Free Crochet Patterns for Cool and Cute Appliques


Bring your creations to another level of creativity! A splash of spice to something plain and bland can spruce up your simple bags, blankets, hats or anything that you’d love to have embellishments with. And crochet appliques can do the job so well! Small as they may, they won’t get that much yarn and can even be a very good reason to wipe your stash away. Besides, you don’t need to use up too much time so you can make one. Check out these endearing appliques that can make anything look enchanting and alluring!



Image and pattern by Aki M on Ravelry 

1. Zoe Crochet Flower

Who doesn’t get enticed with the sight of flowers? With their appealing looks, anything that’s dull and lifeless can surely jazz up and brighten. So, if you’ve got some left over yarn, this very simple project can surely be very useful to slash your stash away! Other than that, you don’t have to worry if you just started to get the hang of crochet. This pattern only consists of 2 rounds so they’re just quick and easy to make.



Image and pattern by Jenny Dickens on Ravelry

2. Autumn Berry Flower

Want to add some life to your plain scarves and hats? Let this autumn berry flower do the job! Creating this beauty won’t get you too much yarn, all you’ve got to have is your yarn scraps on hand. Just make sure it’s a light weight worsted yarn and you’re good to go. And don’t forget your H hook too.  With these lovely flowers around, your plain scarves and hats will definitely look alive!



Image and pattern by Crochet 365 Knit Too

3. Crochet Butterfly Pattern

Spruce up anything with these beauties! A single butterfly can bring a lot of cheer and color to anything that’s ordinary and simple. And if you’ve got something that you want to splash some cheer and colors with, this lovely pattern will do you a favor you’ll always want to keep. Besides, this project won’t keep you hours on your seat. Aside from their creative and aesthetic looks, these creations won’t give you a hard time to stitch.



Image and pattern by Sarah Zimmerman of Repeat Crafter Me

4. Crocheted Gingerbread Man Cookie Pattern

Make your Christmas holiday alive! This crocheted gingerbread man cookie is a perfect way to brighten up your celebration even more. You can decorate your kitchen space with the charm of this creation or make it a perfect applique to your apparels to bring the holiday vibes wherever you go. Other than that, you can let these cuties join your presents with their irresistible design and charming looks.



Image and pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts on Ravelry

5. Listen to Your Heart Applique

Jazz up your handmade cards! Bring someone a sparkle of delight with this lovely heart applique that is undeniably fascinating and irresistibly awesome.  This terrific applique has two ways to tug our hearts out. The designer of this pattern created a heart with a heartbeat line in the middle and the other heart was created with a happy face on it. With this creation’s remarkable design, anyone who’s going to receive this will surely have a happy heart.



Image and pattern by Salma Sheriff of Made in Craftadise

6. The Rising Sun

Brighten up your simple creation! The dazzling beauty of this adorable applique can surely strike a sparkling vibe to anywhere you want to put it to. Besides, you may want to place it for a wall décor or take its charm to spruce up your cushions, hats, tops or to anything that needs a better look. Other than that, you don’t have to sweat some hours just to stitch one. Any crochet rookie would definitely be happy to start this out.



Image and pattern by Craft Passion

7. 5 Eye Glasses Crochet Applique

Stitch something fabulous and chic! With these 5 eye glasses crochet appliques, you’ve got a lot of choices to pick. These creations can do so much like they can jazz up your plain clothes, be your stylish bookmarks, endearing keychains or could be one of your amigurumi doll accessories that can make them look more fascinating and delightful.  Besides, with their different and colourful frames, any plain spots can surely look sweet and aesthetic.



Image and pattern by Love the Blue Bird

8. Crochet Owl Pattern

Are you that folk who’s so fond with owls? Then, you’re going to love this wonderful pattern that looks so cute and exceptional. The designer of this pattern used Sugar and Cream cotton yarn with a H/8 - 5 mm crochet hook and crocheted this project tight. If you’ve got some plain totes, clothes, hats or anything where you want to place this lovely creation to, this project is totally perfect for you.



Image and pattern by Next to Nicx

9. Crochet Cherry Pattern

Totally mesmerizing! Have you been trying to find that perfect crochet brooches that can make your clothes a lot more arresting and wonderful? Take a look at this crochet cherry pattern that looks so endearing and lovable. With its tugging charm and aesthetic design, anything that’s dull and plain can surely be alive. All you’ve got to have is a 2.5 mm crochet hook and some yarn!



Image and pattern by Jennifer Dickerson of Fiber Flux

10. Summer Strawberry Applique

Get enticed with this sweet strawberry applique with its fascinating style and refreshing design! Its charming appearance can shoo away dullness and make anything look more outstanding and look more fascinating and always in style. So if you’ve got some simple bags, hats or garments that needs some sprucing up, you’ve got to grab this pattern and start this project out. 


Crocheting appliques could be one of the easiest and fastest crochet project one can always start. With the little yarn it needs, anything from your yarn scraps can do so much. Besides, these creations may look tiny or small, but their power to make anything look more fabulous and gorgeous is totally undeniable.

With wonderful crochet tools to use, anything is almost possible! Use a light-up crochet hook if you’re having a hard time seeing your stitches in the dark or when you’re having troubles crocheting with dark yarn. And if you want to crochet faster with untangled yarn, a sturdy yarn holder can surely give a hand.


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