Free Beginner-friendly Patterns for Your Next Crochet Project


Are you just starting out your crochet journey or just simply looking for some uncomplicated patterns to make your hooks busy again? Stay in your place and look no further! We’ve made a list that can help you master the basic crochet stitches in just a wink.  Besides, starting the craft might quite look intimidating unless you kick it off with some awesome projects that will give you a hand in mastering your crochet skills and crochet prowess. Check out these free and easy crochet patterns in starting off your next big project.



Image and pattern by Topknotch

1. Sunshine Pillow Case

Give your room that perfect makeover! With the help of this sunshine pillow case, any dull spot will surely light up and brighten. Its enticing aura and ravishing vibes can definitely make a huge difference in any dull spots or boring spaces. The outstanding design and endearing style of this pillow case can surely steal the eyes. Besides, any crochet rookie can surely give this one a very good try.



Image and pattern by Purl Soho on Ravelry

2. Fruity Trivets and Potholders

Bring a splash of glee to your kitchen area! If you’ve been thinking of bringing a shade of cheer in your kitchen spaces, these fruity trivets and potholders can surely do the job very well. Aside from its classic design yet very sweet style, its unique color palette is so eye-catching anyone can never resist all the time. So, if you’re running out of time to make that last-minute gift for that special someone, this crochet pattern is something that you must grab and pick out.



Image and pattern by Amy Yarbrough on Crochet Spot

3. Easy Crochet Scrunchies

Want to make something that looks sweet and charming? The designer of this pattern will certainly teach you how to crochet a scrunchie in a method that you’ll surely love to learn and discover. This method is crocheting a long and flat rectangle and then sewing it over the ponytail. Does it sound scary? It may but hey, it isn’t. Besides, with the beauty that it has, you’ll definitely make more than one.



Image and pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts

4. Easy Crochet Velvet Twist Headband

Looking for a chic winter accessory? All thanks to Bernat Baby Velvet yarn for its soft feel and charming vibes! It’s an easy crochet project created in wide half double crochet stitch and simple seaming that any crochet rookie will surely want to take. And if you’re thinking of the sizes, this pattern has it all from preemie to adults which makes this pattern as a perfect gifting project that you’ll certainly love to make.



Image and pattern by Sarah Maker

5. Easy Crochet Can Cozy

Keep the cold! If you want to dress up your drinking cans with something aesthetic and outstanding, this easy crochet can cozy will undeniably steal the show and make your drinking hours a lot more fun and breath-taking. Made in an array of colors that make this project more enticing, your favorite liquid can surely be kept cold and your table tops dry without those circles.



Image and pattern by Linda Kaye Smith

6. Ruffled Shawl/Cape

Make your winter hours a lot more gorgeous and chic! If ever you felt cold and a bit freezing, this ruffled shawl or cape is something that you must stitch. Aside from its exquisite style and fabulous design, this creation is also functional and practical. And if you want to gift someone with something that’s totally striking and jaw-dropping, this pattern can surely lend a hand.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

7. Bernat Striped C2C Crochet Blanket

Looking for that warm and cuddly blanket? Take a look at this gorgeous pattern made in the magical shades of Bernat Blanket Stripes yarn. This pattern shows the corner-to-corner double crochet cluster technique that’s totally fun and awesome. Apart from looking so delightful and sensational, this creation can surely make your simple place more lively and magical.



Image and pattern by Ideal Me

8. Fringe Clutch Crochet Pattern

Be nice-looking and charming! This Fringe Crochet Clutch Bag can certainly level up your outfit of the day and can make you look more ravishing than ever. It can fit all your essentials as you go with all the charm and beauty. Made in a rectangle with a half circle flap that closes the bag, it has its wonderful tassels too that makes this creation more modern and enchanting.



Image and pattern by Tamara Kelly on Ravelry

9. Crafty Hanging Can Cozy

Got lots of used cans stocked in the house? Make it look gorgeous and stunning! Our yarn and hooks can do all the magic! With this impressive pattern, any used can could be a lot more useful and eye-catching. You may want to place your finished product in your room to store your beauty essentials or bring it up to your kitchen to keep your stuff organized and a lot more tidy.



Image and pattern by Annie Design Crochet

10. Spring Flower Hair Clips

Fond of making some crochet hair clips? Grab another pattern that can make your crochet hour a lot more fun and exciting. And since this project is just so easy and quick to make, you can stitch more in an array of colors whatever are your favorites. These creations can definitely make your little girl look very cute and charming. So make as many colors as you like that will match their outfit.


Starting off your crochet journey might quite be a little daunting. But once you get the hang of the basics, you’ll surely get excited to be on the next level. Stitching out some beginner-friendly patterns is a huge help so you can get better everyday. Besides, easy projects are so fun and awesome to make. And if you want to crochet with all comfort and ease, use fantastic crochet tools so you can make a difference in your crochet hours.

See your stitches clearly when using dark yarn with a light-up crochet hook. And if you want to keep your yarn balls clean and tangle-free, a yarn holder can totally help. Keep on stitching!

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