Free Crochet Coaster Patterns Any Crocheter Can Try


 Stitch out something cute and sweet! Crochet coasters are one of the fastest and easiest crochet project anyone can ever make. They add a lot of style and charm to your home spaces and they can be perfect last minute gifts as well. If you want to clean up your stash, stitching out coasters can be a great idea you can start making today. Check out this awesome list of crochet coasters you’ll totally love to make!




Image and pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

1. Chain Stitch Coaster

Create some enticing coasters using the basic stitch! Grab a cotton yarn and start stitching out this wonderful creation that can surely spark a lot of charm to your gatherings or any occasion you want to celebrate. Besides, any crochet rookie can grab a hook and try this easy crochet project whenever she wants. Their bewitching colors can surely catch anyone’s eyes.



Image and pattern by Wink on Envatotuts+

2. Ombre Crocheted Coasters

Stitch out something gorgeous and chic! This ombre crocheted coasters look so fascinating they can add so much life to simple occasions or just with a simple tea party or something.  Their fabulous looks can spark a lot of good vibes whenever you please to use them and their stylish looks can totally stun anyone away in just one glimpse. So don’t wait any longer and check out this pattern that you’ll surely love to make.



Image and pattern by The Unraveled Mitten

3. Spring Blooms Coaster

Light up your spaces with the blooming power of this Spring Blooms Coaster! Aside from being quick and easy to make, this aesthetic creation can be a great stash buster as well. If you have lots of cotton yarn that are taking that much space, stitching out this beauty is a perfect task to start in. Besides, this project is an awesome pick for that perfect last-minute gift idea that you’ve been wanting to give out.  



Image and pattern by Whistle and Ivy

4. Pizza Coasters

Start getting more creative! This pizza coasters will definitely be something that you’ll look forward to make. Aside from their awesome style and artistic design, this project is also fun and enjoyable to stitch out.  With their enticing appearance, this creation is something that can easily grab one’s eye.  So if you want some new project to begin with, this crochet pattern is something perfect to pick.



Image and pattern by Chou D'Iris on Ravelry

5. Rainbow Coaster

Make something captivating to protect your tables from rings. Creating coasters is one of the easiest and fun project to make. Besides, if you want to clear out your stash, this project is just simply perfect to do the job. This projects’ arresting and gorgeous colors can surely animate your tables and can give that cheery vibes in your homes. Give your tea time that shade of joy with these perky coasters that can definitely light up the mood.



Image and pattern The Cookie Snob

6. Snail Coaster

Splash some cuteness and charm on your table space! This crochet project can definitely be a big hit in your kitchen area with its adorable design and endearing style. You may pick a variety of colors and suit it up to your own choice or to something that blends your area where it can spread some merry air to your simple spots.  Besides, this creation is a perfect present whenever you’re running out of time to gift someone that will surely make them smile.



Image and pattern by Crochet Dreamz

7. Crochet Doughnut Coasters

Want to add something arresting to your home décor? Take a look at this delicious-looking coasters that will definitely help you enjoy your coffee hours. These doughnut coasters with a holder is a perfect addition to your kitchen accessories that will impress and please your guests. With their cute and endearing design, anyone who’ll use this coaster will totally get enticed.



Image and pattern by Mary J Handmade

8. Paw Print Coaster Pattern 

Are you in love with dogs and puppies? Check out this crochet pattern that will surely tug your hearts out. Any dog lover will certainly enjoy stitching out this cute crochet project that can also be a great last-minute gift idea to anyone you love. Aside from being functional and practical, its arresting design and very charming style will surely be a delight.



Image and pattern by Stitch by Fay

9. Sunflower Coaster

Splash the cheeriness of sunshine inside your home! With the perky vibes of this sunflower coaster, any bland mood or simple occasion can surely brighten up. Besides, this crochet project is quick and easy to make so if you’re running out of time to stitch out that perfect present you’ve been wanting to give, this crochet pattern is that perfect project to stitch!



Image and pattern by Stitch by Fay

10. Fallen Leaves Crochet Coaster

Want to do a new project for Fall? How about this Fallen Leaves Crochet Coaster that’s fun and easy to make? With their lovely appearance and wonderful design, anyone who’ll get to lay his eyes on this project will surely be fascinated and get enticed. More than that, if you want to wipe out your stash, this crochet pattern can definitely help you out. Stitch out a gorgeous creation and let your home areas light up.


Protecting our tables from wet and rings can be a lot more creative than we ever think. Let’s move our creative fingers and let our simple spaces bright up with these dazzling patterns that’s so exciting and enjoyable to make. Besides, stitching out coasters can be great stash buster as well. And if you want to keep your yarn from rolling away when crocheting, check out this yarn holder that can totally make a difference. More, a light-up crochet hook can also help when you can’t see your stitches clearly. Keep on hooking!



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