Free Crochet Halloween Patterns to Decorate Your Homes


Bring the fun of Halloween in your homes! Cast that spell that can turn our spaces into something spooky through the magic of our yarn and hooks. Bring the enchantment of this holiday’s spirit by sprucing up your areas with Halloween elements and decorations. Get away from all the dullness and have a spooktacular celebration by splashing the Halloween colors in your homes. Check out these fantastic and enchanting crochet patterns that can surely bring the Halloween spirit in your spaces!



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

1. Red Heart Halloween Jar Cozies 

Keep your sweet treats in these spooky yet adorable creations! With their perfect Halloween colors, their presence in your homes can definitely bring a spell that is just so simply irresistible. Their enchanting design and eerie looks can totally set the holiday’s mood. Besides, these friendly faces won’t just let the kids dig in to your treats, they’ll surely love these charming creations too! Don’t they look so cute? Just get enticed and let your yarn and hooks bring the spell in your homes.



Image and pattern by Annie Design Crochet

2. Halloween Garland

Spread the Halloween Spirit in your home! This crochet Halloween Garland will definitely splash out that eerie vibes you’ve been looking for. With their perky and spooky colors, your house areas can get the most animated décor this holiday. Not to mention the cute and creepy crochet cobwebs that adds the most eye-catching chill in this creation. Hang this spell-binding crochet garland on a window and let that spine-chilling air hover your home.  



Image and pattern by Love To Be In Stitches 

3. Jack Skellington Wreath

Get enticed with this cute and spooky wreath! With this spooky yet adorable creation, your Halloween celebration will never go wrong. Its lovely design and fantastic style can surely awaken this holiday’s spirit and make your Halloween celebration a lot more fun and meaningful. So get that scary air right in front your doors and enjoy stitching out this wonderful creation. Let this Jack Skellington Wreath do the tricks for you.



Image and pattern by Josephine Wu on Ravelry

4. Baby Ghost Ornaments for Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with a BOO! Well, you might not get scared with this charming baby ghost ornaments, but their presence in your homes can definitely blow anyone with their irresistible cuteness! Aren’t you mesmerized and hypnotized with their spell-binding charm? Hang them up in your Spooky Tree this holiday and they’ll surely add a lot of magic in your celebration of Halloween. Besides, these cuties are quick and easy to make! So go on and get your yarn and hooks!



Image and pattern by Divine Debris

5. Be Witchy Wall Hanging

Who can get enough of witches this Halloween? Witches can totally be scary but let’s just take their hats off and take it with us in this bewitching wall hanging. You may want to hang it up on your doors or let it break off your bland walls. Besides, its pretty design and lovely style can totally rock your naked areas and spice up your dull spaces. So if you want something eerie and pretty this scary season, then this creation will totally please you.



Image and pattern by Mark Roseboom on Ravelry

6. Dia de los Muertos CAL

Want something cool and eye-catching to spruce up your homes this Halloween? Check out this exquisite pattern with an inspiration from the traditional Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos. With its intricate and delightful design, your celebration will surely be a lot more fun and cool. This very decorative doily looks so festive it can surely bring colors to your holiday. It doesn’t just steal one’s eye but can truly prettify one’s home.



Image and pattern by Handmade by Raine

7. Crochet Spider Web Tablemat

Bring the Halloween vibes on your tables! This crochet spider web tablemat can surely bring this holiday’s air into another level. You can surely dine with fun and enjoy your food in chills with this fantastic crochet work. You may want to place a cute spider for additional creeps. Besides, placing this spooky yet fabulous creation on your tables can add a lot of colors in your Halloween celebration. Just dig in the fun and get your yarn and hooks.



Image and pattern by Nikki Blankenship on Crochet Adventure

8. Halloween Table Runner

Add more spice in your Halloween celebration with this wonderful Halloween Table runner! Designed with adorable creepy elements, your holiday celebration will never be the same. This crochet work has so much charm and chills that will definitely animate your homes. Besides, its spooky design can really be delightful and fun. So if you want your tables to look alive this Halloween, this pattern could be a perfect pick. 



Image and pattern by Handmade by Raine

9. Crochet Skull Applique

Level up the Halloween vibes in your homes! With this Crochet Skull Applique, your holiday decoration will definitely be a hit. Besides, this crochet work can trigger your creativity to make a more personal home décor that suits your spaces. Make your walls a lot more vivacious and enthusiastic and let this creation awaken the Halloween spirit.  More, this spooky crochet work is fun and easy to make.



Image and pattern by Stuff Steph Makes

10. Meowlloween Cushion

 Fabulous and gorgeous! Let your spaces bring the air of Halloween with this not so spooky yet very nice-looking pattern. It brings a really unique charm that can awaken that spine-chilling vibes this holiday. Decorate your naked spaces and make your dull areas alive with this dazzling creation. Its charismatic and enchanting style can surely create a spell to anyone who looks. So no need to wait, just get your crochet tools!


Our Halloween celebration will never get dull with the presence of home decors. They awaken this Holiday’s spirit and they add so much charm in our home spaces. All thanks to our craft we can decorate our homes with the magic of our creativity together with our yarn and hooks! So if you want to stitch out these amazing patterns using dark colors, a lighted crochet hook can surely help you. Besides, if you want to save time from untangled yarn balls, don’t hesitate to grab a yarn bowl. Good tools can really make your crochet hours a lot more fun and meaningful.

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