5 Tips to Hit a Score in Selling Your Crochet Projects

Are you that kind of designer who loves to give your crochet works away to your loved ones and friends? Your craft can pay you back! Selling your crochet creations is a great idea you can turn into reality. But how does it work? Entering the world of arts and crafts business is a cool challenge you can always give a shot with. No need to worry, here are some tips you can grab to launch your craft to the next level!


crochet hooks - crochet story

1.Be specific. Decide what you want to sell.

Figure out what stuff you really want to plug. What do you think is your edge? Do you want to sell scarves or blankets? Are you fond of creating stuffed yarn creatures? Or do you want to sell custom made items based on your buyer's art taste?   It’s all up to you. The list goes on and all you have to do is pick where your heart leads you. Creating a sales focus when starting out is a friendly trick to follow. With lots of crochet designers out there, be that one who glows.



crochet hooks - crochet story

2. Find a perfect place to sell your stuff

We’re not just talking about a real building or something. You can take your masterpieces in local craft fairs and expos. Or maybe you can start small by selling your crochet creations to your colleagues and friends. It doesn't need to be grand right away. But, if you could set up your own local store, then go for it! Just don't forget to take your craft online where bigger audience can check out your work. You can try Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Shopify and more. Make your own website later, in the long run, it will turn your brand into something.




crochet hooks - crochet story

3. Weigh up the price of your items

Crochet isn’t cheap and your creativity has a price. And though this is true, you have to take a look at some points that make the worth of your craft fair and economical. Weigh up the cost of your materials and supplies. It’s a good trick that you buy your materials wholesale rather than paying them off with their retail price. Another thing that you have to keep track is your time rate. How many hours did you take to finish your project? Your time matters too. Besides, you also have to study how other folks in the same field are charging. Make sure you stand out.




crochet hooks - crochet story

4. Give your packaging a classy and charming look

Wrap it your best. Be creative as you can without being costly. Give your product that eye-catching and stunning shape that make your product desirable and enticing. Your item’s packaging can do a lot of positive impression. Not just that, tag all useful information about the item, like the type of yarn story you used and the washing information and so on.



crochet hooks - crochet story

5. Be unique and outstanding

With a crowd of designers in the market, have something that makes you different. Let people recognize your work in a glance. Have that kind of fashion that is only yours. A style that makes your creation stand out and noticeable. Maybe it goes with the yarn you use, color schemes, patterns and more. Think of something that you can take as your own signature. Shine on.


Selling your crochet projects is a perfect way to recognize the beauty of your creations. It may also be one of the most memorable part of your yarn story. You may take some things to think through in bringing them in to the market, but later on it will definitely pay you off.


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