Crochet Hexagon Motif Free Patterns


Who are lovers of hexies out there? With the variety of shapes you can make with the art of crochet, hexagons are one of the most eye-catching motif shape one could ever create. Got the urge to make blankets, pillow covers, tote bags or whatsoever? Try something unique and appealing aside from rounds and squares! Check out these lovely and exquisite crochet hexagon patterns that will surely stun you away!



Image and pattern by p.s. I crochet

1. Lily Pad Hexagons

Do something alluring! These Lily Pad Hexagons have enchanting design and beauteous vibe that can surely treat one’s eyes. You may turn these beauties into a lovely bag, a gorgeous blanket or to whatever stuff your imagination can take you. Play with any colors you like and you’ll discover how fabulous these hexies can turn out. With their appealing looks, any crocheter will enjoy crocheting these wonderful creations with a lot of fun.



Image and pattern by Flamingo Toes

2. Star Lily Crochet Hexagon Pattern

Want something pretty to brighten up your crochet day? Take a look at this ravishing flower-like pattern that looks really enticing. This pattern’s designer used 3 lovely colors of worsted weight yarn that are perfectly combined together. These hues create a very dramatic and impressive effect that can truly catch one’s eyes. More to that, this pattern uses a special stitch called Triple Crochet Bobble that adds up to its winsome beauty.



Image and pattern by My Picot

3. Crochet Heart Hexagon

Aesthetic and charming! This crochet heart hexagon will surely tickle your creative standards with its delightful looks and nice-looking design. Besides, the designer of this pattern notes that you may use any type of yarn or even thread in creating whatever projects you have in mind. The pattern’s designer used dc/sc stitch in joining these crocheted motifs together. So ready your yarn and hooks and stitch this pattern out!



Image and pattern by Crafty CC

4. Rainbow Puff Hexagon

Incite your creativity! Stitch out an impressive and striking creation in rainbow colors with this lovely pattern. This rainbow puff hexagon uses a puff stitch that can give a gorgeous texture even to the simplest crochet design. Besides, the designer of this pattern has given a wonderful tutorial for this special stitch that’s really worthwhile and friendly. More, you may pick your own hues that suits your taste for that personal touch.



Image and pattern by Mijo Crochet

5. Wind Flower Hexagon

Not yet getting tired of crocheted flowers? Here’s a dazzling pattern that can surely please your eyes. With its pretty design and exquisite style, you’ll surely get enticed! So if you want to add up another creation to your blanket stacks or if you want to create another beautiful crocheted bag, this pattern is a perfect pick for you to stitch out. Just seeing the hexies getting joined together can easily tug your heart.



Image and pattern by Bauta Witch

6. DIY Hexagon with Daisies

Get an incredible creation with this gorgeous pattern! Inspired from her grandmother’s squares with daisies, this pattern’s designer has created another style in hexie. Looking at their aesthetic visuals, these hexagon with daisies are truly a charm. The designer used a 100% cotton yarn and a 3.5 mm crochet to make it rigid and close-packed. So if you want a next project to keep in mind, maybe this one is worth the try.



Image and pattern by Leanda Xavian on Ravelry

7. Super Simple Hexagon

Go beyond your regular hexie! This Super Simple Hexagon pattern can just be whipped up in minutes! With only 3 rounds to work up, crocheting this pattern is all fun and easy. They work just like of that to a granny square but with a much captivating style and design, don’t they? It’s a short pattern that you can definitely enjoy with its attractive looks and fantastic style.  So grab your yarn and hooks and make any creation you may have in your mind.



Image and pattern by Megan Speakes on Ravelry

8. Pied Beauty Hexagon

Go for something spotty and speckly! If you’re fond of stitching out colourful patterns, then this one will surely hit your heart. More, this pattern’s designer named this pattern after one of her favorite poems, Pied Beauty by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Besides, all you need are 6 colors of worsted weight yarn or aran weight yarn for center color, three petal colors, leaf color and background color. Now that sounds exciting!



Image and pattern by Kate Elizabeth

9. Granny Hexagon Pattern

Stitch out something exquisite! These hexies are truly fascinating. With their intricate design, one can easily get mesmerized and enticed. You may pick your own color palette and stitch out this pattern’s lovely style and charming design. All you need to have is a worsted weight yarn and a 6.0mm crochet hook and you’re good to go to stitch this pattern out.



Image and pattern by Jennifer Dickerson on Fiber Flux

10. Strawflower Hexagon Motif 

Looking for a fun project that works up quickly? Try checking out this Starflower Hexagon Motif that looks enchanting and charming. Each color gives striking accents for each round. Its dimensional flower in the center looks amusing and tantalizing which can easily please one’s eyes. You can work up this creation with any worsted weight yarn, 6.0 mm hook and tapestry needle.


Crocheting hexies is totally amazing and fun. As one of the most popular motif shape out there, you can make whatever creation you have in mind. Maybe, a lovely afghan, a pretty bag, a stunning wall-hanging or even a wonderful rug. Besides, who can stop our creative mind from wandering around?

And in stitching out these fantastic patterns, having a light up crochet hook can definitely help especially when you want to crochet at night. Or maybe, you might need a yarn holder to keep you yarn balls from rolling off the ground. Whatever struggles we might meet in our crochet journey, one thing is for sure, a creative mind can always find a way out. Keep on stitching!

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