Free Crochet Patterns for Halloween


Trick or treat!

Are you getting thrilled of stitching out something spooky? Have a spook-tacular Halloween celebration and get your yarn and hooks ready to stitch out something cute and scary! Besides, who wouldn’t want to keep away all the dull and bland this holiday anyway? So time to get those sweet treats in a creative crocheted treat bowl and transform your house into the spookiest home ever!  Check out these fabulous crochet patterns that can definitely bring a lot of spice to your Halloween day!



Image and pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

1. Crochet Halloween Black Cat Wreath

Who can resist this sweetie? Decorating your home with this aesthetic crocheted wreath can surely be fun and eerie! With the mash up of crochet and other crafty stuffs, this crochet Halloween black cat wreath creation can perfectly come together. Besides, who wouldn’t get enticed with the charm of this cutie cat and adorable spider? So spruce up your home and do something spooky!  



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

2. Red Heart Sugar Skull Garland

Scary and fab! Want to decorate your home with something wicked and pretty? Check out this fabulous garland with animated shades from Red Heart Super Saver. With its gorgeous looks, this creation can definitely spread delightful Halloween vibes around your home. Well, this artistic work only proves you can decorate your space with all beauty with no petrifying air. So start stitching out something gorgeous today with this lovely pattern.



 Image and pattern by Rhea Papellero on Crafty Guild

3. Halloween Pumpkin Coaster

Spice up your kitchen with Halloween feels! This crochet creation doesn’t just look cute! It can also spread that eerie air wherever space you place it to. Besides, you can never underrate its vibes of spreading that Halloween mood in your home.  With its pumpkin power, the Halloween energy it gives out is truly delightful. Aside from that, this crochet pattern is also very easy to make. So just let yourself get enticed with this crochet work.



Image and pattern by Drops Design

4. Trick or Treat Crochet Basket

Want to go on trick or treating? All the kids around will definitely love all the candies this holiday. Put a smile on their faces by creating this awesome crochet basket to keep all their sweets. With its nice and simple design, they’ll definitely love this creation to house their sugary treats.  Just make sure you stitch it out with the shades of Halloween and this pumpkin colors will definitely charm them.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

5. Lily Sugar'n Cream Scary Gary Crochet Dishcloth

Who wouldn’t get charmed with this adorable cutie? All the children around the house will surely find him cute and charming. This crochet creation can animate your homes this holiday and can definitely make all the kids in your house enthralled and enchanted. So why not get your yarn and hooks ready? Spread that cute Halloween air with the help of sweet Scary Gary.  



Image and pattern by Briana Olsen on Ravelry

6. Pumpkin Jar Cozy

Spruce up your homes with a shade of beauty this Halloween! With this gorgeous pumpkin jar cozy, your house spaces can truly look amazing. You may want to put your treats in this lovely creation and gift someone this holiday. This fabulous cozy is quick to make and with its fabulous shade, this creation can also be a perfect Fall table decoration to spruce up your bland areas this season.



Image and pattern by Meredith Crawford on  One Social Girl

7. Pumpkin Treat Bowl 

Thinking of gifting a cute kiddo this Halloween? Better check out this adorable pumpkin treat bowl to get that perfect container for your treats. With its very charming pumpkin design, any kids would surely get enticed with this lovely present. Besides, the designer of this pattern says this could keep a secret candy stash even after the Halloween! This wonderful crochet art would make a lovely decoration as well. It looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?  



Image and pattern by Divine Debris

8. Witch Hats Crochet Earrings

Time to get witchy! Get fab with these witch hats crochet earrings! These lovely creations are just quick and easy to make. So if you want to get stylish, these crochet work will never fail to make you look fab and classy. Their enchanting design has that elegant effect and their beauteous style are just so captivating. Get dress up this Halloween and let these sexy crochet earrings do the work!



Image and pattern by The Crafter Life 

9. Halloween Sucker Saver

Are your kids lollipop lovers? You’ll surely have fun in making this wonderful crochet project! This creation was made to save unfinished lollipops for later. Other than that, who could resist these cute lollipop covers when you give them out this holiday? This pattern’s designer created this pattern to fit standard lollipops may it be flat or sphere. Isn’t this pattern so exciting? Their charming design can surely put a smile to all kids!



Image and pattern by Allison Hoffman on Crafty is Cool 

10. Baby Monsters

Make the Halloween spirit alive in your homes! It’s time to glam up your house with brilliant spooky elements that can surely spruce up your spaces. But maybe, not that something scary, just check out these adorable cutie monsters which can surely spread so much charm in your homes. Besides, these sweet creations can also be a perfect gift to any kiddos out there. They’ll surely have that spook-tacular Halloween ever!


Spooky decorations, cute costumes and sweet treats are just one of the many things that make Halloween fun and remarkable. And of course, our yarn and hooks will not just sit in the corner and watch. Our craft can do a lot to make this holiday memorable and fun. And in stitching out these lovely creations this holiday, a light up crochet hook can surely make a difference! Plus, if you don’t want your yarn balls to get tangled a yarn holder can definitely tame them! Spread the beauty of our craft. Keep on stitching!



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