Crochet Wall Hanging Free Patterns


Got lots of empty walls in your house? Spruce them up and bring that perky vibe. You can take that bland walls away and put in some flavor and art. All you need to do is to get your yarn and hooks and create some magic that will splash that jazzy feels through crochet wall hangings that can surely bring a lot of bloom and cheer in your house. Besides, you can make your own style and pick your own hues and stitch that perfect home décor with your crochet hooks and yarn. So get on with your creativity and stun your dull walls away with these wonderful patterns!



Image and pattern by Poppy & Bliss

1. Tunisian Feathers Free Pattern

Got that basic knowledge in Tunisian crochet? You’ll definitely enjoy this pretty pattern by creating some charming feathers that can add so much spice in this dream catcher inspired wall hanging design. Plus, the designer says that you can add beads, charms, pom poms, lace and ribbon if you desire. And not just that, you can use these crocheted feathers as bookmarks, appliques, greeting cards or whatever you like. Cute and versatile isn’t it?



Image and pattern by Nana's Crafty Home

2. Crochet Air Plant Wall Hanger

Make a nice home for your air plants! This crochet air plant wall hanger is so quick and easy to make. Just get a branch, a craft dowel or a bamboo stick to complement this style and your wall hanger can surely steal someone’s eyes away. The designer of this pattern used Moss stitch to create a woven look for this design. Totally lovely!



Image and pattern by Day's Crochet & Knit

3. Mini Macrochet Boho Wall Hanging

Want to keep your stuffs in place? Well, get organized and take a look at this crochet wall hanging pattern that can keep your notebooks, wallets, keys and anything you like in order. This pattern’s designer was inspired by a macramé wall hanging and replicated its design through crochet stitches.  And voila! This classy and lovely creation can finally give some style in your house.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

4. Lily Sugar’N Cream Mini Mock-Rame Crochet Wall Hanging

Looks sweet and charming! Add some flavor and paint a shade of glee on your pale and bland walls with this densely textured crochet wall hanging. It has a splash of macramé air just in the use of crochet stitches with colorful tassels that look so enticing and visually pleasing. Using Yarnspirations’ Lily N’ Cream, this crochet wall hanging pattern looks totally stunning!



Image and pattern by Cream of the Crop Crochet

5. Boho Wall Hanging

Bring out the life in your empty walls! This Boho wall hanging crochet pattern can definitely drop an air of cheer in your dry walls with its different stitches that makes it exquisite and delightful. The designer of this pattern loves the use of window stitch that adds a lovely structured design element which makes this creation outstanding and beautiful. This pattern holds a variety of stitches from single crochet to the embellishing bobble stitch plus the unique color choice that makes it more exceptional and incomparable.



Image and pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

6. Crochet Rainbow Wall Hanging

Do you want to create something nice and cute that can shoo away that bland look on your walls? Take a look at this crochet rainbow wall hanging that isn’t just endearing and delightful, its rainbow colored design makes it look sweet and eye-catching too. Using a pixel graph, this pattern’s designer was able to create this charming wall hanging that’s totally nice-looking and fabulous!



Image and pattern by Divine Debris

7. Be Brave Wall Hanging

Go beyond the décor! Well, crochet wall hangings can absolutely transform our empty walls into something classy or colorful. Want to go beyond the embellishment and decoration? Check out this crochet wall hanging pattern that doesn’t’ just bring some spice on your bland walls, it takes a message with its words and colors too. Perfect to make for pride month and for someone special you know.



Image and pattern by Little Things Blogged

8. Crochet Wall Hanging

Create something sweet and exquisite! With its gorgeous looks, this pattern’s designer was able to make this crochet wall hanging from the inspiration of the modern tapestry weaving wall hangings from around the web. It’s a bit of a freeform crochet so you can pick your own design and use this pattern as a base. Want to paint your dull walls with something pretty and cute? This crochet pattern is definitely for you!



Image and pattern by The Merrythought 

9. DIY Knit/Crochet Wall Hanging

Bring your duo skills in to use! This crochet wall hanging has a combination of knitting and crocheting techniques which makes this project more unique and wonderful.  With its classy and elegant look, this crochet piece can surely bring a sophisticated vibe wherever room you want to place it to. Not to mention how the colors go well together and how perfect they look!



Image and pattern by Mama In A Stitch

10. Crochet Mandala Hoops/ Wall Hanging

Want to get away from the classic wall hangings you see around you? Try creating this lovely crochet mandala hoops. With its unique design and cheerful color choice, they’ll surely bring so much life and makes a beautiful home décor in a bathroom wall or wherever you think they will be perfect to. Just grab your yarn and hooks and take this piece into your home.


Home decors can truly create a magical transformation into our bland spaces or dull walls. These crochet wall hanging free patterns can definitely splash a shade of animation and bloom for our empty walls and make our home more alive and beautiful. And if you want to create these wonderful crochet pieces from whatever time of the day you desire to, a crochet light up hook can help you hit that perfect stitch plus all the fun and comfort. Keep on stitching your wonderful yarn story. Get on with your yarn and hooks.

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