Free Crochet Patterns to Decorate Your Home


Animate and brighten up your dull areas with eye-catching home decors through the magic of your yarn and hooks! By just placing the art of our craft to somewhere empty and bland, any space that’s lifeless and colorless will definitely light up. Besides, there are quite a lot of crochet patterns out there that can perfectly spruce up the dull spots in our house areas. Take a look at these dazzling patterns that will turn your empty house spaces into something chic and spectacular.  



Image and pattern by The Inspired Wren

1. Summer Sherbet Crochet Planter

Make your plants look sweet and gorgeous! This sherbet-inspired planter cover will turn your simple-looking plants into something enticing and exceptional. With its bright colors, any lifeless spot will definitely look cheery and will totally light up. So if you have an empty windowsill, vacant tables or any unoccupied areas, let this gorgeous creation make those spots merry, perky and alive.



Image and pattern by Delia Creates

2. Crocheted Floor Cushions

Help yourself to feel cozy and comfortable! These wonderful cushions may look like a grand project but the designer of this classy creation simplified the pattern so any crochet rookie out there can try it. Just the basic stitches and no crocheting in the round and you’re good to go. There’s a little sewing that you must do, but don’t worry, this part is easy to do too. So if you want to relax at home while making it look classy and cool, this pattern is something that you must do.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

3. Bernat Line Up! Crochet Pillow

Add some classy accent to your homes! Got an empty sofa or any sitting area? Make that space a lot more perky and zestful. This Bernat Line-up Crochet Pillow has a fabulous design that looks so fascinating and elegant. Other than that, you may pick the color you want that suits your mood and style.  With this creation’s enchanting design, any bland spots will truly become alive.



Image and pattern by Raffamusa Designs

4. Hexagon Trivet

Bring that shade of beauty inside your kitchen! The designer of this pattern created this nice-looking trivet to match her bee-themed kitchen collection. By just looking at its design and style, one can really tell how simple yet endearing this creation looks like. This pattern’s designer used a knit stitch and waistcoat stitch which are both solid and sturdy stitches. So if you want to bring some cheer and color in your kitchen spaces, grab this pattern and start stitching it today.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

5. Bernat Alize EZ Cloud Sky Crochet Wall Hanging

Get the merry vibes of the clouds inside your house! With this crochet wall hanging’s cheerful feels, any empty wall spaces will definitely look pleasing and perky. Its aesthetic design will be a good addition to your lovely home decors and will turn your bland spots into something happy and cool. Besides, any crochet beginner can totally grab this pattern as it is easy to stitch out and also fun to make.



Image and pattern by Look At What I Made

6. Cosy Flower Rug Pattern

Grab a rug that’s pretty and delightful! If you want to bring some air of beauty on your empty floor, then this creation can surely bring a lot of lovely effects on your ground spaces that seem to look bare and has no flavour. This crochet rug pattern looks so ravishing and gorgeous, it will surely catch anyone’s eyes in just one look. Other than that, the designer of this pattern used three strands of yarn held together to make a strong fabric and a little ombre effect.



Image and pattern by Sincerely Pam

7. Lansdowne Basket

Dress your plants up with something chic and beauteous! Using the simple hdc stitch, this pattern has a wonderful texture that can steal one’s eyes in just a moment. Aside from that, the size of this pattern is easy to customize so you can make it however small and big you like. And if you have an empty spot that need a cheerful vibe, stitch this creation out and it will surely have a shade of life.



Image and pattern by Fiona Field on Cosie Rosie

8. Running Rings Around Granny Jar Cosy 

Got some jam jars that are no longer in use? Grab some LED lights and stitch this awesome pattern to decorate your homes! With its sparkling brightness, any spot will surely look magical and enchanting. You may place these lovely jars in the garden or somewhere outdoor to create a glowing effect that radiates a lot of charm and glamour. They can also look great if you want to place them somewhere in your house that needs a shade of light and glow.



Image and pattern by Sharon Mann on Yarnspirations

9. Red Heart April Flowers Wreath 

Splash an air of beauty to your kitchen windows and front doors! This pretty and colourful wreath will undoubtedly exude that enchanting vibes to your bland doors and lifeless kitchen windows. All you have to do is wrap the wreath form in yarn and crochet those arresting flowers depending on the colors that suit your taste and mood. Aside from being fun to make, this pattern is easy to stitch out as well.  



Image and pattern by Karin Åshammar/Virklust on Ravelry

10. Rustic Ridge 

Want to bring some life and splash a drop of cheer on your bland tables? Take a look at this Rustic Ridge pattern that looks so endearing and marvelous. This classy and aesthetic table runner is made with a cotton yarn in aran weight and has a finished size of approximately 12 x 39. Besides, the designer of this pattern has provided both the written instructions and a chart and the length of the table runner can be easily customized.


Decorating our homes brings so much life in our empty spots and dull areas. All thanks to our craft we can personally spruce up our home spaces the way we want. Above is a list of patterns that can definitely bring a lot of cheer to our bland home areas and can make our home a lot more cheery and vibrant.

Other than that, make your crocheting a lot more fun and comfortable by using a light up hook to see your stitches clearly and by keeping your yarn balls tangle-free with the help of a yarn holder. Happy stitching!

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