project will be something your mom will surely fall in love with. It uses the Starburst stitch which gives this pattern that spectacular design and outstanding air. The size of this fabulous bag is 8″ wide and 6″ tall just enough to keep it wherever you go.



Image and pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts

8. Quick and Easy Crochet Earrings

Let someone dazzle with these gorgeous project! Running out of time in grabbing that perfect present for your most cherished loved one or for your special friend? Then, look no further! These crochet earrings are really quick, easy and fun to make. Just pick the perfect color combo and you’re good to go. Someone who’s crazy about accessories will totally love these glamorous creations.



Image and pattern by Mama In A Stitch

9. Ski Lodge Chunky Crochet Pom Hat

Give some warmth when the cold breeze strikes! A fun project like this will surely make someone smile. With this pattern’s lovely design and fabulous style, anyone who’s wearing this creation can truly feel fab and can definitely shine. This crochet pom hat pattern is perfect for that last minute gift-idea if you’re losing some time. Check this pattern out and this will be something you’ll truly love.



Image and pattern by Sewrella

10. Crochet Holiday Gift Basket

 Who doesn’t love a good-looking basket for holidays? A simple gift can really look more appealing when housed in a lovely basket like this! Besides, crocheting this pattern can make your present more special knowing it has a touch of your own time, effort and skills.   This crochet project can surely spread that sparkling holiday cheer with its wonderful design yet with a simple pattern.


Special seasons and those once in a year occasions will be more fun and memorable when giving gifts is there to join. Well, what else is more special than giving your loved ones your personal handmade creations? It speaks a lot of affection spelled in time and effort.

Help yourself to crochet your crochet projects in speed with a light up hook and a lovely yarn holder. Lighted hooks can help you see your work clearly even in dim light or when working with dark yarn. Besides, untangled yarn balls can help you work fast with a yarn holder at hand.

Keep on stitching!


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