Free Crochet Patterns to Spruce Up Your Living Area


Shoo that bland flavor away from your living area! All you’ve got to have are the perfect crochet patterns and your favorite yarn and hooks to prettify your dull spots and animate your lonely spaces! With a hand from the craft of crochet, any dry areas can definitely look cheery and a lot more perky. Stir up your creativity with these eye-catching patterns that can take your breath away!



Image and pattern by Ilaria Caliri on Wecrochet

1. Lovestruck Jar Cozy

Give your living area a splash of something gorgeous! By making this modern boho-style jar cozy, your simple containers can surely look chic and pretty. Combined in that perfect yarn shade and ravishing crochet stitch, the flowers you’re going to place in this interesting jar will look prettier than ever. With the top edge polished with a fringe, this lovestruck jar cozy can look totally enticing!



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

2. Bernat Round in Circles Crochet Wall Hanging

Bland wall problems? Stop all the worries! Make your walls look bubbly and merry. This Bernat round in circles crochet wall hanging can definitely do the magic. Navigate the perfect shades that perfectly suits your taste. Yarnspirations’ Bernat Super Value has solids, ombres and heathers. With this wall hanging’s ravishing design and delightful style, any dull walls can surely have life!



Image and pattern by Kitz Knitz

3. The Retro Throw Pillow

Add a shade of sweetness to your living space! Turn your lonely spots into somewhere blithesome and happy. This retro throw pillow’s style and design can make someone’s space a lot more cheerful and chirpy. Made in sweet colors and delightful shades, this lovely pillow can surely make your living areas look bright and sunny! Bring an air of charm to your living space with this retro throw pillow that is definitely a good pick!



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

4. Aunt Lydia’s Wisteria Doily

Want to feel a little bit nostalgic? This enchanting doily will give you that classic feels with a splash of modern chills. Aside from its animated shades, this doily’s bewitching design can easily entice one’s eyes and prettify one’s space no matter how dull. So if you’re torn between having the vintage style or go with an up-to-date design, this pattern is something that you should grab!



Image and pattern by Justyna Srock on Ravelry

5. Home Sweet Home Table Runner

Put a cheerful look on your lonely tables! With a splash of something creative, any simple space can look a lot more interesting than ever! Try to check out this home sweet home table runner that looks classy and stylish. Aside from its neat and tidy look, the details of this creation are definitely wonderful. Bring that classy feels to your home with beautiful pattern that looks sharp and arresting. 



Image and pattern by Thoresby Cottage

6. Teddy Bear Pot Cover

Bring an air of cuteness to your home! If you’re fond of plants and a lover of crochet as well, this pattern is something that will surely suit your taste. Adding this up to your living area can freshen up the atmosphere and lighten up the space. Besides, you could also use this creation as a basket to your kid’s playing area or just a cute container somewhere in their personal spaces. Isn’t this pattern so arresting?



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

7. Bernat Crochet Round Fringe Rug

Make your dull floors look delightful and captivating! If you want something that will make your spaces get some splash of wonderful shades, a crocheted rug can do the job well. This Bernat crochet round fringe rug looks amiable and enchanting it can surely beautify your spot and spruce up your space. The rug’s main body is created in single crochet and has an interesting fringe to add a more amazing feels.



Image and pattern by Rebecca Langford of Yarn+Chai

8. Mosaic Floor Pouf

Get classy and fancy! With this mosaic floor pouf on your space, the air of elegance and grandeur can surely splash a ravishing vibes in your living area and empty space. You’re going to need two different yarn in making this delightful creation. Chunky #5 yarn is perfect for the base color of your pouf. And to create the mosaic pattern on the sides, a different colored yarn is also required.



Image and pattern by Rebecca Langford of Yarn+Chai

9. Mason Jar Cover

Create a fancy and classy effect in your living area! Embellish your home with the ravishing vibes this crochet pattern can do. Make your space look a lot more chic and stylish during the day with the lovely looks of this creation. And when you want something to make your area look eye-catching and exquisite at night, just turn off the light and let the tea light splash some exceptional vibes.



Image and pattern by Kamila Silcock

10. Eureka Mandala

Prettify your empty walls! The dazzling beauty of this pattern can definitely give a magical effect in your bland wall spots and can tug anyone’s eyes with its wonderful details and exceptional vibes. This lovely pattern is written for one size and the size of the finished mandala depends on the yarn and hooks you used. Besides, to make this pattern a lot easier, this pattern’s designer has provided pictures to explain the difficult stitches that you there could be.


Giving your living area a more dashing look can surely give a refreshing feeling to anyone at home. Other than that, crocheting these delightful decorations can add so much beauty to any bland spots you have in your living room. The awesome pattern above are just some of the many patterns out there that can prettify your space. And in creating these wonderful creations, a perfect crochet tool can make your crochet experience a lot more remarkable and exciting.  Use a light-up crochet hook to see your stitches clearly and if you want to get rid of those yarn tangles and knots, a yarn holder can surely give a hand. Keep on stitching!

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