Free Crochet Granny Square Patterns


Have you been thinking what to stitch out so you can get the hang of crochet? Well, you can start by making a square! Crochet squares are one of the most versatile creations in the world of crocheting. And if you’re still a crochet rookie, stitching out a square could be a fantastic way so you can start learning. Besides, there are lots of crochet square designs where you can pick from so you can start exploring. Squares can be anything. They can turn into blankets, pillows, bags, tops and so much more where your creativity leads. Check out these awesome granny square patterns that you’ll definitely love!



Image and pattern by Crossmanknits on Love Crafts

1. Sunflower Granny Square

Want to sprinkle some drops of cheer to your gloomy days? Bring the sunshine inside your home! This pattern’s perky vibes will definitely bring a shade of joy wherever you want to place this project on. Besides, this creation is perfect to include as one of your autumn projects with just a mercerized cotton yarn beside you. Other than that, the designer of this pattern also included a crochet chart beside the written instruction. Isn’t that nice and cool?



Image and pattern by Attic 24

2. Flora Granny Square

Not yet an expert? This eye-catching Flora Granny Square is worth the try! With a full photo tutorial, any crochet beginner will definitely love this beautiful project that has been especially designed for the Granny Square Day celebrated by the crochet community every year with a magical array of gorgeous squares online.  With this squares enchanting design, any creation you make will never be out of style.



Image and pattern by Crafty CC

3. Raindrops Square

Splash some perky colors to your world! As an addition to the ever growing collection of this pattern’s designer textured rainbow pieces, this Raindrops Square creation is truly a head turner. Any project that you can make out of this square will definitely be something that will give a lot of cheer and bliss. With its happy design and wonderful style, any space that’s gloomy and dull will illuminate and light up.



Image and pattern by Pasta and Patchwork

4. Lily Pad Granny Square

Make something classy and chic! The color choice of this granny square looks incredibly exquisite and smashing. Not to mention its lovely design that can catch one’s eyes in just a glance and its beauteous appearance that can melt one’s heart in an instant. Besides, if you’re someone who can easily work up a project with the help from some visuals, this pattern’s designer has included photos and diagram together with the written instructions so you can easily finish this out.



Image and pattern by Craft Passion

5. Solid Granny Square

Can’t get the hype out from traditional solid granny squares? Do it today with a little twist. The designer of this pattern made these squares starting from a double crochet circle and has a treble crochet with chain stitches at the corners. Moreover, you can definitely choose whether you want to make this project in a single color or make it more animated by adding more shades if you want to.



Image and pattern by The Cookie Snob

6. Stained Glass Square

Please your eyes with something dazzling and aesthetic! This pattern may not be the easiest square pattern out there but this square isn’t that intimidating as well. Besides, with the beauty it beholds, all the work that should be done to achieve this charmer will all be worth it. Other than that, this pattern’s designer has also given some tips that are so helpful in making this pattern as wonderful as ever. Grab your hooks and try it out.



Image and pattern by Joyce D. Lewis on Ravelry

7. Simple 10-Petal Afghan Square

Grab a pattern that’s gorgeous and stunning! This Simple 10-Petal Afghan Square is definitely bewitching and beauteous. Made using a worsted weight yarn, this stunner will surely splash some colors to your crochet journey. Any creation you can make from this square will surely be something arresting and pleasing to the eyes. Just with its dreamy appearance, your finished project will be a charmer.



Image and pattern by Hopeful Honey

8. Meadow Afghan Square

Pretty and enticing! Stitching out this spectacular creation is something you’re going to look forward to. With its aesthetic looks, any project you’re going to finish with this square will definitely look fab and wonderful. This pattern’s designer shared this pattern as her last square for The Blog Hop Crochet Along with different crochet bloggers sharing their eye-catching squares too!



Image and pattern by Gleeful Things

9. Floral Kaleidoscope Afghan Square

Steal the show with this dazzling creation! This square is the first square shared by this pattern’s designer along with the other crochet bloggers in The Blog Hop Crochet Along event. With this squares wonderful visuals, anyone who’s going to see this creation will definitely get enchanted!  Besides, the designer of this pattern has given video tutorials for the special stitch and techniques for those who want to grab their hooks and try.  



Image and pattern by Bohemian Cat

10. Boho Granny Square

Want to go classic? Crocheting this Boho Granny Square Pattern will definitely be something you’re going to enjoy making. By just setting your eyes on its appearance and style, one can easily decide how beautiful this pattern looks. Other than that, stitching out this creation is just simple and easy a crochet rookie can always try. So, if you want to grab a square that’s easy and appealing, this pattern is something you can always give a shot anytime.


Crocheting squares will always be a thing in the world of crochet. With its popularity and charm, any crochet lover will never let go of making one at all times. Stitch out this most-liked patterns with crochet tools that will make your crochet journey a lot more comfortable and awesome. Try to grab a light-up hook so you can see your stitches clearly when crocheting with dark yarn. And when it comes to taming your yarn balls, a yarn holder can surely do the job.

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