Free Crochet Rug Patterns to Spruce Up Your Home


Want to add some accent and eye-catching décor in your homes? Get away from your bare floors and get on with your yarn and hooks. Our craft and creativity can do a lot of magic to bring some life and bring in that cheery vibe in our home. If one might think that it’s quite an effort crocheting a fabulous and beautiful pattern just to let it sit on the floor, don’t forget how it can perk up your home and how it can give so much accent in your home decors. Besides, crochet rugs are made for it! So if you want to glamorize your ground areas, take a look at these aesthetic patterns and dazzle up your homes!



Image and pattern by Beatrice Ryan Design

1. Country Bright Rug

Get your yarn stash ready! This crochet rug pattern is a perfect stash buster. Using your stash of worsted weight yarn, you’ll definitely enjoy crocheting this lovely pattern and spruce up your floors. All you need is a minimum of 3 colors of 400 yards each and voila! You already got a gorgeous rug for your bare floor. But if you can have lots of colors to add up, then that would surely hit the perfect look!



Image and pattern by Look At What I Made

2. Cosy Flower Rug Pattern

Want something that looks distinct and classy? Take a grab of this exquisite pattern that will surely add a perfect accent to any space in your rooms. The pattern designer created this crochet rug pattern for the Issue 97 of Inside Crochet using colors to reflect the sights/sounds/smells of Christmas in the Karoo. But then, you may pick your own choice of colors that would fit the accent in your homes.



Image and pattern by Teal and Finch

3. Easy Crochet Rug Pattern

Stitch a crochet rug that’s easy yet has that lovely look! Looking from the name itself, this crochet rug pattern is an unchallenging creation that will undoubtedly prettify your homes. Besides, if you’re a crochet beginner, you’ll totally enjoy stitching out this easy pattern that would later turn out into something gorgeous. More, you can go for any color that suits your taste or any tones that fit your home.



Image and pattern by Maria's Blue Crayon

4. Coastal Indoor Rug

Bring the beach vibes into your homes! This coastal indoor rug pattern will really suit to get some space in your kitchen or bathroom. The designer uses Caron cotton cakes in Beach Glass in making this sweet-looking creation and wanted it to look detailed yet simple. She had the color changes for great striping and place some filets for a wonderful texture. So, if you want something that is so refreshing and pleasing to the eyes, then this pattern is perfect for you.



Image and pattern by My Poppet Makes

5.  Coil + Crochet Scrap Fabric Rug DIY

Got lots of unwanted fabric you don’t want to get wasted on? Well, check out this coiled and crochet rug and spark up your imagination. This pattern’s designer used sheets, fabric remnants and old clothing and other recycled materials yet hit this lovely rug look. Plus, the only crochet skill that you have to have is single crochet stitch which is pretty basic. Since this rug is a bit huge, you can have something to get your time productively used.



Image and pattern by Yarn and Chai

6. Bubble Gum Accent Rug

Decorate your floor with something sweet and cheery! This pattern’s designer used Kitchen Cotton Yarn from Lion Brand that has this bubbly and sparky tones that can truly catch one’s eye. You may want to place this crocheted rug to your bathroom or nursery with its merry accent and lovely design. This crochet creation can definitely splash a radiant shade on your floor.



Image and pattern by Mijo Crochet 

7. No Wool Left Behind

Such a treat for the eyes! Want to stitch out something that’s really eye-catching and easy? This No Wool Left Behind pattern can also be a good stash buster while creating something that’s aesthetically pleasing! So if you have some yarn scraps from your previous project, then use them up to create this simple project that is made of half double crochets worked in a spiral. The designer says you can crochet until the blanket hits the size that you desire or until your yarns run out!



Image and pattern by Handy Little Me

8. Crochet Round Rug Pattern

Looking for a crocheted rug pattern that’s simple and classy? Take a snatch of this crochet rug pattern that’s simple yet stylish. This crochet project is also perfect to stitch out if you have lots of yarn leftovers from your stash. You may want to make this project in one color or do this creation in 3 colors or more. The pattern’s designer used yarn that is 60% cotton, 20% viscose and 20% polyster which composition is truly soft. With its smooth property, this crochet round rug pattern can perfectly rest flat on your bathroom, playroom or bedroom areas.  



Image and pattern by The Lavender Chair

9. Midnight Star Mandala

Spruce up your bare floors with this pretty pattern! With its fancy and sophisticated design, this Midnight Star Mandala project can strip off the bland look on your floor and can add a perfect accent to your home decors. You may want to place this gorgeous crocheted rug anywhere it fits and it can definitely spice up and freshen up your naked spaces. Give your home decors a shade of charm with this ravishing creation.



Image and pattern by Lion Brand

10. Whimsy Stripes Rug Pattern

Fall in love with the whimsical shades of this Whimsy Stripes Rug Pattern! Using Lion Brand’s Yarn, this crocheted project has dazzling color tones that are perfectly joined to create its striking look. This rug pattern dimension detail is about 35 x 78 in. (89 x 198 cm). Want to splash some sense of style and distinctive design to groom up your floors? Then this pattern is perfect for you.


Everybody wants a home that has an aesthetic sense of style. We hang home decors on our wall, let them sit on our table, lie on our sofas but often forget about our floors. And so our craft is always to the rescue! These crochet rug patterns can definitely add so much life in our homes. Stitch them out anytime you want! By using light up crochet hooks, you can clearly see your work even when you crochet at night or stitch them out in the dark. So get on with your yarn story and crochet anytime like!

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