Aesthetic Crochet Patterns You’ll Definitely Love


Save hours looking for that eye-catching project that will take your breath away! We’ve collected a few list of crochet patterns that can easily catch one’s eyes and have that aesthetic design and ravishing style. Below are some projects you can give a try and can surely please your eyes. Grab your yarn and hooks and get your creative side ready with these appealing patterns that looks so arresting and spectacular.


Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

1. Caron Crochet Parallel Lines Throw

Light up your empty space with the vibrant colors of this Caron Crochet Parallel Lines Throw! With the cheery vibes of this creation, any dull area can surely look alive and more beautiful. It is created lengthwise with 4 different colors that’s truly satisfying and and delightful. Aside from its beauty, this project is also warm and comfy making this creation a perfect gift for someone you know.



Image and pattern by Laurinda Reddig on Love Crafts

2. Pinwheel Square

Stitch out something gorgeous! This Pinwheel Blanket Square can surely lure the eyes. The fascinating petals of this creation can add a lot of charm in any space that looks bland and dull. Besides, with the perfect combination of different shades, this nice-looking square can surely tug anyone’s heart in just a minute. So if you’re looking for a square that’s beyond ordinary, then this pattern is a very perfect pick.



Image and pattern by Yarnspirations

3. Red Heart Prismatic Chromatic Crochet Blanket

Create a blanket that can easily catch the eyes! The different mix of colors of this Red Heart Prismatic Chromatic Crochet Blanket is so satisfying it can surely impress the eyes. It is created in 2-tone granny squares sewn together in an array of different colors in shifting shades. Other than that, this pattern also presents the intarsia technique and is finished in a double crochet border. The terrific tassels add a lot of ravishing vibes as well.



Image and pattern by Mama In A Stitch

4. Magnolia Granny Square Bag Crochet Pattern

Go stylish and vintage! Want to stitch out something creative that can hold your essentials in a very chic way? What about this Magnolia Granny Square Bag pattern? The granny square trend will never get out of style especially with its classic look yet very fashionable design. Besides, this lovely bag pattern is made in washable cotton yarn you can use it as a market tote or a grocery bag.



Image and pattern by A More Crafty Life

5. Bean Stitch Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

Want to enjoy watching TV while on your yarn and hooks? This pattern is something that you might want to pick! Created using the bean stitch and the single crochet stitch, this crochet pattern is just a simple repeat. With its aesthetic colors and lovely style, this pattern can also be that perfect project that you’ve been wanting to give a try. Aside from being gorgeous and practical, this can also be a great kitchen décor that can steal the eyes.



Image and pattern by Nana's Crafty Home

6. Gathering Rosebuds Crochet Market Bag

Try a project that works up so quickly! Made using the Flower Puff Stitch, this crochet pattern looks really lovely and chic. With its amazing style and exquisite design, anyone who lays his eyes on this bag can definitely make a smile. The designer of this pattern was inspired in making this pattern from her previous bag designs that she decided to design a bag yearly using Caron Cotton Cakes.




Image and pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

7. Crochet Tulips on Canvas

Add a shade of beauty to your bland spaces and walls! Stitching out these beautiful pattern will definitely prettify any blank spots that needs a splash of art and some shade of colors. Let this enchanting creation exude some drops of gorgeous vibes to your bedroom or living area or let someone’s space bright up by giving this lovely project to someone you love.



Image and pattern by Mycrochetory

8. Carina Mosaic Crochet Shawl

Are you an adventurous beginner who wants to start out crochet colorwork for the first time ever? How about you check out this fabulous pattern that is easier than how it appears? If you feel a little bit intimidated, the designer of this pattern has a heavy step-by-step picture tutorial on how to do crochet mosaic stitch and on how to read crochet mosaic chart. Besides, with how gorgeous it looks, all your hardwork will surely pay off.



Image and pattern by Dada's Place

9. Primavera Flower Blanket

Start something chic and fabulous! If you’re looking for some fascinating blanket patterns that can totally steal the eyes, then this pattern is something that you must try. From Primavera flower squares joined together, this Primavera Flower Blanket will definitely bring a lot of life to some space that looks gloomy and dark. You might also want to make a pillowcase from these squares too, just imagine how magical it might look!



Image and pattern by The Lavender Chair

10. Cloud 9 slippers

Want some booties that looks so creative and chic? Check out these Cloud 9 slippers that can surely make you feel ecstatic and elated! Aside from its exquisite looks and fabulous design, this creation that’s totally filled with blissful vibes only take 10 quick rounds to make out. It is worked from the sole up and made working in rounds. To avoid all the slipping and all, spray generously with Plasti Dip Spray after making the soles.


Stitching out some crochet patterns can be totally satisfying and fun. But it will be more enjoyable and rewarding when we set our eyes on the finished masterpieces that we make when they look so delightful and worthwhile. Above are just a few of the many eye-catching patterns that can easily steal the eyes and in making these fabulous projects some crochet-friendly tools can definitely help out.

Use a lighted a crochet light up hook set to see your stitches clearly especially with dark yarn. And when your yarn balls keep on getting tangled, a yarn holder can totally help. Keep on stitching!


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