Crochet Charts, Abbreviations and Symbols


The craft of crocheting is definitely a wonderful art to navigate. And to launch your yarn and hooks to get creative, the crochet world has its own language you have to learn. There are crochet abbreviations that you have to get the hang of, crochet symbols you need to give a thought of and crochet hook sizes that you have to consider . And though crochet techniques are generally the same, US and UK patterns have terms that mean different stitches. But chill out, you’re going to find them all here on these pages. So ready yourself up to make your own yarn story and to get hooked to the beautiful world of crochet.


Crochet Abbreviations

Here is the list of standard abbreviations used for crochet


alt alternate
approx approximately
beg begin/beginning
bet between
BL back loop(s)
bo bobble
back post
back post double crochet
BPsc back post single crochet
BPtr  back post triple crochet
CC contrasting color
ch chain
ch refers to chain or space previously made, e.g., ch-1 space
ch lp chain loop
ch-sp chain space
CL cluster(s)
cm centimeter(s)
cont continue
dc double crochet
dc2tog double crochet 2 stitches together
dec decrease/decreases/decreasing
dtr double treble
FL front loop(s)
foll follow/follows/following
FP front post
FPdc front post double crochet
FPsc front post single crochet
FPtr front post triple crochet
g gram(s)
hdc half double crochet
lp(s) loop(s)
lsc long single crochet
m meter(s)
MC main color
mm millimeter(s)
oz ounce(s)
p picot
patt pattern
pc popcorn
pm place marker
prev previous
qutr quadruple triple crochet
rem remain/remaining
rep repeat(s)
rnd(s) round(s)
RS right side(s)
sc single crochet
sc2tog single crochet 2 stitches together
sk skip
Slst slip stitch
sp(s) space(s)
st(es) stitch(es)
tbl through back loop(s)
tch turning chain
tfl through front loop(s)
tog together
tr triple crochet
trtr triple treble crochet
tr2tog triple crochet 2 together
TS Tunisian simple stitch
WS wrong side(s)
yd yard(s)
yo yarn over
yoh yarn over hook
[ ] Work instructions within brackets as many times as directed
* Repeat instructions following the single asterisk as directed
** Repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed            or   repeat from a given set of instructions  



    Crochet Charts, Abbreviations and Symbols


     US to UK Crochet Conversion Chart


     US UK
    chain (ch)      chain (ch)
    single crochet (sc)        double crochet (dc)
    half double crochet (hdc)  half treble (htr)
    double crochet (dc) treble (tr)
    triple crochet (tr) double treble (dtr)
    slip stitch (sl st) slip stitch (ss)


    Crochet Charts, Abbreviations and Symbols


     Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

    2.00 mm  NA  14
    2.25 mm  1/B  13
    2.50 mm NA 12
    2.75 mm  C 11
    3.00 mm  N A 11
    3.25 mm  D 10
    3.50 mm  4/E 9
    3.75 mm  F NA
    4.00 mm  6 8
    4.25 mm  G NA
    4.50 mm  7 7
    5.00 mm 8/H 6
    5.50 mm 9/1 5
    6.00 mm 10/J 4
    6.50 mm 10/ 1/2 / K 3
    7.00 mm NA 2
    8.00 mm NA 0
    9.00 mm 15/N  00
    10.00 mm    P 000
    15.75 OR 16 mm  Q NA


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