Crochet Apps to Make Crocheting Easy Peasy


Are you that crochet designer who loves to keep track of your rows with a pen and a note pad? Let’s go digital! Grab the perks of having the technology just around the corner and get free patterns online. Here are some apps that can help do your craft with ease.


DIY: Granny Square Crochet

Are you an afghan pattern lover? Then this app is for you! It has a collection of 30 granny square crochet patterns and wonderful projects you can turn them into. Having troubles reading patterns? No problem! This app has a tutorial section that will help you get the knack of reading patterns real soon. 

For Android users for free


Crochet Stitches

Do you want to move forward in making stitches? This library of stitch patterns has a lot of options you can pick the nicest pattern you want. It has 82 crochet stitch patterns from the basic stitches to the most complex ones. Its instructions are straightforward given in texts or diagram. The details on the stitches are helpful to all crochet levels. This app is best if you want to level up the difficulty of your stitches.

For Android users for free


Amigurumi Today

Want to grab irresistible amigurumi patterns? Check this app out. This app has a bunch of free amigurumi patterns plus crochet tutorials! It has adorable patterns for crochet rookies and crochet masters out there. You can bookmarked your best-loved patterns too! Don’t forget to take a look at this app for brand new patterns every week!

For Iphone, Ipad and Android users for free



Row Counter

Download your pattern into this app and stay focused! With Row Counter, you can also have access to your Ravelry account and check your library out. Customize your row counter with this app and keep a record of your increases, design and colors. You don’t have to touch your phone! This app has a voice control feature so you can keep track of your projects’ progress handily.

For Iphone, Ipad and Android users for free


LoveCrafts Crochet

You can do a bunch of stuff with this app! Want to organize and store out your crochet patterns? Need to keep an eye on your project flows? Craving for free and exclusive patterns that are new every week? Lovecrafts crochet has all of these features! You can personalize your patterns and use their crochet counter so you can keep your count and move on in a breeze. And all the changes you made are automatically saved!

For Iphone and Ipad users for free


Knit and Crochet Counter

This is more than your basic counter row app. You can keep a record of your pattern repeats and can store lots of projects all at the same time!  Plus, you can also tailor your projects in whatever choice you want like giving it a name, selecting its background fabric type and picking the color of your own taste. Besides, you can also take down notes for each of your counter and access it with ease while you use the counter. It has on-screen notions too! It lets you add info that’s in tune with your project and would let you know how much time there is to get your project done.

For Iphone and Ipad users for free


All it takes is a tap! With this app, you can keep track of your rows in an easy-peasy way by just tapping your screen anywhere! And voila! Your row is recorded in just a snap. No worries, your screen will stay awake not until you decide to turn it off. You can also work in a bunch of crochet projects all at once and customize your projects all you want. Use the widget too. It can help you a lot.

For Iphone and Ipad users for free



If you have a Ravelry account, then this one is for you! You can spot and search for patterns and projects and check out the yarn and shops there are. On top of that, you can also create new projects and save its progress as you move ahead. You can update your stash too and check on your friends’ work at the home feed.

For Iphone and Ipad users for free.

These are just some apps that can help your crochet sessions feel easier and a lot more comfortable. Crocheting apps like these are helpful ways to make our yarn story a lot more enjoyable!

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