Free Crochet Pillow Patterns to Spruce Up Your Home Areas


Does your home décor need a little bit of updating? Spruce up your house and bring something that can make it look jazzy and stylish! While table lamps, wall prints, rugs, macramé or photo frames can definitely make your home spaces look fab and enticing, a crocheted pillow can make an exceptional adornment as well. Just pick out your décor style and bring that perfect accent that can take off those bland areas and prettify your house with their fancy vibes. Want to crochet pillows that are round, square, colourful or plain? Any choice can surely glamorize a space. So knock off the dullness of your home spaces with these free crochet pillow patterns.



Image and pattern by My Crochetory

1. Dahlia Pillow

Bring some spice in your living area! This dahlia pillow pattern can pull some sense of style and paint that shade of elegance to turn your dull spaces into fabulous ones. The pattern’s designer used Intarsia Crochet technique and came up with a tutorial for this technique on her blog. With its mustard and ecru colors, this crochet pillow can surely prettify your house.



Image and pattern by Ideal Me

2. Aligned Cobble Stitch Pillow

Make your home spaces a lot cozier! With this pillow’s soft and solid texture, anyone in the house would definitely love to snuggle on this cuddlesome work of art. The designer of this pattern used a bulky yarn to show off the cobble stitch for this design and a merino wool would be a perfect material since it can hold up well and can give you a lot warmth.



Image and pattern by Nihal Salem on Ravelry

3. Anthropologie Pillow

Want a pillow that looks sweet and fascinating? Check out this anthropologie pillow that can bring in some charm in your bedroom area. With its exquisite looks, it can confidently bring a different shade of style wherever space you’d love to take it up. You may want to stitch it out in a variety of colors or you can simply stitch a plain one. So get your yarn and hooks and beautify your bedroom area.



Image and pattern by Marianne Forrestal on Ravelry

4. Chevron Pillow Pair

Are you a lover of chevron design? Then this pattern can definitely catch your eyes! With their conspicuous and dramatic lines, one can easily get a hold of its exquisite look and arresting design. You may pick the perfect color that best fits your taste and bring in that stylish vibe in your living room or bedroom area. Just get two 12” x 16” (30.5 x 40.5 cm) pillow forms and stitch out this crochet pattern to beautify your bland spaces.



Image and pattern by Fiber Flux

5. Party Time Mini Pillow

Freshen up your space! With this pillow’s cheery and sparky design, you’ll definitely jazz up any area that looks dull and bland.  This pattern is perfect to prettify a child’s room or playroom through its bubbly style and gleeful vibe. So if you want to bring some shade of perkiness and take off that dry and pale tones in any area of your house, this party time mini pillow can surely splash a merry vibe.



Image and pattern by Carolyn Christmas on Ravelry 

6. Circle-in-a-Square Motif Pillow

Stitch something fun and use up your yarn stash! This circle-in-a-square motif pillow can be made from your left-over yarns with a variety of colors that you can pick out. It has a classic look but has that modern feels to spruce up any dull area in your home and add up some merry accent to give your house a cheerful tone. With its sweet and endearing design, you’ll surely love to stitch this pattern out.



Image and pattern by Solstrikke

7. Triangles – Geometric Pillow

Give the spaces in your home that perfect makeover! Want to place something eye-catching and striking on your sofas? This triangle pillow has geometric lines and sweet color palette that can steal the eyes and drop that perfect accent to spice up any boring areas in your home. The designer created this pattern for a 40 x 40 cm pillow and the front piece is created with 24 triangles and 6 half triangles.



Image and pattern by This Pixie Creates

8. Halloween Striped Crochet Pillow

Sophisticated and chic! Thinking of something gorgeous to adorn your unexciting areas? This striped crochet pillow might not just be for Halloween with its lovely style and exquisite design. Besides, you can just flip flop this pillow if you want it whether in vertical or horizontal stripes. Sounds cool, isn’t it? This pattern is a removable pillow cover which you can wash anytime.



Image and pattern by Blackstone Designs

9. Floppy Disk Cuddle Buddy

Fall in love with this cutie! With its adorable design, you’ll never go wrong in picking it out. And if you want a pillow that has that sense of charm and sweet vibes, then this pattern will definitely strike your crochet heart. Just place this pretty creation in your bedroom or playroom areas and it will surely spread its charm. So grab your super bulky weight yarn and see how nice-looking it could turn out.  



Image and pattern by Ned and Mimi

10. Black and White Throw Pillow

Black and white tandem can never get out of style! So if you’re a lover of these shades, you better check this pattern out. Besides, the pattern’s designer used alpine stitch that is just easy to learn and easy to work up. This crochet pillow looks classy and fab and if you want to put them on your sofas in your living areas, then their accent and style can definitely prettify.  


A simple crochet pillow can do something grand in our bare spaces and with its well-crafted and fabulous design, you’ll surely see the difference when you place one. No matter how plain it could be you can never deny how its presence can turn a bland area into something really nice. Take a lighted hook in stitching these patterns when using a dark yarn or when working them up in the dark. A crochet light up hook can help you see your stitches clearly and helps you save time. So check out these patterns and grab your yarn and hooks!

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