Free Crochet Patterns for Bedroom Ideas


Have you been thinking of sprucing up your bedroom area? Bring some spice to your personal space! A shade of simple home décor or aesthetic sleeping stuff can make your room sparkle and brighten up. All you’ll need to grab are your yarn and hooks and these eye-catching patterns that can bring a lot of spice to your bland room areas. Check out these lovely projects that you can pick out for bedroom ideas.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

1. Red Heart Coastline Lampshade Cover

Doll up your lampshades! Your simple bed lamps can give more accent to your room. This crochet project will surely prettify your spot and can add some texture to your undecorated light shade. Cover the dullness and sprinkle some cheer to your room spots with this lampshade cover that can make your area more classy and lovely.



Image and pattern by Kristi Simpson on I Like Crochet Network

2. Mandala Burst Pillow

Got a simple seat or a plain couch in your room? Embellish it up with this spellbinding project that can definitely stun. Its dazzling design and enchanting style can certainly do a makeover to your bland areas. Place it up on your bed and let its outstanding appearance make your area look chic and pleasing to the eyes. Make your room bloom and see for yourself how this project will stand out.



Image and pattern by Hooklook / Un crochet par ici on Ravelry

3. Pouf Trop Facile

Add up some charm to your room area! This crochet project will not just adorn your empty spots. It can also be your comfort stuff whenever you like to sit down. Besides, its fancy looks and fashionable style bring some sense of sophistication to your unvarnished area and can easily groom up your naked spots. So get your yarn and hooks and make your room chic and phenomenal.



Image and pattern by  The DIY Mommy

4. T-Shirt Yarn Rug

Perk up your little one’s area! A splash of cheerful colors can easily brighten up a spot. Check out this sparky project that your kiddos will surely love. Its variety of colors can instantly entice their eyes and can add up a lot of cheer in their personal areas. Besides, this pattern is super fun to make and can be that perfect accent that can splash some drops of happiness to your little one’s space.



Image and pattern by Made With A Twist 

5. The Hanging Bedpost Basket

Make your life easy! This hanging bedpost basket is a sure win. If you want your things to keep within easy reach while relaxing in bed, this project is something that you should pick. It can be a home for your eyeglasses or phones when not in use. Sounds so functional, isn’t it? Not to mention you can work this project up for less than an hour so you can stitch this pattern out any time you want!



Image and pattern by Fiber Flux

6. Family Room Throw

Create something gorgeous and eye-catching! Prettify your bedroom area with this beautiful work of art that’s truly creative and aesthetic. With its alluring colors and spellbinding design, your personal space will surely get prettified! You may drape this creation across a sofa or simply embellish your selected spot with this fascinating throw that you’ll surely enjoy stitching out. 



Image and pattern by Salena Baca on Ravelry 

7. All That Chic Throw

Want to make your room look chic? Take a peek at this fabulous creation that can easily catch one’s eyes. With all the variety of colors combined, this dreamy blanket can steal any stage at all times. So if you want to make your personal area a lot more dashing and dazzling than ever, this crochet pattern is a perfect choice that you can grab. So spread some cheer to your favorite spot!



Image and pattern by Two of Wands

8. Daybreak Crochet Tapestry

Animate your bland walls! Go beyond something plain and simple and fill your personal areas with a splash of creativity and art. With this breathtaking and spectacular creation, your room walls will surely be enchanting. Decorate your area with this fascinating project and let your work of art embellish your dull walls.  Stitch out this unique pattern and beautify your rooms.



Image and pattern by Meghan Makes Do

9. The Phoenix Basket

Grab beautiful storage for your bedroom! Keep your things in place and let your stuff find a gorgeous home. This phoenix basket can keep your small bedroom essentials or any other stuff that you want to put in order or anything that you want to organize. With its very creative design, this tapestry crochet project can surely prettify your bland area. 



Image and pattern by Moogly

10. Big Bold Chevron Curtain

Keep your windows alive and animated! A classy curtain can make a lot of difference to turn your simple windows into gorgeous frames. Just keep on adding rows in the pattern if you want to make your curtain a lot longer. Aside from that, its fantastic design can definitely captivate one’s eyes and can surely make your rooms look more impressive and spectacular.


Grooming up our personal spaces can be one of the most relaxing things our yarn and hooks can stitch out. More than that, with the magic of our creative hands, any boring area can turn into something interesting and phenomenal.

Pick these pretty patterns that can transform your boring spots and stitch them out with a pain-free wrist and without straining your eyes out. A lighted crochet hook will help you see your stitches in dim-lit space and even with dark yarn. And if you want to tame your yarn, a yarn holder can certainly help out.

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