Free Crochet Patterns for Things That You Can Use At Home


Are you searching for those perfect patterns that could be of good use at home? Household items are one of the most interesting patterns any crocheter could stitch! Aside from their practicality, letting these stuffs hit our yarn and hooks can add a splash of personal touch at our very own abode.  Besides, we can pick any shades that would fit our space and bring some animation in our bland spots! Doesn’t that sound so exciting? Check the list below and let your home areas be prettified with a different glow!



Image and pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

1. Crochet Cat Paw Chair Socks

Protect your floors from scratches! Cover the legs of your chair with some splash of creativity and charm. Instead of having those frightful scrapes on your floors, why not have these adorable crochet socks that can save your grounds from those unpleasant marks? Aside from its endearing style and irresistible design, your space can also look exquisite and totally nice!



Image and pattern by Rose Langlitz on Ravelry

2. Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover

Away from those hurts and burns! Save your fingers from getting all those unnecessary scorch and sores. Make your skillet even look more fascinating with some additional shades that can surely add some drops of animation in your kitchen space. Apart from escaping the heat of cast iron pans, you can also make your kitchen item look even more interesting and exceptional.



Image and pattern by Raffamusa Designs

3. Honeycomb Bread Bag

Want to keep your bread from being soggy? Let them stay fresh with this creative bread bag that’s totally awesome and lovely. Paper bags and plastic may sound nice, but if this yummy food don’t have any space to breathe, the bread won’t last the longer time we desire. With this innovative bag, you can save your bread from being chewy and hard. It can be tightly closed but can still breathe so we can savor its taste the next day we want.



Image and pattern by Paintbox Yarns on Love Crafts

4. Tidy Up Storage Basket

Who doesn’t want storage baskets? With the many stuffs we can place inside, our things can definitely look so organized.  Besides, with the aesthetic design and the pretty style they have, they can look so decorative and beauteous wherever you place them up. You can even use one to beautify your plant and let its beauty exude a sense of elegance wherever you want.



Image and pattern by Amelia Makes

5. Trevi Hand Towel

Grab a lovely towel to take some space in your kitchen spot! Though these kind of stuffs might go quite unnoticed sometimes, their roles in our daily kitchen routines are really big and much. So aside from having some plain towels just hanging around, you can get more artistic by stitching out something that can break the tones of being bland. Add some perky shades in your kitchen area with this trevi hand towel that can give your space a happy splash.  



Image and pattern by Snappy Tots

6. Scrubby Duster

Getting crazy from all the dust that’s lying around your house? Get your yarn and hooks ready to shoo them out! Aside from having those duster sheets, why not make one that you can just easily wash up. Besides, with all the shades out there that you can pick out, you can make yours as personal as you want. Other than that, isn’t this little project so useful and practical that you’d surely want to have one now?



Image and pattern by Sewrella

7. Betty’s Harlequin Placemat

Make your dining table look more animated than ever! Get rid of those plain table mats and replace them with this eye-catching pattern that’s totally irresistible and sensational! Isn’t it more exciting to have these cheery-looking mats around your meals as they add a lot of colours and glees as you share some talks with your family? With their delightful design, your family moments can definitely be more memorable and exceptional!



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

8. Bernat Welcome Home Crochet Rug

Bring smiles to your feet! Gorgeous rugs can really do something to splash an air of style and beauty to our bland spaces. This welcome home crochet rug can do a lot better! Going beyond what a lovely design can do, it doesn’t just have a classy look but with the quality of yarn used, it can give you that comfy feels and relaxing mood. Welcome your guests with this enticing beauty just right your door!



Image and pattern by In The Yarn Garden

9. Feeling of Spring CAL

Let your tables grab that gorgeous style! Wipe away the blandness and stitch out this delightful pattern that can beautify your empty tables and spruce up your space. Designed with lovely details of lace, leaves and flowers, this fantastic creation is definitely a head-turner!  The finished size of this gorgeous creation is 32cm W x 92cm and you’ll be needing 300g or 6 skeins of 100% cotton yarn to stitch out this lovely work.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

10. Red Heart Toy Pocket Wall Hanging 

Take away the clutter and clean up the mess! Got perky kiddos at home? Let their toys be kept to somewhere organized and lovely! With all their hype and joy, having all the mess around is totally normal and unavoidable. Put their stuffs together in this eye-catching toy pocket wall hanging where you can just keep the mess out in minutes. Grab the perfect shades that suit their room and let their toys be kept organized and all good.


With the magic of our creativity, stitching out some household items is all possible! All we’ve got to have are our yarn and hooks and that perfect pattern we’ve been wanting to do. And in making these useful creations, awesome crochet tools can make your crochet hours a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. Grab a crochet light hook so you can see your stitches clearly and get a yarn holder so you can crochet faster without all the knots and tangles! Happy stitching!

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