Free Crochet Basket Patterns to Keep Your Things Organized


Can’t keep your home away from all the clutter and the mess? Time to put your things in place! Tame all the mishmash with these lovely baskets around your house areas. Check out these practical and enchanting patterns that will transform your spaces with a better appearance and looks. Let your creative fingers groom all the spots and keep your areas neat and kempt!   


Image and pattern by My Poppet Makes

1. Rainbow Storage Basket

Fascinated with rainbow colors? Bring out your stash and stitch out this cool pattern that’s versatile and awesome. This creation is made up of t-shirt yarn that’s perfect to use for any project that needs to stand up. Besides, this storage basket is huge enough to keep a lot of stuff inside to keep your things organized. And if not in use, this lovely creation can be packed flat so you can use it as a home for your crochet projects so you can bring them wherever you want.



Image and pattern by Melanie Ham

2. Cotton Yarn Easy Crochet Basket

Looking for some basket pattern that’s rookie-friendly? Look no further! This basic pattern is perfect for any crochet beginners out there.  It uses a clothesline or rope that works up so quickly and brings out an appearance that looks enticing and charming. If you have some little stuff that you want to keep in place, this creation is surely a perfect choice you’d surely love to pick.



Image and pattern by Crochet in Color

3.  Ombre Basket Pattern

Crochet a storage basket that looks dazzling and outstanding! This ombre basket project has a color palette that’s undeniably eye-catching and alluring. Using a combination of 9 colors, this pattern’s designer has created an ombre effect for this creation. Doesn’t it look so creative and stylish? Keeping your things in place will surely be a thrill. Put your things in order with this gorgeous project you’ll definitely enjoy.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

4. Crochet Lidded Toadstool Basket

Go beyond your imagination and creativity! This crochet-lidded toadstool basket is surely a sensation you wouldn’t want to miss. Aside from its toadstool mushroom design, its creative cover is so practical you can keep your things unseen and private. If you want a cute décor to spruce up your homes, this creation is a wonderful project you’d want to pick for. Perfect to hold all your small essentials and cute items.  



Image and pattern by Heart Hook Home

5. Hanging Baskets

Create something that can save you a lot of space! These hanging baskets are so functional and convenient you’d surely love to stitch them. Aside from that, this project will not require you to use that much yarn which makes it sound way even cooler, isn’t it? Just find some steel metal hoops and Dishie Cotton yarn and you’re good to go. If you want to find a home for your fruits and vegetables, this creation is a perfect project you will surely love to pick.




 Image and pattern by Amour Fou

6. Crochet Basket for Kids’ Bike

Make biking more fun for your kids! Spread the magic of your crochet skills by stitching out this awesome basket that your kids will surely love to bring. Aside from the fact that they can bring some stuff with them, this crochet basket looks also delightful and creative. They can bring their toys and their snacks with them which makes their biking experience more fantastic than ever. So stitch this pattern out and make your kids have the broadest smile.



Image and pattern by Schachenmayer on Pattern Pile

7. Crochet Basket With Granny Squares 

Not quite sure what to do with your grannies? Check out this fabulous basket that will definitely catch your eyes. Beautified with granny squares on top, this crochet basket is the perfect storage you would love to have. With its aesthetic appearance, any dull space will surely brighten up.  You may want to place it in the kitchen to keep your fruits and veggies or somewhere inside the house to keep your little stuff.



Image and pattern by Anna Burton Designs

8. Hanging Crochet Basket

Need a home for your yarn stash and got no space to hold them in? Maybe a hanging basket can help! Take a look at this aesthetic hanging basket that can surely catch an eye. All you’ll need is to drill a simple hook wherever you’d love to and voila! Problem solved! Besides, the color variation is so enticing it will definitely spruce up your bland areas or dull spaces.



Image and pattern by Jessica Venture

9. Ombre Rectangle Basket

Want to get away from circular baskets? Try something new with this wonderful pattern that’s so cool and fun to make. This creation can house different things in your home, keep the toys in your nursery in order or can help you keep your things in your office easy to find and pick.  More, its lovely design can surely make your spaces more incredible and gorgeous!



Image and pattern by Yarn + Chai

10. Herringbone Square Basket Set

Stitch out something fascinating and fab! Level up your baskets with this dazzling pattern that looks pretty stylish and awesome.  With its leather handles on its sides, carrying your stuff will be a lot more convenient and fast. Apart from that, this pattern’s designer has posted a video tutorial so you can make any basket size that you want. Gift your loved ones and friends with this classy project and they will surely fall in love with this one.  


Crocheting baskets can help us keep our spots away from all the clutter and the mess. Besides, with their aesthetic looks and creative appearance, any bland areas can surely dazzle up.

Help yourself create these projects with all comfort and ease. A lighted crochet hook set can make your crocheting hours a lot easier and more convenient. Besides, tame your yarn balls with a gorgeous yarn holder. An awesome crochet tool can make a lot of difference.

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