5 Tips to Get the Best Crochet Scarf Pattern

Are you that person who loves to plan for your top-to-toe look? And when you try them on you feel that something is just missing. You may be thinking that more color will bring a difference or may be your neckline just looks so bare. You’re definitely not alone!

A lot of people out there have collected scarves over the seasons and one of these beautiful creations often solves the missing piece.

Yet the not so good news is, good silk scarves are now very costly. But that isn’t really that bad. Why not create your own? Get your feet up and buy a square of fabric and fringe the ends. This way you can get a completely plain scarf in exactly the color you want! The same can be done with a square of the fabric in which your outfit is made and used to soften a neckline or even tie into a turban. A splendid compromise for hat-haters!

How about putting a touch of something chic into your scarf? A designed scarf that you exclusively created for yourself!

Does it sound impossible? Not really!

Just wear your creativity on and you’ll definitely see how much your hands can make. With the magic of crocheting, creating a trendy and chick scarf will all be easy.

Just get some worsted-weight yarn of any color you like, a pair of small scissors, big-eyed yarn needle, a “G-crochet hook” and unfold your creativity!


Always remember that picking the best pattern for your crochet scarf is not just all about the visual images or how they look. Everything starts on your pattern. Without it, you can’t just simply start working on your project.

 And when all of these things are ready, you can be on the go and start sewing your scarf right away. More, if you want to finish your crochet project at night, crochet hooks that light up can help you catch that perfect stich even in the dark!

However, not all crochet scarf pattern are created the same. The thing is, there may be some patterns that may not work for you. When you are just starting with your yarn and hooks, there are some things that you need to keep an eye of.

To have a better thought about this, here is a list of some tips in choosing crochet scarf patterns:


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 1. Choose the right size

Uh-oh! Size truly matters! Why so? Ideally, no one can wear the scarf you made if the size doesn’t just fit. Let’s just say, a too short scarf will not do any good as a too long scarf. Of course, the width and length of your scarf is your choice but just make sure that the size work perfect for you. The average length of a crochet scarf pattern is 65 inches long. Keep in mind too that the sizes for adults and children are not the same. The longer the scarf, the heavier it will be. And if you want to use a darker yarn, use crochet light up hooks to help you see your stitches well even if you want to stitch it out at night.


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2. Take measurements

Hold on! Before you get or buy a crochet pattern, it is always best to take some measurements. A lot of people out there might be thinking that because it is just a scarf, taking measurements is not that important at all. What they do not know is that creating crochet scarf is like driving a car without a fuel. The regular scarf measurement for adults is 6 to 8 inches wide and the regular measurement for children is 4-5 to 4.5-6 inches wide depending on their size and age. At that, when you're ready to get on with your craft, you may want to use crochet light hooks so you can see your work even when you crochet in a dark area!



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3. Choose the right pattern

Yes! Picking the perfect pattern is definitely important. Everything starts here so we better choose it right. We want our creations to look incredible and one of the best things about crochet scarf patterns are the instructions that go together with them. No need to get confused or something because they are clear, simple and technically easy to understand even by someone who has not yet tried crocheting in their entire life. Sounds wonderful, isn’t it?



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4. Choose the right yarn

Having a good yarn is next to having a good pattern! Almost 8 out of 10 people who are crocheting fans were asked about the importance of yarn, they said that getting a good yarn is one of the basic reasons in creating a beautiful scarf.

The kind of yarn that you will choose will put so much effect on your creation. For example, for more pizzazz, try to use metallic yarns in order to project a more sophisticated and trendy look! But how about the hooks? A light up crochet hooks set can totally help you out when crocheting dark yarn. 



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5. Choose a pattern that will best work for you

Are you thinking why? Picking a pattern that fits your skill truly matters. There are a lot of crochet folks out there who weren’t able to finish their crochet scarf projects simply because the pattern that they picked out was too complicated on their level of expertise or knowledge about the craft. Hit it off and get skilled on this stage. Then you’ll be that much better equipped to try on some more ambitious styles with equally good results!

The thing is, as you are just starting the craft, go for some new feature or technique with each new project with better patterns. Take it all in easy stages.



Crocheting has so many wonders. Creating a crochet scarf is just one of them. You don’t have to get it all perfect in just one night. Make your yarn story fun and memorable. Every crochet story master was once a beginner.


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