Free Crochet Top Patterns


Time to spruce up your wardrobe! Get trendy and fab with your handmade tops that can perfectly prettify yourself with their exquisite design and ravishing style. Besides, making and choosing your own outfit will totally make you feel good and awesome, right? With just the power of your yarn and hooks, you can create any apparel that will suit your taste and style. Check out this list of crochet top patterns that will definitely be a dashing add-ons to your attires.




Image and pattern by Crochet With Carrie

1. Crochet Eden Crop Top

Still a newbie yet? Take this pattern to your list! With very simple stitches in use and very minimal shaping to do, any crochet rookie out there will dare to grab their yarn and hooks. This creation will perfectly pair your favorite jeans and shorts or anything you want to wear with this fascinating clothe. If you want to look fab and chic this summer, this project will surely do the job for you!



Image and pattern by Blue Star Crochet

2. Crochet Lacy Summer Romance Top

Want to rock your beach holiday? Check out this crochet lacy summer romance top that will definitely make your day a lot more refreshing and delightful. Created from two T-shaped pieces and seamed together, a crochet beginner will never doubt to get a hook. Other than that, this project has lacy stitches so it can make a lovely openwork with an exquisite appearance and endearing looks.



Image and pattern by Divine Debris

3. Sherbet Shirt

Looks so charming and sweet! Inspired from the Sherbet Sweater she released before, this pattern’s designer has created this Sherbet Shirt with an enchanting charm and captivating looks. Aside from that, if you’ve got a lot of stash jammed in your room, this crochet project will totally be something you’ll love to stitch for.  You could make this shirt longer and wider by adding more rows and make it more enticing by adding more colors. 



Image and pattern by Craft-Her

 4. Ruffle Sleeve Crochet Top

Make a garment that’s beyond ordinary! This top could have been just a usual top if not for its fabulous sleeves giving this apparel with a dazzling appearance and phenomenal style. To achieve a pseudo mesh design, this pattern uses some simple stitching by working into between the posts of the double crochet stitches. And if you’ve got some flowing pants and skirts, this creation will make you a lot more classy, alluring and elegant.



Image and pattern by Rose Obom on Ravelry

5. Hippie Granny Vest

Have the feel of the Wild West! The thoughts of the ranches, farm work, horseback riding and more has inspired this pattern’s designer to create this cool-looking pattern that you’ll definitely enjoy. With its rugged appearance, anyone who’s going to wear this hippie granny vest will surely look cool and fun. Besides, its classic looks will never go out of style.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

6. Caron Summer Breeze Crochet Top

Prettify your summer outfit! If you want some gorgeous layers to your casual bathing suit, then this project is something you might want to pursue. Besides, it can make you even look a lot more gorgeous and cool. Other than that, you can also make it to cover up a simple garment and layered it up with this stylish Caron Summer Breeze Crochet Top. With its versatile design, this crochet creation is something you’ll surely love to have. 



Image and pattern by Ned and Mimi

7. Twinkle Tank 

Dazzle and shine with this lovely pattern! Made with simple double crochet with a special cross-over stitch repeat on alternating rows, you’ll never get out of style with this creation that seemed to look like twinkling stars. Apart from that, this pattern will surely be something a crochet rookie will love to try. This pattern’s designer has made this pattern available in sizes XS-5XL including the instructions on how to customize the length and width of the shoulder strap.



Image and pattern by Rebecca Velasquez

8. Capaldi Crochet Top

Get gorgeous with this Revel Signature Crochet Tee! With this creation’s great boxy style for the body, anyone who’s going to wear this top is going to feel cozy and fab. The designer of this pattern have written 10+ sizes for this creation. And though this project might get a little tricky, this pattern is definitely not hard. The stitching is easy and with this pattern’s enchanting beauty, anyone who sets their eyes on this creation will surely get enchanted.



Image and pattern by Kathryn Dawn on Ravelry

9. Summer Berry Top

Want to look all chic and fabulous? Check out this sweet top that’s crocheted in the round, from the top down, with no seams! Customizing this pattern to fit your own body is no problem at all, all thanks to the designer for giving all the simple instructions.  With its pleasant design and ravishing style, wearing this top will definitely make you feel gorgeous and awesome. 



Image and pattern by Marciemakes on Ravelry

10. Pom Pom Top

Exude an air of charm and beauty! This top is something you’re going to love to make. By just looking at its endearing style and bewitching design, anyone who’s got some yarn and hooks will fall in love with this one. This top is worked flat and in one piece so it’s easy to customize to establish a perfect fit. Besides, dressing up with this top is something that will make you look lovely and full of charm.


Crocheting our own tops and other apparels is something that’s totally fun and exciting. We can pick a pattern and make the design we want that suits our style and taste. And in crocheting these dazzling patterns, comfort and ease is totally a thing. Grab a light-up crochet hook to deal with your dark yarn problems, and if your yarn balls are getting into knots and tangles, a yarn holder is definitely a great help. Keep on hooking!  



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