Free Crochet Patterns for Your Next Project


Can’t keep yourself from getting enticed by your yarn and hooks? Well, who says it’s easy to stop? As we can’t just get enough of our yarn balls, we can’t resist getting lured by crochet patterns too! The list could be endless. All we have to do is pick out that perfect pattern that tugs our heart and suits our taste. It doesn’t have to be solved like a riddle, below is the list of free patterns you can surely enjoy making.  



Image and pattern by Sugar Bee Crafts

1. Crocheted Yo-Yo Pillow

Getting fond of pillows these days? Try to check out these fascinating pattern that will surely prettify your house spaces. This creation can put off that bland shade in your house areas and add up that classy feels in your homes. Besides, its fabulous design can splash out a tone of zest that can add a lot of flavour to our gloomy spaces. With its variety of colors, any lifeless area will definitely look alive and vivacious!



Image and pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

2. Crochet V-Stitch Rainbow Blanket

Want to try a new stitch that’s easy to master? The v-stitch could be the one that you want to pick. Besides, a row of v stitches can look like a zigzag that can easily catch one’s eyes. And not just that, you may switch the colors that you like in every row and make blocks of wonderful colors or eye-catching stripes. So, if you want to add up another project to your lovely blanket stack, this pattern is the perfect one to grab.  



Image and pattern by Knotions

3. Tulip Potholder

Create something that’s aesthetic and creative! This tulip potholder is a perfect project you’ll surely want to try. It’s an endless square that you can flourish into a baby blanket or even a large square throw that you’ll definitely love. Besides, you may go for any color palette that pleases your eyes along with a 100% cotton yarn if you want to make a pot holder out of this one. If you’ve got a bunch of yarn stash, this pattern can surely help you out.  



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

4. Patons Striped Crochet Tote Bag

Been thinking of that project that can make you look chic and fab? Just stop searching and check out this pattern that can surely make your jaw drop. This nice-looking project can carry all your essentials while making you look lovely and fab. Besides, this beautiful creation is made out of Patons Hempster that can guarantee your project to last. So just get your hooks from where they are and look gorgeous with this lovely project you will surely enjoy and love.



Image and pattern by All About Ami

5. Star Stitch Pouches

Who doesn’t love the looks of star stitches? They have that magnetic design that look so delightful and can create that sense of style that’s truly enticing and exceptional. And with their awesome appearance, a simple pouch can surely look matchless and special. More than that, we’d always need a small bag to put our things in, right?  So, stitching out this pattern is useful and practical.  



Image and pattern by Christine Naugle of Sweet Potato 3

6. Crochet Pocket Hotpad

Are you that person who’s a total kitchen buddy? Well, I have no doubt you’ll surely fall in love with this crochet project! Aside from its practicality, the added pocket is definitely a plus. Just put your other kitchen essentials in it and they can easily be grabbed. Moreover, this simple yet exquisite creation can be that perfect present for that special someone who always sees cooking as a way of life.



Image and pattern by Lindsay Obermeyer on LBO Art Studio

7.  Floral Dishcloth

Bring something that looks pretty into your kitchen space! This floral dishcloth isn’t just your ordinary linen that can dry your dishes or wipe your wet surfaces. Its nice-looking design can also exude so much life in your cooking area and can animate any spot with its bright colors and ravishing style. Not just that, it is quick to make with just the basic crochet stitches in rounds!  



Image and pattern by Megan Meyer on Ravelry

8. Beach Glass Placemats

Want something refreshing to brighten up your table? A good-looking placemat can do so much in making your every meal more scrumptious and fun. Like this beach glass placemat that has a beauteous design! Not to mention the variety of pleasing colors that can surely entice one’s eyes and can spread a lot of good vibes in your dining area. Have a more memorable and happy meal with this pretty creation!



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

9. Caron Zigzag Time in Crochet Shawl

 Look definitely stunning! A plain outfit won’t get bland at all with the help of an eye-catching shawl. With its irresistible charm, any get up can look fab especially with this Caron Zigzag Time in Crochet Shawl that looks so gorgeous and awesome. If you feel that you look too plain, this crochet project will always be there to save! Besides, keeping yourself warm while looking exceptional will surely make you feel great.



Image and pattern by Cherry Heart

10. Crochet Basket Tutorial 

Need a home for your little stuffs? How about crocheting a simple basket that will also beautify your house? This crochet basket tutorial used basic crochet stitches that any crochet rookie can enjoy and try.  Moreover, you may want to spruce up this basket with little ribbons and cute appliques that can easily catch one’s eyes.  With its sweet and cute design, this crochet project can surely entice!


We can’t just get enough of our craft, are we? New patterns and new projects can always excite our creative senses and before we know it, we’ve already grabbed our yarn and hooks to make them. Besides, crocheting can really get addictive, isn’t it? Not even the dark can ever stop us from stitching. A light up crochet hook will always be there to save! And when our yarn balls get tangled, a yarn holder can make everything a piece of cake. Keep on stitching!

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