Free Kitchen Crochet Patterns


Want to turn your kitchen into something cheerful and sparky? Whether you love to cook or you just simply want to munch some food, giving this space with some personal touches can definitely make you feel good! Spruce up your kitchen area with these crochet ideas that can energize your space and turn your bland items into something animated. Besides, these crochet projects can also be lovely housewarming gifts if you want to visit a loved one or give a smile to a friend. Check out these free kitchen crochet patterns that you’ll surely enjoy stitching!


Image and pattern by Mollie Johanson on The Spruce Crafts

1. Crochet Hand Towel

Get creative and learn a new stitch! The designer of this pattern used a pique stitch in designing this crochet project and gives the towel a wonderful texture while it’s also easy to work with. And if you don’t have any hint on how to do the stitch, this pattern’s designer has also provided instructions on how to do it. All you have to do is to grab your yarn and hooks and enjoy doing this lovely project.



Image and pattern by Rebecca Langford on Yarn and Chai

2. Malia Pot Holder

Give your pot holders that sense of style and beauty! Want a lovely addition to your kitchen space? This crochet project will surely suit your taste! With its thickness and lovely stitches, you will definitely enjoy stitching out this crochet item. Besides, this handy and classy creation will definitely be a perfect addition to your kitchen pieces. You won’t regret if you wrap this up as a gift as well!



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

3. Lily Sugar'n Cream Bouquet Baskets

Want to spread a drop of charm in your kitchen space? Check out this crochet project that looks so enticing and sweet! With its floral design and stylish vibe, you’ll surely make a mark in your kitchen area and give your space that cheery air that can lighten your day. Celebrate the mood of happiness in your cooking zone with these sparky creations and let their charm brighten up your day’s flavor!



Image and pattern by Dabbles and Babbles

4. Primrose Dishcloth Crochet Pattern

Who can ever have enough dishcloths? You can’t always resist if they look eye-catching and fascinating, wouldn’t you? Like this primrose dishcloth pattern that is irresistibly cute and charming! This pattern’s designer used primrose stitch that any crochet rookie will definitely enjoy. All simple and basic, you need not to be afraid with. So if you want to add up another dishcloth to your lovely crochet collection, this crochet pattern will definitely suit you.   



Image and pattern by Midwestern Moms

5. Crochet Cast Iron Skillet Hand Cover

Dress up your iron skillet with this lovely handle cover! By creating this crochet pattern, you can keep your hands safe from the heat even without the pot holder. All you have to do is to dress up the handle of your iron skillet and you’re all ready to go. This pattern’s designer just used single crochet stitches making this project quick and easy to make. Don’t forget to use 100% cotton yarn if you don’t want to see your acrylic yarn melt.



Image and pattern by Ashlee Marie

6. Crochet Eyelet Apron

Protect your clothes from spills and dirt! This crochet eyelet apron will definitely let you enjoy your kitchen work. With its simple style yet pretty design, one will never go wrong in making this project. All you need to know are the chain, slip stitch and half double crochet and you’re all ready to grab your yarn and hook. So if you want to make a cute and pretty apron, this crochet project is definitely for you.



Image and pattern by Jessie At Home

7. Stripy Single Crochet Placemat

Add some spice on your table and give everyone in the house that magical feels! With a gorgeous placemat jazzing up every meal, one’s eating experience will never be the same. Checkout this stripy single crochet placemat that’s really perfect for all beginners to make. This project is only made up of single crochet so if you’re a rookie in this crochet journey, you’ve got to check this lovely project!



Image and pattern by The Painted Hinge

8. Farmhouse Style Coasters

Who never gets tired of coasters? Aside from being great stash busters, they’re also quick and easy to make. Besides, they do great as last-minute gifts as well, aren’t they? Take a look at these farmhouse style coasters in neutral colors! With these nice shades, they’ll surely look perfect wherever you place them to. Other than that, you’ll surely love its gorgeous design and wonderful style.



Image and pattern by In The Yarn Garden

9. Moss Stitch Table Runner

Take away that bland look from your tables! A lovely table runner will do the work! Check out this crochet pattern that will definitely kick out the dullness from your space and prettify your table areas. This pattern’s designer used crochet moss stitch in creating this beauteous project which one can just easily get the hang with. If you want this crochet creation to have a wonderful texture, just use a thicker cotton yarn.



Image and pattern by Margaret Hericz on Ravelry

10. Microwave Bobble Bowl Cozies

Want to keep your hands away from hot bowls of food? Check out this useful and gorgeous pattern that will surely give you a hand in the kitchen. Aside from being easy and fun to make, they’re machine washable as well. Besides, with their beautiful style and arresting design, your bowls will definitely look lovely and nice! Just make sure to put the cozy first before filling the bowl up.


Our kitchen areas are one of the most wonderful places where we can create wonderful conversations and memories. And we can always turn to our craft to make it to be the coziest place it could ever be. These crochet patterns are just a few that can make our kitchen works a lot more comfortable and easier. Besides, they can also add a spark of brightness and cheer in our kitchen spaces. Stitch these crochet projects with all comfort and ease. A light up crochet hook can make all the difference. See your stitches clearly and stitch the darkest yarn with ease. Keep on stitching!

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