Free Patterns for Crochet Hexagon Projects


Are you getting used to crocheting rounds, triangles and squares? Break the monotony and try something new! A simple hexie can animate your crochet hour with its fantastic design and different styles. Not to mention how it can give your project that unique look with its exceptional shape and many sides. So if you’re thinking of that new project you want to start off or that perfect present you want to give for that special someone, take a look at this list of exquisite patterns you’ll surely love to try!




Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

1. Caron Crochet Hexagons Blanket

Stitch out something eye-catching! This hexie blanket can definitely catch one’s eyes with its enticing pinwheel motif and enticing design. More, the shades of colors you can pick from Caron Simply Soft yarn add so much animation to this pattern’s style. You may want to bring this project wherever you go as you can pack the hexies and join these beauties at the end of the day or whenever you want to.





Image and pattern by Raffamusa Designs

2. Honeycomb Kitchen Towel 

Bring that new spice in your kitchen! If you’re a bee lover or you’re just simply fond of these cute bees, this pattern is the next project you surely want to try.  With its sweet and enchanting style, this creation can absolutely bring a lively air in your kitchen area. Besides, this good-looking handmade creation can be that perfect gift idea you’ve been searching for. So, take out your hooks and yarn and check this pattern out.  





Image and pattern by Fiber Flux

3. Strawflower Hexagon Tote

Try that new perky vibe that can brighten up your crochet hour! If you’re looking for a pattern for a crochet tote project you want to give a go to, this cheerful pattern is worth to give a try. Aside from the zestful colors you want to pick, the hexies are a beauty you don’t want to miss. Just join them together and you’ll see a masterpiece that’s truly aesthetic and bewitching.  





Image and pattern by Flamingo Toes

4. Crochet Hexagon Coin Purse

Have you been thinking of gifting someone with a little something? Look no further! This cute and pretty creation can surely captivate one’s eyes with its charming design and wonderful style. Just pick three colors of worsted weight yarn that suits your taste and start stitching out this lovely Star Lily Hexagon Pattern! You may also crochet this project for your own use and you’ll surely fall in love with this creation.





Image and pattern by Floral & Feather

5. African Flower Cushion

Spruce up your spaces! A lovely pillow can bring a splash of beauty in a bland area or somewhere in your house that looks dull and monotonous. So if you’re thinking of beautifying your gloomy home spots, you might want to check this pretty pattern out. All you’ve got to have are 32 hexie flowers for a standard 40cm square cushion and presto, you can now place this pretty cushion to beautify your area.





Image and pattern by Knitz N Purlz

6. Hexagon Chunky Yarn Crochet Rug

Want to have a classy rug at home? Give your house spaces that personal touch of yours. This crochet project can surely add a lot of charm in your simple areas and can upgrade your dull spots into something dynamic. This pattern’s designer used a rohtang crochet stitch that works so well with t-shirt yarn and polycords as said. With its thick texture, you’ll surely love this project as your bathroom rug. All you’ve got to join are 13 hexagons and voila!





Image and pattern by My Poppet Makes

7. Hexagon Crochet Christmas Stocking

Can you already hear the jingle bells? Well, maybe it’s now time to stitch out something that can awaken the Christmas spirit in your home! How about checking out this Crochet Hexagon Christmas Stocking that can surely animate your holiday. This pattern’s designer recommended a cake yarn ball for colour combinations with lots of contrast for best results. Anyhow, the pattern itself looks so enchanting and beautiful!





Image and pattern by Crochet For You

8. Granny Hexagon Potholder

Give your potholder a new shape! With this Granny Hexagon Potholder, the pattern’s designer says that you can have more freedom to play with any shades and learn how to crochet hexies in any size. Besides, this free pattern is super easy and so amusing to make. You may also want to give these pretty creations to a friend or loved one who always love to stay in the kitchen.  And you’ll surely see that lovely smile on their face.





Image and pattern by Mollie Makes on Ravelry

9. DIY Hexagon Wall Hanging 

Splash some shade of vibrance in your home! Wall hangings can really be that thing that can do so much in prettifying our gloomy walls. And this ravishing creation, can surely turn our areas into something new and wonderful. Besides, this pattern is the most basic of crochet hexies and could be a very good stash buster if you’ve got a lot of yarn scraps at home.  This dreamcatcher-inspired hexie wall hangings is totally wonderful!






Image and pattern by Julie King on Gleeful Things

10. Hexagon Granny Cowl

Get fab and look chic! A gorgeous cowl can totally turn a simple outfit into something beauteous and alluring. Take a look at this Hexagon Granny Cowl that’s truly fun to make and looks stunning. Just grab your personal pick of three colors of worsted weight yarn and get your hooks ready. Besides, this pretty creation can also be that perfect present you’ve always wanted to give for that dear loved one or special friend.


We always crave for something new and fun in our quest as crocheters. And in searching for new projects and new patterns that we can enjoy stitching, crocheting hexies is surely that thing that we should pick. Just like any rounds and squares, crochet hexagons can be turned into a lot of wonderful stuffs and things.

And in crocheting these lovely creations, a lighted crochet hook can definitely help you see your stitches clearly. Besides, if you want to save hours of untangling the knots from your yarn, grab a yarn holder to keep your yarn balls clean and straight.

Keep on stitching!

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