Free Crochet Patterns for Bathroom Ideas


Fancy up your bathroom space with the magic of your hooks! Our crochet creations can definitely animate any areas with their gorgeous style and enticing colors. Besides, even a simple pattern can turn our bland areas into a bright spot! But hey, the spell of our craft doesn’t just stop there. Crocheting bathroom accessories can also be fun and exciting!  Not to mention how wonderful and eye-catching these crochet projects could turn out in just a matter of days. So check out these crochet patterns you can start making today!



Image and pattern by Brenda K.B. Anderson on Ravelry

1. Little Washies 

Time to tidy up that little mess! How about taking these cute little washies into your bathroom space and enjoy using them around whenever you want to wash your face or something. Besides, their own awesome basket can keep them all organized and neat. This crochet project can also be a wonderful present you have been planning for someone to get. Their gorgeous design and fantastic style can surely entice and bind a spell.  



Image and pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs

2. Bath Pouf Crochet Pattern

Who wouldn’t get fascinated with this lovely bath pouf? Other than being soft on your skin than those ball of nylon, its lovely design can truly charm one’s eyes. You may pick the palette that you want for a more personalize creation and you’ll surely love how it would look. This pattern is a simple project you can try and finish for an hour. So get your yarn and hooks and check this pattern out.



Image and pattern by Moogly

3. Organization Now

Are you getting tired of seeing your personal stuffs just lying around in your bathroom area? Well, no need to frown! You can keep these bathroom essentials from just lying around your comfort station and tame them off in one area with this wonderful Organization Now! Besides, who wouldn’t want to keep their things in place? It makes the room a lot more groomed and orderly. There’s no need to search for hours for those missing bathroom essentials. This crochet basket can keep them all in one area!



Image and pattern by Lion Brand Yarn on Ravelry

4. Soap Sack

Want a stash busting project that’s quick and easy? Check out this cool and practical pattern you’ll surely enjoy stitching out. This lovely project is made with medium weight yarn with an easy level that any crochet rookie can try.  With a cool loop on top, you can always hang the soap to dry. Besides, you can also use this small bag as your crochet washcloth if you don’t have one.  Pick your own palette and enjoy your crochet hours with this simple project you can always try anytime.



Image and pattern by Kool Stitch

5.  Catherine Wheel Tissue Box Cover

Get enticed with this pattern’s lovely design! Besides its aesthetic style and visually pleasing vibe, this crochet creation will surely be a fun project you can make at any moment you want. Style up your tissue holder and let your bathroom area be more animated and alive. This fabulous tissue box cover can surely make a job well done. So get your yarn and hooks and try this pattern out.



Image and pattern by Yarnmare 

6. Tribal Stripes Bath Mat

Got no mat to place on your bathroom yet? Look no more! This marvellous pattern can definitely shoo away that bland shade in your bathroom area and turn your space into a classy one. With its smashing style and fabulous design, your dull space will no longer be unexciting and dry.  A simple mat can make a long way in keeping any room more festive and bright.



 Image and pattern by Jenny Guldin on Crochet Is The Way

7. Fmelted Plarn Toothbrush Holder

Are you just placing your toothbrushes in simple containers or a simple glass? Maybe it’s time to level up! A gorgeous toothbrush holder can do a lot to spruce up an undecorated space and make it cheery and alive. Take a peek on this awesome pattern and make a fantastic home for your toothbrushes. This fabulous project can surely make your space a lot more perky and full of life.



Image and pattern by Amelia Makes

8. The Trevi Hand Towel

Make freshening up more refreshing! A nice towel can add a lot of invigorating vibe and can set a reanimating mood in the bathroom. And having a fantastic piece of fibre that’s creative and personal can totally be so enjoyable. This easy pattern may only take a few hours for you to work up and any crochet beginner will definitely have fun in making this one. Though this pattern is just made in flat and simple rectangles with no shaping required, the final looks will surely enticed your eyes!


Our bathroom space can look a lot better! And though we focus on embellishing the other areas in our house, having a wonderful comfort area can be very fun. A little adornment can make a lot of difference. So if you’re looking for a new project to start out, check out these wonderful patterns you will surely enjoy stitching out.

Want to make your crochet hours a lot easier and fun? Use a light up crochet hook so you can see your stitches when you use a dark yarn. More, a yarn holder can save you so much time from untangling all the knots of your yarn. Fantastic crochet tools can make your crochet sessions more memorable and awesome.



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