12 Crochet Patterns That You Can Make for Household Use

As someone who loves the art of crocheting a lot, creating something unique for our loved ones and friends is quite popular. We get our yarn and hooks and stich some blankets, sweaters, beanies, baby stuffs and all the things that can entice our creativity to get sparky. But aside from these gift-worthy projects that we make, there are quite a lot of useful crocheted items that can help our home become a better place for us to get cozy and to get comfy. Here are some crochet patterns that you can use in creating household items that can help you out in your home.



1. Pan Handlers 

Tired of getting your hands burn from that hot pan? Stitch out these sleeves to keep you away from that steaming handle. You can work this out by just using a little yarn from your yarn stash and voila! You already have something that can save your hands from getting seared. The creator uses cotton yarn in making these pan handlers for easy washing and future use.



Image and pattern by Knitting With Chopsticks

2. Crochet Chair Socks

Get creative and make your chair look exquisite and terrific! Felt pads are nice but creating these chair socks can make your chair look eye-catching and artistic. Using these chair socks can protect your floor from scratches and keep your chair from making that displeasing noise. You may create different kinds of theme and style that suit your house’s design.



Image and Pattern by Snappy Tots

3. Blind Lobsters Scrubber 

Window blinds have lots of uses and keep us away from washing some stuff especially when we are using cloth curtains. However, they also need to be cleaned and cleaning them up is quite a tiresome job. This Blind Lobster Scrubber can definitely help out! Designed to easily get the dirt out of your window blinds, this scrubber can also be used for your fan blades and silverware. Don’t worry, they’re easy to wash too! 


Image and pattern by Caitlin’s Contagious Creations

4. Crunch Stitch Mop Head Crochet Pattern

Save lots of money with this re-usable sweeper pad! This wonderful creation can help you get away with dirt without spending that much than using disposable covers. It is created using crunch or moss stitch that’s actually thick so it gets a lot of texture to help you out in getting rid of those dirt. So if you want to save some cash, this crochet project can totally give a hand!



Image and pattern by TopKnotch

5. Crochet Wall Organizer

Keep your things in one place and get organized! This crochet wall organizer can help you sort out your stuff so your house can look tidy and warm. Designed with a fabulous style, this creation can be hanged around somewhere you like while making your home look clean and in style. You may put your pens, notebooks, cell phones and all sorts of stuff that are just lying around your house.



Image and pattern by Felted Button

6. Mama’s Wash Cloth

Who doesn’t love to crochet these very useful stuff? Wash cloths are one of the most practical creations one can work up when it comes to creating something that we can use in cleaning our house. Aside from their incredible job, you can make them out without giving much sweat since they are fun and quick to stitch out. Just pick out the color you like and create this textured cloth to clean up the dirt out of your house! 




Image and pattern by Briana K Designs

7. Cell phone Timeout Hand Towel 

Stitch out this creative crochet idea and keep your phone away and easy to find! We usually feel occupied when working on something in the kitchen and the best way to easily spot our phones is to place them somewhere safe and organized. This cell phone timeout hand towel can help out! Besides this idea, the creator designed this crochet work so we can have time in enjoying the dinner table without those cell phones from breaking in our wonderful dinner talks and can totally enjoy our time together by just putting them away in this lovely stuff. Amazing idea, isn’t it?



Image and pattern by Hooksandhabits

8. Hanging Bathroom Storage

Do you always mess things up in your bathroom? Put them up in one place and keep your comfort room clean and tidy with this hanging bathroom storage! It will not only make your bath look uncluttered and well-kept but it will also make your rest room look decorative and stylish. So hang this up in your bare bathroom wall and keep your bathroom essentials neat and well-ordered! 




Image and pattern by StringyDingDing

9. Chicken Bag Holder

Thinking where you can keep all those empty grocery bags that you’ve got? Try to check out this endearing crochet creation and keep those plastic bags get hidden away in this cute crochet work. You may hang this bag holder either upside down or head up. Just put off those grocery bags on the elastic side and pull them off on the head side. Isn’t this so creative? Get organized and keep your plastic bags in one place!



Image and pattern by Annaboo's House

10. Moggy Door Stop

Want to keep your doors from slamming out? This cute and adorable creation can definitely help you out! Instead of putting some stuff to keep your door open or close, get something creative by crocheting this lovely project and keep your house look tidy while keeping it look nice and in style. Looks like a brilliant idea, isn’t it?



 Image and pattern by Make My Day Creative

11. Rectangular Diamond Trellis Basket 

Get your things in order with this terrific storage! This creation is made to keep your yarn in one place but if you have some stuff that you want to sort out, this crochet project can surely be a nice idea to work up. You may place those things that are just lying around your house in this basket and keep your house from unnecessary clutter and mess! Not just that, if you don’t know what to do with your yarn scraps this project can be a good stash buster to stitch out.



 Image and pattern by Amanda’s Happy Hearth

 12. Tarnation Rectangle Rug

Create something that can spice up your dull floor! With its design that is pleasing to the eyes, this good-looking rug isn’t just your ordinary floor cloth. It can add a beautiful accent to your floor and can be a perfect rug for your bathroom, kitchen and entrance door. This crochet work is machine washable and dryable. So if you want to stitch something that can beautify your home, this crochet pattern is a nice choice!



We all love to make our homes to be the most comfortable and lovely place we can stay in.  Who doesn’t like to rest in a place that’s clean and tidy? And so we get our creative hands to help us out in decorating our homes and have them well-kept and neat. And in crocheting patterns like these, light up crochet hooks can totally be a big help especially when we stitch our crochet works at night or in a dim lit place. Crocheting beautiful things that can make our home the coziest place to live in is a nice yarn story we can share to our friends who also love the craft the same. Happy hooking!

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