Free Crochet Patterns for Eye-Catching Blankets


Want to launch that next big project? Get on with your yarn and hooks! Crocheting blankets is one of the most well-liked creations any crocheter could ever stitch out. Aside from their enchanting designs and aesthetic looks, crochet blankets can also be made in a variety of stitch patterns, yarn weight and yarn size.  And if you’ve got no idea yet on what to gift as something endearing, grand and special, then check out these dazzling patterns you’ll surely have something to pick out.



Image and pattern by Mama In A Stitch

1. Equinox Striped Blanket Pattern

Start the magic with a half double crochet stitch! This stylish and contemporary blanket is created with this basic stitch with its captivating looks that can surely entice the eyes. The designer of this pattern used the fading “Canyon Sunset” color and the “Grey Heather” that give this project the most perfect looks that can easily tug the heart. So if you can do the basic half double crochet stitch, this pattern is something you need to start out.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

2. Bernat Staggered Stripes Crochet Blanket

Stitch out something lively that can bring life in the house! If you’re that someone who loves to see colors jive in together, this crochet pattern is something you must pick out. The colourful stripes are like visual dish that can splash a vibe of cheer wherever spot this crochet project can go about. Besides, this crochet pattern is perfect for any crochet rookie out there who’d love to stitch out a blanket that isn’t intimidating but has a lot of beauty at the same time.



Image and pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs

3. Quick and Simple Crochet Pattern

A little intimidated to start a crochet blanket yet? Have a glance at this quick and simple pattern that looks so magical and captivating. It has a variation of stitches that keeps the dull look away but this crochet pattern is repetitive enough so you can go on stitching while watching TV or whatsoever. Besides, you can play with all the colors you want to make your blanket look more personal and distinctive.



Image and pattern by Melanie Ham

4. Crochet Ripple Blanket Free Pattern

Want to have the power of multi-tasking? With this crochet ripple blanket pattern, you can watch all the Netflix series you want while finishing this beautiful project. You don’t have to count that much or get frustrated even when you’re just beginning to crochet. Apart from that, if you’re thinking of giving someone something handmade and special, this creation is something that you might want to pick.



Image and pattern by Felted Button

 5. Citrus Stripe Blanket

Create something fruity! If you are yet a crochet rookie, this crochet pattern is far beyond intimidating. Besides being that, it is easy to adjust the size and dimensions of this crochet project and the striped design it has can be that alluring and arresting. And if you’re looking for that last minute gift for a special event or something, this crochet pattern can totally give some help.



Image and pattern by Sarah Zimmerman of Repeat Crafter Me

6. Crochet Triangle Blanket

Visually pleasing! Aesthetically beautiful patterns don’t have to have difficult stitches to look remarkable and endearing. Like this fascinating project that satisfies the eyes, you don’t have to strain your brain just to create something brilliant and impressive. Take a look at this creative pattern that will definitely light up any dull space or make someone smile when given as a gift.



Image and pattern by Nurturing Fibres

7. Casablanca Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

Who says classic is boring? This Casablanca Crochet Blanket will break that idea with its aesthetic style and bewitching design! The pom-poms give this creation a different kind of dazzle that makes this blanket a lot more endearing and captivating as ever. Aside from the beauty it gives, it’ll surely warm you at night while exuding its beauteous charm wherever you want to place it in your house.



Image and pattern by Potter and Bloom

8. Retro Roses Baby Blanket

Give a treat to your babe! With this sturdy and lovely blanket’s wonderful feel and ravishing design, your baby’s sleeping hours will never get out of style. This textured baby blanket uses the Little Roses crochet stitch which totally looks adorable and easy to make. Besides, this blanket measures 50 cm x 100 cm which you can just modify in any size you like.



Image and pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts

9. Crochet Petal Stitch Crochet Blanket

Bring a different kind of beauty to your bedroom spaces! The crochet petal stitch has that classic vibes that gives this blanket an enticing look and stunning design. This pattern’s designer has provided a video tutorial on how to work on this not-so-beginner-friendly- pattern but will definitely be worth your effort and time. Other than that, if you want to level up your skill and mastered the basics, why not give this pattern a very good try?



Image and pattern by Divine Debris

10. Divine Diamonds Throw  

Grab something beauteous and charming! Though this Divine Diamond Throw may look a bit quite daunting, this pattern’s designer has given everything so you can finish this out with no difficulty. Besides, this crochet project is very easy to customize so you can make this out with whatever taste you like. Also, if you have some scraps, this Divine Diamonds Throw pattern should be something you should pick out.


Crocheting blankets is one of the famous picks in the world of crochet. The above patterns are just a few of the many aesthetic patterns that any crocheter can try if they want to start out that next big project. And if you want to work on these patterns with all comfort and ease, a light up crochet hook and a yarn-holder should be those perfect picks.


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