Crochet Bag Patterns For Free


We all need something to keep our things in place each time we go to the mall, to the market or wherever place we want, right?  A handbag, a shopping bag, a shoulder bag or a market bag can really do a lot of wonders whenever we step out our house! Besides, these stuffs don’t have to look simple and bland. Bags can help us look fab and chic too! Well, a crochet top can bring the dazzle but looking good doesn’t just stop there. How about that eye-catching crochet bag that can add a perfect accent to your OTTD (outfit of the day)? Besides, stitching out these creations are so fun and simple. Here are some free crochet bag patterns you’ll definitely enjoy making!



Image and pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs

1. Market Tote Crochet Pattern

Create something pretty and useful! This creation can just be done in a couple of hours and after some time of stitching this out, you’ll definitely get enticed with its charming design. Lovely as it is, the crochet designer made this pattern with finished dimensions that are approximately 12 inches deep by 11 inches wide with a 9 inch “deep” handle. Perfect to create for that last-minute gift idea!



Image and pattern by Yarn Thrift

2. The Jet Set Bag

Want something simple yet stylish? Fit all your things inside with this jet set bag! Created by the designer to carry lots of stuffs inside, this crochet creation will surely give you a big hand. Likewise, this pattern is quick and easy to make so you’ll finish this item out in no time. You can pick any yarn you want but the designer recommends a sturdier yarn so it holds up.



Image and pattern by Nana's Crafty Home

3. Retro Chic Tapestry Crochet Bag Chasing Diamonds

Retro and chic! Literally, this crochet bag can captivate one’s eyes with its fabulous style and geometric designs. Created in two colors that blend well together, this pattern holds so much beauty and charm. The designer used Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton for its durability that’s perfect for creating crocheted bags. This creation has so much space that can fit all your essentials.



Image and pattern by Lakeside Loops

4. Spencer Crochet Market Bag

Stroll around somewhere with this gorgeous creation! This bag is lightweight and its beachy design is totally perfect for summer. With its roomy space, you may also want to bring this fantastic crochet work when you go to market or somewhere you like. Its interchangeable fabric straps look so delightful and endearing! The designer of this pattern used only one stitch which includes step by step picture and a video tutorial. Can help crochet beginners a lot!



Image and pattern by Megmade with Love

5. Farmer’s Market Fresh Bag

Looks so raw and fresh! This third addition to the farmhouse inspired series of this designer’s pattern is such a masterpiece. Built with two strands of worsted-weight yarn, this nice-looking bag is definitely sturdy. This creation’s designer used an old belt for this bag’s handles and used a satin stitch for the embroidered word. She provided a download you can print out as guide for the letters.



Image and pattern by Delia Creates

6. Crochet + Leather Basic Tote

Crochet in the round! This classy creation is designed to be worked in the round for some wonderful reasons the designers have, you will find out once you work this out. Besides, the tote can stand up better when you set it down. This pattern can be worked on with just the three basic stitches of chain, single crochet and slip stitch. With its exceptional and outstanding design, you’ll definitely want to bring this tote wherever you like!



Image and pattern by Loops and Love Crochet

7. Easy Market Tote

Make it more fun and sweet when you go to the market! This pretty market tote is created with a combination of shell stitches and double crochet stitches. With its cozy design, this market bag is so comfortable to use and just needs about ¾ of a cotton cake. This crochet bag is a perfect place for your crochet projects, beach essentials or whatever things you want to take along.



Image and pattern by The Loophole Fox

8. The Summer Tote

Easy and lovely! This pattern may quite look challenging but the designer used beginner friendly stitches and a cluster stitch which gives this bag a sturdy shape. Besides, you can pick that perfect color scheme you like! With its mesh structure, it can stretch out with any stuff you might want to put inside. So, if you want a gorgeous and well-built bag to carry around, this pattern will definitely bring you a lot of fun!



Image and pattern by Carlieflo

9. Mimosa Market Bag

Want to go to the market with a pretty bag to carry around? Check out this Mimosa Market Bag with its stylish looks and fabulous design! The pattern’s designer used an extraordinary stitch pattern of double crochets together with chains in between. This lovely market bag has two bold contrasting colors that make it look trendy and chic! Use it wherever you want and get that sharp and sassy vibe.



Image and pattern by Hooked on Homemade Happiness

10. Basketweave Market Bag

Stitch out something with eye-catching textures! With this basketweave market bag, you will surely have that hip and fancy looks! The pattern’s designer used basketweave stitch that gives this bag a nice-looking texture you’ll definitely love. You may use any worsted weight cotton in stitching out this gorgeous creation.




Creating crochet bags may look a bit tough sometimes. But once we glide on with our yarn and hooks, these patterns will just naturally flow with our creative fingers and crafty minds. Stitch out these patterns with all comfort and ease! A light up crochet hook will give you a hand in seeing your stitches well or whenever you pick a darker yarn to stitch. Some things in crochet may be hard, but we can always find ways!

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