Free Crochet Patterns for Last- Minute Gift Ideas


Want to give those bunch of special people your perfect handmade gifts? Well, you might be thinking you’re running out of time to stitch out those crochet creations. But hey, don’t panic and have no fear!  Perfect presents don’t always need to take long and be that complicated. Take out your yarn and hooks and check out these patterns that are quick and easy to make.



Image and pattern by Krista Cagle on Easy Crochet

1. Free Puff Crochet Headband

Make someone look gorgeous and stylish! With this creation’s pretty design, your recipient will totally love its awesome style. This gift is perfect for cold seasons and will make someone look fab even when the weather is fine. This pattern’s designer used Wool-Ease Thick & Quick from Lion Brand Yarn that works up so fast. Besides, any crochet rookie can surely try this one.  



Image and pattern by Lonemer Creations

2. Smiley Keyring Pattern

Create this irresistible cutie! This wonderful crochet project can surely hit it on time for that special day. Besides being little and tiny, this crochet creation is so quick and easy to work up with. Its charming design can truly entice anyone who is going to receive this special creation as a gift. Aside from that, you can stitch out a bunch of this project if you’re planning to give the whole family these adorable handmade gifts.  



Image and pattern by The Magic of Crafting

3. Zigzag Bracelets

Give something charming and sweet! Aside from being colourful and chic, these bracelets can definitely make someone look trendy and fab. Not to mention that these accessories are allergy-free and work up so fast. You can make them in colors you want so they can be matched in any outfit that anyone might like to wear up. This project uses a combination of doubles so any beginner will surely enjoy making these ones.



Image and pattern by Moogly

4. Planting Seeds Flower Pot Cozy and Card

Is someone you know crazy about plants? Of course, these greens are undeniably charmers. Plants can spruce up any dull space and make your area more refreshing and cool than ever. So try stitching this pattern out and gift it to someone who wants some greenery to brighten their house. Besides, this pot cozy is so gorgeous anyone will surely get enticed. Not including the sweetness of your personal touch that can surely warm one’s heart.



Image and pattern by Just Be Crafty

5. Woodland Cottage Crochet Dishcloth

Whoever gets tired of dishcloths? Aside from being that useful and practical, they look so aesthetic and lovely as well. Like this woodland cottage crochet dishcloths that are so creative and nice. With their wonderful stitch and awesome design, any recipient will surely love how appealing are these ones. All mommas who love to stay in the kitchen will appreciate these handmade creations stitched out in love.



Image and pattern by Just Be Happy Life

6. Coin Purse

Gift someone with something endearing and delightful! A little something can do so much when it’s done with hard work and love. This coin purse project is perfect for your girlfriends and mommas. Aside from looking so eye-catching and lovely, this creation will surely help them day after day. Make them remember you every minute with this beautiful project that looks gorgeous and lovely!



Image and pattern by Bella Coco Crochet

7. Crochet Nesting Baskets

Spruce up someone’s home with this crochet nesting baskets! These pretty creations can be used to house those stuffs that are lying around one’s home. They can be great organizers and with their nice-looking style and ravishing design, they can be wonderful decors too. They may place them on their living area or put some greens on one them or some essentials on the other. So stitch this pattern out and make someone smile on a special day!



 Image and pattern by Kirsten Holloway Designs

8. Flower Blossoms Free Crochet Face Scrubbies

Stitch something that is pretty and functional! Your girlfriends will definitely get lured with these creations’ awesome design and very chic style. This pattern’s designer used tensel yarn that is great for your skincare routine and very smooth for anyone’s skin.  Besides, these creations can easily dry up and are perfect to use as cleansing pads or make-up removers. So if you’re thinking of an easy project to make, this one surely stands out.



Image and pattern by Megan Meyer of Left in Knots

9. Crochet Harry Potter Inspired Bookmarks

Rejoice Potterheads! This crochet Harry Potter inspired bookmarks will totally be a hot pick for anyone who loves the movie series. So if you know a loved one or a friend who does, maybe it’s time to stitch this pattern out. Besides, you have to know what house do they side, with that, you’ll get your gift to be a lot more personalized. Not just that, any bookworm would surely love to get a handmade bookmark!



Image and pattern by Crochet Dreamz

10. 4 Hour Crochet Baby Boy Blanket

Wrap your little one with your touch of love! A crochet blanket doesn’t have to take a lot of long hours just to get the job done. Check out this awesome project that would only take you 4 hours to finish a wonderful blanket for that tiny sweetie you’ve got. Pick a yarn that would make your babe feel cozy, comfortable and warm. Gift someone with this awesome creation. A handmade present will always have that sense of special touch. 


Special presents do not need to take a lot of time to get them done. All you have to do is find that perfect pattern that’s quick and easy to make and stitch them out with your magic touch. Your love for your recipient will surely defy time. And for you to finish your projects that easy and quick, find a light up crochet hook so you can see your stitches clearly. Besides, a yarn bowl will totally be a timesaver you should definitely have! Keep on with your yarn and hooks!

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