Free Crochet Patterns for Home Décor Ideas


Want to splash a shade of eye-catching accents in your home? Your yarn and hooks can definitely help! You may want to crochet wall hangings, decorative rugs or any other crochet creations that can spice up your interior design. There’s quite a long list of crochet projects that you can stitch out so you can style up your house. Here are some home décor ideas that can give a charm to your dull space and can also be made as heart-warming gifts to weddings and housewarmings. Besides, our crochet works can surely bring out the zest and animate our homes.



Image and pattern by Knot Bad

1. World Turtle Succulent Holder

Bring more life to your succulent plants! This pattern is a perfect and enticing way to bring out that peppy charm of your succulents. The pattern’s designer got his idea from the mythology of the World turtle like a creature that carries the world on its back. Isn’t that something creative? Place this creation anywhere you like and it’ll surely blasts an eye-catching design in your house.



Image and pattern by Föndrari af lífi og sál

2. Crochet Jar Cover

Do your jars look lifeless and dull? Give them some spice by creating this pattern that can bring a cheerful look and eye-catching style to your jars. This creation will not just help you get away from that simple jar vibe but will also give your home that classy tone and elegant feels. Want your home to bring that kind of hype? Then this pattern is worth the try!



Image and pattern by Petals to Picots

3. Summer Spiral Crochet Coasters

Who doesn’t love beautiful coasters? Aside from being of help inside the house, they also take your home décor to a whole new look of charm and class. They bring that shade of creative aura and adorable style to your kitchen or to wherever you like to place them on. This summer spiral crochet coasters are so gorgeous and striking they will surely bring that refreshing look to your home décor and interior design.  



Image and pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

4. Crocheted Spring Wreath

Visually sweet and enticing! Those pretty flowers may look like a lot of work but the designers says you can work them up in a matter of minutes. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Not to say those happy colors are so delightful and fascinating! Give your home a spark of charm with this lovely creation. This crochet project will absolutely brighten up your home with its nice look and eye-catching beauty.



Image and pattern by Melarossa Creazioni

5. Amigurumi Succulents

Nothing beats the charm of this arresting succulents. They may look simple but the beauty they exude to bring your home that wonderful style is undeniable. Put these enchanting creations anywhere you like and they will not fail to jazz up your home and embellished that unsophisticated part of your house. So if you want to splash some freshness in your home design, this crochet work can surely give a hand.



Image and pattern by One Dog Woof

6. Woven Crochet Wall Hanging

Give your walls some shade of brightness with this DIY crochet wall hanging. With its creative design and classy look, this crochet creation can totally push away the dullness of your blank walls and can bring a lot of fancy vibes in your home. This crochet project looks chic and sophisticated and can be a perfect gift for all special occasions. Give your house a wonderful make over with this stunning crochet work.



Image and pattern by Sweet Everly B

7. Simple Crochet Rug Pattern

Simple as it seems but this crochet rug pattern can bring an elegant vibe and striking accent in your house. Other than being useful and practical, this lovely creation can give your home that sense of style. You may pick a color that you like and bring that fascinating spark in your home. Just place this crochet project anywhere it suits, and you’ll definitely be happy you created one.



Image and pattern by Kirsten Ballering of Haak Maar Raak

8. Parallel Pillow

Pillows are one of the many brilliant ways to decorate our homes. They are undeniably superb in giving our house that trendy look and unquestionably incredible in turning our living rooms into something dreamy and fabulous. This crochet creation has striking colors and dazzling design to brighten up your house anywhere you like. Level up your home décor with this crochet project that can surely give your house that gorgeous style.



We all love to turn our homes into something astounding and elegant. Who doesn’t want to live in a house that looks so classy and nice? These crochet creations are just a few from the many list of crochet home decors that we can make to give our home that sense of style. Use crochet light up hooks so you can see your stitches even in the dark and finish that crochet home décor even at night. So get on with your yarn story and stitch that perfect home décor idea and brighten up your house.

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