Free Crochet Coaster Patterns


Add up some shade of charm and fascinating colors in your homes! Crochet coasters are one of the simplest and easiest crochet creations you can spend your creativity into. With their unique style and mini size, these crochet projects can be good stash busters or be something you can make for last-minute gifts in any occasions. You can pick from a variety of designs and colors that will definitely capture your eyes and beautify your kitchen area while serving their purpose. Want to wipe out your yarn stash today? Here are some free crochet coaster patterns that can surely prettify your spaces!



Image and pattern by Crochet 365 Knit Too

1. Crochet Citrus Coasters

Create something that looks sweet and charming! With their refreshing and thirst-quenching design, this crochet citrus coasters can surely spruce up your table area. The designer of this pattern used cotton yarn and single crochet that can hold up well and absorb moisture from your glass. Perfect to stitch on the days of summer! So take your yarn and hooks and enjoy stitching out this fun and fast project.



Image and pattern by Sustain My Craft Habit

2. Coastal Crochet Coasters

Pretty and exquisite! Got some cotton yarn from your scraps? Pull them out and get your hooks ready. This pattern’s designer has created a step-by-step photo tutorial in stitching out this gorgeous pattern which is so perfect for all crochet beginners to work on with. Simple as it may seem, these crochet rounds can also be a great start for those extra projects on your list like crochet afghan, throw pillows and many others!



Image and pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

3. Crochet Coffee Coaster Pattern

Are you one of those who’s so in love with the taste and scent of coffee?  If your answer is yes, then grab your yarn and hooks and check out this adorable pattern! Besides, most crochet lovers want coffee and crochet all together, isn’t it? So take it to the next level and stitch out this crochet coffee coaster pattern that will definitely look good with your coffee mug every time you crochet. This pattern is also a nice gift-idea and could also work as a wonderful applique.



Image and pattern by Haak Maar Raak

4. Roller Coasters

Have you got no present yet? Go round and round and hit that target hour. Check out this gorgeous pattern and stitch an eye-catching gift that quick! These roller coasters are pretty fast and easy so you can create a set in no time. Stitch this beautiful pattern out and create that perfect last minute gift idea that’s surely eye-catching and special. You may want to use these coasters to bring out some accent and a shade of brilliant style in your dull areas.



Image and pattern by Jennie Claver via Ravelry

5. Ground Hog Coaster

So cute and charming! With its endearing style and adorable design, this ground hog coaster cannot just protect your table area but can also catch your eyes. The designer used worsted weight yarn in brown and a small amount of worsted weight yarn in black and white so you don’t really need that much to have this cute little thing under your mug.  This pattern can also be an adorable gift idea that can surely steal the heart of that special someone.



Image and pattern by MidwesternMoms

6. Crochet Watermelon Coasters

Thinking of a fun project for summer? Get your yarn and hooks and get hooked with this pretty crochet watermelon coasters. With all the feverish heat that summer brings, wet glasses are really a sure thing! Put on your cold drinks on this lovely coaster while keeping your table unspotted and clean. The designer picked bright colours in making this creation like Peaches and Creme Bright Pink and Bright Chartreuse in 100% cotton yarn. Don’t they look lovely?



Image and pattern by Moois Van M(i)E

7. Color Burst Coaster

Want something striking on your coffee table? Play with yarn colors! This color burst coasters can surely catch eyes with their distinct hues and fabulous design. The pattern’s designer created these dazzling crochet creations for his brother who works in a bar and this gorgeous design can definitely give a dramatic shade wherever you place the coasters on. So if you want to create something colourful and noticeable, then this pattern is for you!



Image and pattern by 5 Little Monsters

8. Modern Crochet Coaster

Are you thinking of a quick and easy project you can spend your time on? Check out this sweet and fascinating pattern that you’ll surely enjoy. Inspired by modern geometric designs and of things that combine bright pop of colors, this pattern’s designer recreated those in a set of 4 sweet-colored coasters. These endearing creations are made using single crochet and half square triangle designs using cream colored yarn joined with bright colors of either pink, yellow, blue or green.



Image and pattern by Lulu Loves

9. Vintage Coaster

Running out of time to buy that perfect gift? Take a look at this vintage coaster pattern! Aside from having that stunning and pretty looks, these coasters are quick and easy to make too. This pattern is a re-making of a vintage pattern from 1893 and the pattern’s designer only took an hour and a half to create a coaster of six. Isn’t that pretty nice and amazing? Especially when you don’t want to lose no time in giving that special gift.



Image and pattern by Inkugurumi

10. Llama Coaster

Spruce up your table with a shade of cuteness and charm! This free llama coaster pattern will definitely be a good home décor wherever you want to place it on. With its irresistible design and heart-melting features, these pretty creations will surely steal hearts if you want to wrap it up for a present and impress that special someone with your sweet gesture.  


As crafty as we are, we can’t just keep our fingers be on chill while having our yarn scraps get stuck and pile up. Besides, there are lots of stash busting patterns that can wipe out our stash in just a blink of an eye and before we know it, they’re already turned into fancy creations and useful ones. These crochet coaster patterns are just few of the many patterns you can use up for your left-over yarn and spruce up your homes with their fantastic design and unique style. And when you use dark colored yarn or work in a not so well lit area, a lighted crochet hook can definitely give a hand. Stitch on and have fun!

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