Free Crochet Patterns for Granny Square Projects


Not sure what to do with your finished squares? Here’s the good news! You don’t have to take that long to take your squares into that gorgeous afghan idea. Besides, there are lots of crochet projects you can actually create out of a granny. The ideas are plenty! So if you’re about to begin your crochet journey, a granny square can take you somewhere lovely. So take your yarn and hooks and take your skills to that whole new level with these awesome and free patterns for granny square projects.



Image and pattern by Mama In A Stitch 

1. Modern Granny Square Crochet Potholder

Let your squares take over the kitchen! Create something that has that classic feels with a trendy vibe with this modern granny square crochet potholder. With these cute little nine squares, you’ll get to stitch a lovely kitchen buddy that can surely give a fabulous accent in your cooking area. So take your worsted weight yarn and size G crochet hook and stitch out this incredible crochet project idea.



Image and pattern by Cream of The Crop Crochet

2. Granny Square Bag Crochet Pattern

Get stylish and modish! Granny squares may have had that vintage feels but they can also be turned into something sharp and chic. This pattern’s designer created this gorgeous bag from multiple granny squares with the simple handle made from single crochet stitch. Using a soft worsted yarn and a hue of your choice, you can definitely make an on-the-go tote that can make you look good.



Image and pattern by Thoresby Cottage on Underground Crafter

3. Flower Clutch

Who says you can’t add another pouch to your bag collection? Any lady can never have enough! And if you want something that looks pretty and floral, check out this aesthetic and gorgeous flower clutch pattern that can surely entice your eyes. This pattern’s designer used a repeat motif just sewn together in creating this pretty project. If you got lots of colourful scraps, then you better try this pattern out.



Image and pattern by Znooi Craft Corner

4. Crochet Granny Squares Summer Top

Are you new in this crochet journey and a bit scared in trying out new projects? Don’t hesitate! Try this pattern out and get amazed on how beautiful this project can turn out. The designer of this pattern created this lovely project out of 22 full squares, 4 shaping squares and 4 half squares. You may pick your own colors from your yarn scraps, stitch this pattern out and voila, you can now have this adorable crochet top.



 Image and pattern by Lullaby Lodge

5. The Sunflowers Scarf Pattern 

Are you crazy about sunflowers? Then this crochet scarf can definitely tug your heart out. With the inspiration from Van Gogh’s famous painting, this pattern’s designer created this sunflowers scarf from 100% new wool that’s perfect for autumn and winter. She joined 12 sunflower granny squares together and placed lovely tassels at the ends. Besides, this crochet project is a perfect last-minute gift idea for anyone you love. 



Image and pattern by Sweet Bee Crochet

6. Granny Bobble Wall Hanging

Place a stunning décor on your bland walls! With this wonderful wall hanging, any dull space can have that eye-catching look. All you have to do is stitch some granny squares with some bobbles on it and find a small branch somewhere and presto! Your naked walls can now have a new look. If you’re an absolute crochet beginner, no need to worry, the pattern’s designer has some tutorials for you.  



Image and pattern by Victoria from Vika Moka on This Little Street

7. DIY Mini granny square crochet baskets

Need some baskets to put your things into? Get your yarn and hooks and stitch this mini square crochet baskets where you can place your small stuffs in. What you will need are 5 granny squares with 5 rounds each and turn them into a cube and the process goes on. What’s more is you can pick as many colours as you want and add some personal touch for this crochet project then bingo!



Image and pattern by Lullaby Lodge

8. Granny Square Beanie

Running out of time in getting that special gift? Give something handmade! With this granny square beanie that’s quite fast and easy to stitch out, you’ll never have to worry how you can make your recipient smile. Just get your 4 granny squares ready and work them up with this easy pattern, join them together and stitch the brim and top out. Without you knowing, you’ll find yourself finishing that lovely beanie you’ve been pouring your heart in.  



Image and pattern by Victoria Marchant Knits on Ravelry

9. Henley

Want something cuddly and lovely? This cushion cover can surely make a difference in your dull areas or bland space! Imagine how these small colourful squares can be made up into something dazzling. Besides, you can use whatever yarn scraps you have and make them up into these eye-catching squares that you can join together. So check out your stash and stitch out this lovely pillow that can catch one’s eyes that easy.   



Image and pattern by Eye Love Knots

10. Laceweight Gia Earrings

Look chic and stylish! Let your craft make you look classy and trendy! You can definitely slay the day with these Laceweight Gia Earrings that’s pretty easy to work up and quick to finish. Moreover, these crochet creations are flexible and so lightweight. And you can stitch them out in a variety of colors if you want to but they would also look great with just one shade. This pattern’s designer used plastic canvas to create a frame.


Granny squares are the most popular thing in the crochet world. And maybe, no crocheter can ever get to the next level without trying out a square! Who else hasn’t? Besides, a granny could do a lot more! More than just being a blanket! And the patterns above are just few of the proofs of what a granny could ever be. So grab a lighted hook when crocheting these projects with dark yarn.  A light up crochet hook can help you hit that perfect stitch while seeing your stitches clearly even in the dark.  

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