Free Crochet Patterns for Pouches and Purses


Don’t you have any idea where to store your mini kinds of stuff when going out? Keep your little somethings into something gorgeous and chic! Pouches and purses can totally do the magic. Besides, what can keep our crochet fingers from doing all the art and spell? Our imagination and creativity can make us do fantastic things. Check out these free crochet patterns for pouches and purses that can make us look eye-catching and fab!



Image and pattern by Raffamusa Designs

1. Desert Cacti Zipper Pouch 

Store your things into something aesthetic! This sunset landscape will surely lead you into making something spellbinding and captivating. And if you’re getting a bit panic-stricken with its difficulty, just relax and chill. The designer of this pattern has spotted an easy way to make this masterpiece by Atelier Sopra’s method. So if you want to try tapestry crochet, this Desert Cacti Pouch is surely a thing to pick. 



Image and pattern by Mikaela Bates on Vivid Kreations

2. Granny Square Pouch 

Want to keep your earbuds safe into something endearing and gorgeous? Your granny square can go a long way! With this ravishing pattern, a simple square can keep your little treasure into something creative and beauteous.  It only takes just a piece of your time and then, voila! You can now keep your little stuff into this creative pattern anyone will surely adore.



Image and pattern by Yarn & Hooks

3. Crochet Star Stitch Wallet or Pouch 

Spruce up the look of your pouch or wallet! With an enchanting face a star stitch can give, anyone who lays his eyes on this creation will surely get bewitched. The designer of this pattern has a step-by-step tutorial that you can check out whenever you want to make this masterwork. Besides, this pattern works up so fast with just the use of basic star stitch techniques. So get your yarn and hooks and start stitching out this charming project.



Image and pattern by Iva Kocourek on Ravelry

4. Linen Stitch Zipper Coin Purse

Make a stylish home for your coins! This fancy creation does not just keep your coins in place, its fabulous style, and gorgeous design can also make you look chic and sharp. With its easy-to-adjust size, you can easily pick the measurements you like. Besides, with the lovely stitch it has, this pattern is that new project you’re going to love. Check out this pattern and you’ll surely finish a gorgeous one.



Image and pattern by Craft-Her

5. Beaded Mini Crochet Drawstring Pouch

Do you love both crochet and beads? This pretty pattern will surely tickle your artistic side out! Aside from that, who can resist the charming design of this project? Anyone who lays his eye on it will surely get enticed. So if you’re looking for a souvenir pouch or for that simple token of remembrance, this project is a good choice you can pick out. How about your little jewelries? This drawstring pouch can surely give a hand.  



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

6. Bernat Monogram Crochet Pouch

Stitch out a beauteous pouch for your hooks and more! Want to keep your crochet tools in place or those pens and pencils that are just lying around your home? Check out this dazzling project that totally looks endearing and cool! The tassels in this project bring in a lot of charm and the varying colors look dreamy and cool. What’s more, the pretty stitch makes this project a lot more aesthetic and fashionable. 



Image and pattern by Lakeside Loops

7. Blythe Bunny + Bear Crochet Purses

Give your little ones some little cuties that will make them smile! These sweet-looking purses are perfect to fit your kids’ outfit and perfect to keep their little stuff organized. Moreover, this pattern is a cute project any crochet rookie can try. The charming appearance of these bunny and bear purses can surely steal any child’s heart. So if you’re looking for that lovely gift for a little one, this project is a nice pick to start.



Image and pattern by Meghan Makes Do

8. The Landry Pouch 

Looking for some pouch that looks aesthetic and creative? Try checking out this Landry pouch that can keep your craft supplies in place and organized. This pattern’s designer has given a tutorial for tapestry crochet just in case you’re not familiar with the tapestry crochet technique thus far. Besides, its dazzling design and fantastic style can definitely sprinkle a lot of creativity to your crochet hours.



Image and pattern by Salty Pearl Crochet

9. Easy Boho Crochet Purse

Want to look fab and chic? This Boho Crochet Purse is that creation that can definitely make you look gorgeous and nice. Besides, this crochet pattern is perfect for any crochet rookie out there with just the magic of classic double crochet in hand. All you’ve got to have is a 90-minute time and voila! Your gorgeous project is now ready to make you look stylish and awesome.



Image and pattern by Sarah Truesdell on E'claire Makery Blog

10. Bobble Notions Bag 

Can’t keep your hooks in one place all the time? Maybe, it’s now time to store them in one spot! Check out this charming pattern that looks super pleasing to the eyes. With bobble stitches around, this zippered crochet pouch looks really pretty and exceptional. You may also use this stylish creation to keep your makeup or other essentials. Or maybe, hand it out as a gift to your friends and loved ones. And for sure, they will really get mesmerized.


Creating pouches and purses is one of the most fun things to do in our crochet hours. Aside from that, they’re not only amusing to stitch out but they are also very practical and awesome. We can keep our little stuff in them and look gorgeous at the same time.

Use a light-up hook to stitch these creations out so you can see your stitches even in the dark. And if you want to tame your yarn, a yarn holder can surely help you out. Keep on hooking!

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